Derelict Row Ballers at the Row's entrance

Derelict Row is an abandoned construction site located within the Detroit. During the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it serves as a stronghold for the Derelict Row Ballers, a street gang hostile to many, augmented people in particular.

Related Quests[edit | edit source]

Stopping the Transmission - the antenna you need to shut down is near the north-east end of the complex. This is much easier to accomplish if you've already completed the side quest below.

  • If the player deactivates the antenna before the mission, you will essentially skip the mission, and will receive a unique yet unhelpful infolink communique from Pritchard. Once the player progresses to the point where this quest should activate, the purpose of the antenna will be explained and you will advance to the next mission.

Cloak & Daggers - a side quest with multiple objectives, one of which is to discover a weapons stash within Derelict Row. A small sewer system, separate from the rest of Detroit's sewers, ends within the compound a few meters from the stash.

Notes[edit | edit source]

There is a Praxis kit behind the breakable wall in the Derelict Row Sewers (where Jensen is).

  • The first Rocket Launcher found in-game is located in a small room near the back of the complex. Despite multiple routes leading to it, and a pair of gangsters nearby talking about it, it's easy to miss.
  • There is a fire escape on the exterior of the building which has a Reload Speed Upgrade at the very top. The player may need the Jump Enhancement augmentation to get an XP bonus, but you should be able to just barely pick up the upgrade without the augmentation.
  • In the sewers below the compound, there is a Praxis kit behind a breakable wall.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On a wall close to the weapons cache there is some graffiti depicting a Dopefish. The fish comes from the 1991 DOS game Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle, which was co-developed by Tom Hall.
  • One of the highway overpasses seen above Derelict Row is marked as "HWY 17" however there is no highway 17 that passes through Detroit. This is a reference to the Highway Seventeen level in Half Life 2 (2004) which sees the protagonist fighting their way along the route.
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