Detroit Convention Center

The Mullins Convention Center, often called the Detroit Convention Center, is a location in the Detroit in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is located just past the LIMB clinic, near Sarif Industries Headquarters.

On Adam Jensen's first visit to Detroit, the majority of the convention center is gated off, and thus relatively unimportant. However, a few thugs are hanging out in the vestibule and will engage Jensen if provoked. A possible explanation for these thugs relatively hostile nature is a TMP-18 stashed within a nearby air duct. It is accessible through vents located near the back of either bathroom, or by jumping on top of a vending machine, the latter likely requiring the Jump Enhancement augmentation.

During the second visit to Detroit, the true convention center is now open, for the long anticipated public speaker William Taggart has finally arrived. The building has a very large lobby, with a few consumables laying around, as well as a well guarded second floor. For more information, review the main quest Finding Isaias Sandoval.

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