Defoe is a black market arms dealer in the subway station under Denfert-Rochereau square, Paris. He lives in an apartment near Champs-Élysées, in building 11, as stated by several civilians who think he's out of town.

Deus ExEdit

The first time JC Denton meets him, he is selling 4 rockets for cr5250 (5250 credits), 3 LAMs for cr6750, and a recoil weapon mod for cr1200. If JC asks why his prices are so extreme, he will offer him a 66% discount for killing 2 MJ12 Troopers and 1 MJ12 Commando who currently guard the subway (although in the GOTY Edition there are only 2 troopers, killing them will still get JC the discount). A security bot patrols the subway, but JC does not need to neutralize it to get the discount.

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