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Snowblind concept art (1093984320 984320 000001)

Project: Snowblind concept art showing an early design of the protagonist, who was originally named "Dixon Denton"

Deus Ex: Clan Wars was the working title of a game developed by Crystal Dynamics beginning in 2004. Clan Wars was originally a spin-off game for the Deus Ex series. However, as development progressed, the game evolved into its own entity separate from Deus Ex series, and was renamed and released as Project: Snowblind.

Development history[]

Deus Ex: Clan Wars was first publicly mentioned in an April 2004 financial report from Eidos, which mentioned an upcoming "Deus Ex 'Action' game."[1] During the early stages of the project, Warren Spector and the team at Ion Storm provided support to the team at Crystal Dynamics, which was new to the FPS genre.[2][3]

At the time, Ion Storm was concurrently developing Deus Ex: Insurrection, which was intended to be the third main title of the series following Deus Ex: Invisible War. Clan War was originally planned to be released prior to Insurrection.[4]

By the time of E3 2004 (May 11–14), the game had been rebranded as Snowblind, and was showcased in E3 under the new name. Snowblind was revealed to be a tactical squad-based shooter with both multiplayer and single player modes. The game followed a special-ops commando equipped with high-tech weapons, and was set in a civil war inside a "collapsed" China.[2] The game was noted for its similarity to the Deus Ex series. When comparing the game to Deus Ex, IGN wrote, "the game's upgradeability, and its bio-enhanced style does seem rather familiar."[5]

In June 2004, GameSpot reported that Snowblind was indeed the Deus Ex game previously mentioned by Eidos, and that this Deus Ex game which became Snowblind was "Deus Ex: Clan Wars." According to Snowblind developers, the game did begin as "Clan Wars,"[1] but eventually "evolved into something that had its own unique identity."[3] Snowblind was renamed Project: Snowblind by September 2004,[6] and was released in February 2005.

Setting and characters[]

As a Deus Ex game, Clan Wars was planned to be set in the year 2060 (or circa 2060),[7] which would have made it an interquel set between Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War. The protagonist was originally named "Dixon Denton."[8][9]

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