David Kurzec

David Kurzec is a German arms dealer affiliated with the Omar. He can be found in the Queequeg's coffee shop in Trier.


Born in Germany to a German father and a mother of unknown ancestry, Kurzec started his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street, where he became acquainted with attorney Kevin O'Rourke. When Wall St. was destroyed in The Collapse of 2052, Kurzec and O'Rourke turned to arms smuggling. This proved to be a very lucrative business, but soon brought them to the attention of the Omar, who were looking for someone to serve as a middleman between them and their customers, most of whom did not want to be seen in the Omar's company. Kurzec saw the potential for great profits but O'Rourke was repulsed by the Omar's extensive self-modification and worried (perhaps rightly) that they would force him to undergo the same treatment. Thus, Kurzec and O'Rourke officially parted company (though unofficially, O'Rourke continued to rely on Kurzec as a source for weapons.)

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