Mitchell's computer in his office.

Denzel Mitchell's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is located in Denzel Mitchell's office (number 31) at Sarif Industries HQ. No login details are required as the computer is unlocked.

E-mails[edit | edit source]

Mercury Insta-Messaging Autosave[edit | edit source]

FROM: freneticpony@SI.corp
TO: lawboy@SI.corp.det

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:

>FRENETICPONY: wE can’t let SWAT into the plant. Theye’s too much at stake.
>FRENETICPONY: I’m callign Jensen in
>LAWBOY: he’s still on medical leave, D.
>FRENETICPONY: marcovic gave him a clear bill of healt hlast week
>LAYBOY: and how much pressure was she uncer, huh?
FRENETICPONY: I rsent that accusation
>LAWBOY: Resent it all you like, but you hired ME to protect your ass.
>LAWBOY: you got away with the surgeries because
>LAWBOY: of that neat little clause we had in his contract
>LAWBOY: but if something happens to him now
>FRENETICPONY: It won’t. Trust me.
>LAWBOY: It’s your call, Boss
FRENETICPONY: wE saved hisn life for gods’ sake.
>FRENTICPONY: i Don’t thinkhe’ll be suing us any tiem soon.

A little help[edit | edit source]

FROM: Athene Margoulis
TO: Denzel Mitchell

Hey, Denny. When you’ve got a second, can you stop by? David’s asked me to draft a formal letter to TYM declining their oh-so generous offer. I want to make sure I get the wording correct.


Athene Margoulis
Executive Assistant
Sarif Industries

Heightened Security Measures[edit | edit source]

FROM: Frank Pritchard
TO: SI Global

As you are FULLY aware, network security is of the utmost importance in securing the safety and well-being of this company. Our firewall has been rigorously designed to withstand even the most persistent of outside attacks – BUT IT CAN DO NOTHIN IF EMPLOYEES DO NOT ADHERE TO THE SAFETY PROTOCOLS LAID OUT IN EASY-TO-FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN EVERYONE’S EMPLYEE MANUAL.

  • DO NOT give your login, passwords or security access codes to ANYONE outside this company.
  • DO NOT download “free” internet software or upload new programs without clearing it through the IT department first.
  • And, above all, LOCK YOUR COMPUTERS before leaving your offices!

Frank Pritchard
Chief if Network Security
Sarif Industries

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