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Faherty's computer.

Declan Faherty's computer is a computer that appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is used by Declan Faherty, one of the Sarif Industries scientists kidnapped in the game's prologue. The computer is in the basement of the Biomech Lab on Omega Ranch.

Login / Password[]

The computer has security level 3.

Login: dfaherty
Password: solpssm


(no subject)[]

From: Vasili Sevchenko
To: Declan Faherty

Declan, my old friend, you were right about the GPL implants. There bastards are using them to keep track of us. And they'll continue to do so unless we can shut down their tracking and jamming protocols. Feel up to another angina attack? Cause we NEED to discuss this in person!

RE: (no subject)[]

From: Megan Reed
To: Declan Faherty

I know you're nervous, Declan. And to be honest, I am too. But Delgado's work centered on the use of electrical signals to evoke emotional responses in the brain. He was targeting the amygdala and hippocampus. H assures me we are not doing that. And... I trust him. For reasons I'll explain when I can.

Until then, please -- don't risk yourself by sending me emails like this one. Stick to research questions only. Because you're right. I'm sure they ARE monitoring every work we type.

Declan Faherty wrote:
>I'm really getting worried about this signal
>pattern they've got me working on. If it's
>truly meant to transmit software upgrades
>to LIMB patients, WHY do they want it to
>broadcast wideband -- across multiple
>frequencies -- simultaneously? And what,
>exactly is it going to transmit?
>I know these wankers are probably monitor
>ing every mail I send you, but I can't ignore
>my gut. For some reason I am reminded of
>Delgado's work with electrical stimulation
>and the brain. Am I wrong to think there's a