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Declan Faherty is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is one of the Sarif Industries scientists kidnapped by the Tyrants and forced to work for the Illuminati.


Declan Faherty was born in Dublin, Ireland, around 1975-80. He was an MIT student and acquaintance of David Sarif, and worked for the British Ministry of Defence in 2002. In 2018, he moved to the United States and was hired by Sarif Industries.[1]

Deus Ex: Human Revolution[]

Dr. Faherty is first seen during the night of the Tyrant attack, speaking briefly with Megan Reed regarding biochemical fluctuations across the artificial flow cells. After the attack, he and four other scientists are presumed dead.

Six months later, Adam Jensen smuggles himself to Singapore, inside a cryo-pod delivered to the Omega Ranch facility in hopes of finding the missing scientists, after having learned that they're alive, and that Isaias Sandoval changed the frequency of their G-P-L locators to a different frequency. Jensen eventually finds Eric Koss, Nia Colvin and Dr. Faherty himself. He learns that they were forced to work on a new biochip, which would limit the abilities of augmented people, making it easier for the Illuminati to control them. Adam formulated a plan of escape, which consisted of a simultaneous explosion in each of their labs, and disabling the G-P-L tracker with a virus Vasili Sevchenko created, before he was deemed a liability and killed by Belltower.

After this diversion, Jensen proceeded to the secure wing of the facility, where he found Dr. Reed after confronting Zhao Yun Ru and Jaron Namir. Shortly after, Hugh Darrow activated his modified signal that drove augmented people insane with horrible visions. Jensen called in Faridah Malik to provide extraction for the scientists.

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