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Der Blutende Rabe ("The Bleeding Raven" in German) is an old curio shop in Trier, Germany, located upstairs from the Nine Worlds Tavern. Having been vacated by its previous owners, it has become occupied by the Omar, who use it as a meeting place to conduct their black market business.


The history of "Der Blutende Rabe" is largely unrevealed, but it can be assumed that the original shop became abandoned in the wake of the Collapse, as around the year 2053, it was occupied by anti-WTO radical Senjin Braeden and his family.

After they were driven underground by Senjin's brother Kaleb Braeden, the shop was once again abandoned until it was discovered by the cybernetic cult called the Omar. Since then, the Omar have used the shop to conduct business. In order to ensure their safety, they keep the door to the shop locked at all times; access is gained only through a password provided by their unmodified contact, David Kurzec. As a further measure, they do not keep their most controversial wares - black market canisters - in the shop itself. The canisters are instead stored in a secure box stashed away at the top of the western tower in the nearby Black Gate ruins.