Destiny Savannah is a minor character in Deus Ex. She poses as the secretary in VersaLife's Data Entry Facility. Savannah welcomes visitors to the building by quoting VersaLife's motto, "We make tomorrow look like yesterday".

Savannah is clandestinely a Majestic 12 operative[1] who is tasked with monitoring the staff members for suspicious or abnormal behavior. She specifically looks for any "non-contributory" behavior or the spreading of information that is counter to the "ideological wellbeing" of VersaLife. These employee evaluations are regularly given to Richard Hundley, a supervisor in the facility. Her role as secretary is only a temporary position, and supposedly, she will be reassigned to a different VersaLife facility soon.[2]

Deus Ex[edit | edit source]

Once JC Denton has infiltrated the Pacific Rim Research Facility and acquired the Dragon's Tooth sword schematic, Savannah will attack JC with a 10mm Pistol if she spots him trying to escape.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Her computer is connected to Majestic 12 Net.
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