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Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, often abbreviated as "GOTY Edition," is version of Deus Ex released on May 8, 2001. The GOTY Edition is currently the standard version of the game on digital distribution services such as Steam and Good Old Games.


The GOTY Edition makes the following changes compared to the initial retail release:

  • The 1.112fm patch is already included. Therefore, this patch does not need to be installed in order to use modifications or play multiplayer.
  • The unused TITAN.UTX texture file has been removed.
  • Some versions feature an additional CD with Soundtrack and modding tools.
  • Changes the startup banner.
  • Map changes as detailed below.

Additionally, the GOTY Edition comes with bonus supplemental content, including a special edition of the Midnight Sun newspaper.

It is possible to effectively convert the game from the retail edition to the GOTY Edition or vice-versa by swapping game assets, including map files.

Map file differences[]

The map files in the GOTY Edition are older versions of the maps as compared to the maps of the original retail release (i.e., Deus Ex version 1002f) and Deus Ex version 1003_F/I8. For this reason, various elements during the course of the game may differ between the GOTY and non-GOTY versions. It is possible to play the maps of the original retail release on the GOTY Edition of the game by swapping in the original map files. A collection of the original maps was made available on third party sites (see "External Links" section, below).

List of major differences[]

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Major differences of the older maps in the GOTY Edition as compared to the maps of the original retail release are listed below:

  • 01_NYC_UNATCOIsland
    • The baton next to the 2nd crates is missing.
  • 02_NYC_Hotel
    • The ATM account with account number 543654 and PIN number 5544 is missing.
  • 04_NYC_NSFHQ
    • The Datacube in the NSF HQ basement containing the dirt on UNATCO is now on the top of the machine to the left of the cabinet, instead of being on top of the cabinet.
  • 06_HongKong_Helibase
    • The gas emitters for gassing the barracks are positioned differently and don't correctly kill a majority of the troops.
  • 06_HongKong_WanChai_Street
    • A vent was added to the elevator in Jock's building for players getting stuck in the shaft.
    • The Buddha statue mover is non-functional, breaking AI pathing.
  • 06_HongKong_Versalife
    • The second copy of the datacube with the "ALL_SHIFTS" login (06_Datacube31) on the middle cubicle floor is not present in the GOTY Edition map.
  • 06_HongKong_MJ12lab
    • The elevator from the Level 1 Labs to the Level 2 Labs no longer has a dummy keypad that prevents premature access to the Level 2 Labs.
    • The second copy of the datacube with the "DAMOCLES" password (06_Datacube12) near the Karkian carcass is not present in the GOTY Edition map.
  • 08_NYC_Street
    • The audio for the Hell's Kitchen map is missing, since the version of the map in the GOTY Edition was potentially made before the music was completed.
  • 09_NYC_Ship
    • The keypad for raising or lowering the ramp to the freighter is tied to a +30 skill point trigger. This skill point trigger was removed in the v1002f and v1003_F/I8 maps.
    • The 75 skill points bonus for entering the upper deck interior of the ship does not exist in the GOTY Edition map.
  • 10_Paris_Catacombs
  • 10_Paris_Metro
    • The datacube in the guard shack mistakenly does not provide the "Paris Metro Map" image. Instead, it provides the "Paris Catacombs" image showing Nicolette DuClare and Silhouette members (this image is previously obtainable from Chad in the catacombs, so it is redundant).
  • 15_Area51_Bunker
    • Reaching the control tower near the starting helipad awards 50 skill points rather than 100 skill points.
    • The ground surface behind the hangar has the skybox flag set.
  • 15_Area51_Final
    • The datacube in the cooling water pool is at the surface of the water instead of at the bottom.
  • 15_Area51_Page
    • The datacube for the "page/uberalles" login (15_Datacube21) is not present on this map.
    • The login for the Grays lab is "graytest/lab12" rather than "lab 12/graytest".
    • The exit code for the Grays lab is 4167 rather than 31729.
    • The code for coolant room B13 is 9248 rather than 2242.
    • The code for the Aquinas substation is 6188 rather than 6765.


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