This article details the storyline of Deus Ex: Human Revolution by chapter.

Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Revolution
The year is 2027. Multinational biotech corporations specializing in human enhancement are vying for dominance in what has become a controversial field. Many engage in clandestine wars against each other, employing thieves, moles, and hackers to steal their competitors' ideas. To protect its research, Detroit-based Sarif Industries has recently developed its own internal security force. Enter Adam Jensen, newly appointed head of S.I. Security...

Bob Page Adam Jensen Megan Reed
BobPage2027 Jensen bust Megan Reed2
Publicly, not much is known about Page. He is the CEO of VersaLife and its parent company Page Industries. He is also a high ranking member of the secret organization known as the Illuminati. Adam Jensen is the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is the Head of Security of Sarif Industries, and the ex partner of one of Sarif's top scientists, Megan Reed. Megan Reed is the lead researcher on mechanical augmentations for Sarif Industries. She makes a groundbreaking finding related to augmentations that promises to revolutionize the industry.

Human Revolution begins in the office of Bob Page as he participates in a meeting with fellow members of the Illuminati, including Hugh Darrow, Zhao Yun Ru, William Taggart, and Elizabeth DuClare. Much of what they discuss foreshadows events that will occur later in the story. In a private conversation with an unknown person, Page talks about the research done by Megan Reed but claims that she is "out of our reach". However, the mystery person questions "is she?"

As part of her research for the biotechnology company Sarif Industries, Megan Reed discovered a way for humans to receive mechanical augmentations without suffering from the rejection syndrome known as Darrow Deficiency Syndrome. Her findings could revolutionize the augmentations industry as it would remove the need for the anti-rejection drug, Neuropozyne. This, in turn, would allow augmentation technology to reach a much larger number of people as only one in every 25 people are augmented at the time.[1] Reed and her team are scheduled to present their research to the National Science Board in Washington D.C. and so Reed spends the night before these hearings checking on her team. Meanwhile, Sarif Industries' Chief of Security, Adam Jensen, is finalizing security details for the team when he is requested to visit his boss, David Sarif, for one last briefing on his security plans.

On his way to the office, Jensen strikes up a terse conversation with his colleague Francis Pritchard, who is in charge of their cyber-security division. Pritchard informs him that Megan's team have implanted GPL devices so that they can be located if Jensen's security plans "don't measure up." During the briefing with his boss, an environmental malfunction occurs in a sub-section of the laboratories and Jensen is instructed to investigate the cause.

Once in the labs, it becomes clear that it is not a malfunction that has caused the disturbance, but rather a break- in by a paramilitary group known as the Tyrants. The Tyrants kill any scientists they come across and when Jensen finally locates Megan, he is intercepted by one of the Tyrants' members, Jaron Namir, who shoots Jensen in the head. The Tyrants then set the Sarif labs on fire. Due to the fact that the remains of the scientists have been burned so badly, it is not possible to verify their identity and thus it is presumed that they have all died in the attack.

However, the bullet didn't immediately kill Jensen and, to save his life, he is augmented extensively. These augmentations are funded by his boss, who did not need to consult Jensen about the the augmentations due to an agreement in his employment contract.

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 2 - Back in the Saddle
Six months have passed since mysterious black op mercenaries attacked Sarif Industries, destroying labs and murdering the company's top researchers. Although nearly killed in the attack himself, Jensen has been called back to work in the middle of his post-op recover. Seems his boss, David Sarif, needs the newly-augmented Jensen's skills to protect the firm from yet another crisis...

David Sarif Francis Pritchard Faridah Malik
Sarif-bustshot Pritchard-bustshot Faridah Malik
David Sarif is the founder and CEO of Sarif Industries, a world leader in augmentation technology. Despite its success, Sarif has had to deal with multiple recent setbacks to his company including the Tyrants' attack. Francis, or Frank, Pritchard is the Chief of Cyber-Security for Sarif Industries. Although his job in the company compliments Jensen's, the two often do not get along well with each other. Faridah Malik is Sarif Industries primary VTOL pilot. She is responsible for transporting important members of the corporation to various locations in Detroit, the rest of the USA, and the wider world.

Following a short recovery period of only six months, Adam Jensen is requested to return to work by his boss. He is informed that yet another attack on Sarif Industries has taken place, this time a break-in of the Sarif Manufacturing Plant at Milwaukee Junction. Before leaving, Jensen must first have his Retinal Prosthesis repaired by Francis Pritchard.

Jensen and Sarif are transported via VTOL to the manufacturing plant by Faridah Malik, one of the company's VTOL pilots. During the journey, Sarif debriefs Jensen on what to expect. The manufacturing plant has been stormed by a group of anti-augmentation extremists known as Purity First. Sarif informs Jensen that a secret military augmentation has just been scheduled for production at the manufacturing plant, known as the Typhoon Explosive System. He says that it is crucial to secure the plans for it before the extremists do. A secondary objective is for Jensen to rescue a number of Sarif employees who are being held hostage at the plant, but the priority is the Typhoon.

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 3 - Sarif Under Siege
A group of anti-augmentation extremists calling themselves "Purity First" have broken into Sarif Industries' manufacturing plant and taken hostages. Detroit SWAT teams are ready to storm in, but Sarif needs to keep them out until a top secret military prototype can be hidden away. He's ordered Jensen to infiltrate the plant and retrieve the "Typhoon" swiftly, saving Sarif workers if he can...

{|class="keychar" style="width:470px"

|+KEY CHARACTERS |- !scope="col"|Ezekiel Sanders !scope="col"|Yune |- |Zeke-bustshot |Yune-bustshot |- |Ezekiel "Zeke" Sanders, is a member of the extremist anti-augmentation group Purity First. He orchestrates an attack on Sarif Industries' manufacturing plant to search for evidence of illegal activities. |Yune is an augmented hacker that poses as a member of Purity First, despite the fact that Augs are not allowed into the group. He is in fact being remotely "controlled" by a professional hacker hired by competitors of Sarif Industries. |}

Once Jensen has arrived at the plant, he is contacted by Pritchard via Infolink on the possible routes into the building. A SWAT team are already on standby in the facility, waiting impatiently for the go-ahead from Sarif to enter the main building. However, Sarif won't allow them in until Jensen can secure the Typhoon prototype first, earning Jensen a lot of backlash from SWAT members.

The building is heavily guarded by Purity First members, who are also searching for anything incriminating on Sarif Industries' activities. To make matters worse, a number of Sarif employees are being held hostage further inside the plant with an explosive device. Jensen eventually makes his way to where the Typhoon is stored only to find a surprise: an augmented Purity First member named Yune, who is trying to steal the Typhoon blueprints. Upon being found, the hacker shoots himself in the head while pleading for help, as if doing this against his will.

In order to get an explanation for this augmented hacker, Jensen confronts Zeke Sanders, the Purity First leader responsible for the attack. Sanders denies any knowledge about the augmented hacker, leading Jensen to believe that Purity First is being manipulated by a third party.

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 4 - A Wolf Among Sheep
En route to recover the Typhoon, Jensen discovered a Purity First terrorist trying to steal it. But the so-called extremist was secretly augmented and killed himself to avoid interrogation. Hoping to find answers, Jensen confronted Zeke Sanders, the Purity First leader, who swore up and down he didn't know his man was enhanced. Jensen let Sanders escape, determined to focus on the Aug...
With the Typhoon in his possession, Adam returns to the Sarif Industries Headquarters in Detroit and brings the Typhoon to Pritchard for him to examine. However, the Chief of Cyber-Security says he is too busy to inspect the prototype right away as he is running a diagnostic sweep on Sarif's network and router security to find out how Purity First managed to breach it.

Following a visit to Sarif's office, Adam learns that the corpse of Yune, the augmented hacker, is being held at the Detroit Police Station. However, police are denying that he was augmented and are refusing Sarif permission to view the body. Sarif suspects that this is an intentional cover-up, and that securing Yune's neural hub will give them information on the people who attacked the company. He therefore sends Jensen to the police station's morgue to steal the augmentation.

Chapter 5Edit

Chapter 5 - Ghosts and Proxy Soldiers
Inexplicably denied access to the augmented terrorist's corpse, Sarif sent Jensen to steal the dead man's neural hub from the morgue. At the same time Frank Pritchard, Sarif's Chief of Cyber-security, tried to figure out how the Aug had bypassed the company's firewall so easily. The hub Jensen steals provides his first clue: turns out, a very talented hacker had been controlling the terrorist's actions remotely, possibly from somewhere in Detroit...
Jensen makes his way into the Detroit Police Department's morgue and talks to the coroner, who was performing the autopsy on Yune. The coroner, mistaking Jensen as the person sent by Homeland Security, informs him that the hub has been modified with some sort of wet drive, but that it is possible it was damaged when Yune shot himself. He assures Jensen that he did not have a look at the contents of the neural hub, since Homeland Security issued an "ultraviolet" security classification on the case. Evidence found in the police station reveals that both the manufacturing plant incident and the Sarif Industries HQ attack had crucial pieces of evidence covered up by the government official, Joseph Manderley.

Jensen is instructed by Sarif to take the neural hub to Jensen's own apartment as the Sarif Industries network has not yet been secured so connecting an unknown piece of hardware to the network would be risky. Once Jensen brings it to his apartment in the Chiron Building, Pritchard examines it and discovers that the augmentation effectively turned Yune into a human proxy, meaning another person was remotely hacking through Yune, rather than Yune doing it himself. The person who actually performed the hacking hid their tracks well using multiple satellite signals, but Pritchard manages to trace the source to an abandoned factory complex in Highland Park.

Shortly after this, Pritchard also figures out what was compromising Sarif's network. A signal being transmitted from Derelict Row in Detroit is keeping a back door open to the corporation's network. Before investigating Highland Park, Jensen is sent to disable it.

Chapter 6Edit

Chapter 6 - Moving Shadows
Decrypted data contained in a dead man's neural hub pointed Jensen to an abandoned factory complex in Highland Park. Flown there by Faridah Malik, Jensen sets out to investigate the area. Little does he suspect what he will find...

Lawrence Barrett Jaron Namir Yelena Fedorova
Barrett-bustshot Namir-bustshot Fedorova
Barrett is one of the Tyrants, the paramilitary group that attacked Sarif HQ and kidnapped Megan and her team. He does not plan to let Jensen escape a second time... Jaron Namir is the Tyrants's leader. He was also the person who almost killed Jensen on the night that Sarif Industries' headquarters was attacked. Yelena Federova is a high ranking member of the Tyrants. She does not speak often, but her silence means that she has a deadly stealthy attack.

Faridah Malik brings Jensen to the abandoned warehouses in Highland Park, only to discover that they are not abandoned at all. The facility is occupied by black-ops mercenaries, just like the ones that attacked Sarif Industries HQ six months previously. Jensen spots a number of mercenaries that he recognizes from the attack, namely the Tyrants Jaron Namir, Yelena Fedorova, and Lawrence Barrett. He follows them deeper into the facility and discovers that it is a secret internment camp run by FEMA. Not only was this facility used as a base of operations for the hacker controlling Yune, but it was also used six months previously by the Tyrants when they attacked Sarif Industries HQ.[2]

Jensen intercepts the Tyrants right before they leave the facility, but he is caught off guard by Barrett and has to fight him, allow the other two Tyrant members to escape. Jensen emerges from the fight victorious and tries to further question Barrett, who implies that Sarif Industries has "worse enemies than FEMA" despite the fact that it was their facility the Tyrants worked from. He then reveals a penthouse address in Hengsha, China before trying, unsuccessfully, to kill Jensen, resulting in only Barrett dying.

Chapter 7Edit

Chapter 7 - Maneuvers in the Dark
Sent to Highland Park to investigate a signal, Jensen discovered more than he bargained for: a secret FEMA facility temporarily occupied by black op mercenaries -- the same mercenaries who left him for dead six months ago. Forced into combat with a soldier named Barrett, Jensen proved victorious, emerging from battle with a corpse on his hands and another possible lead: an apartment complex in China named Hengsha Court Gardens...

Jensen heads back to Sarif Industries HQ with the Hengsha address when Pritchard informs him how the terrorists accessed the network: there was an unknown backdoor access into Sarif's security system set up almost a year before. Pritchard claims that it was Sarif that set up this backdoor and was streaming a lot of information through it shortly before he hired Jensen. Jensen questions Sarif on why he set up this private access and his boss reveals that, before Jensen was hired, Sarif hired a private investigator to look into Jensen's past. The investigator uncovered Jensen's history as a baby test subject at White Helix Labs (a subsidiary of VersaLife) where the scientists were experimenting with gene modification. He will then give Jensen a passport coded with his biometrics to travel to China and check out the address Barrett gave him.

Chapter 8Edit

Chapter 8 - Black Market Deals
Turns out, Jensen wasn't the only one interested in that Hengsha apartment: Belltower Associates, a private security firm under contract to the Chinese government, was searching it when he arrived. Jensen learned that Arie van Bruggen, the criminal hacker who lived there, was now running for his life. Who better to help him escape justice than the Triads? Confirming this meant a trip to the Hive nightclub, followed by a rendezvous at a capsule hotel...

Tong Si Hung Arie van Bruggen Zhao Yun Ru
Tongsihung-bustshot Vanbruggenbust Zhao-hyron-bustshot
Tong Si Hung is the owner of The Hive, and is in charge of the Harvesters. He often poses as a regular bartender in the club to weigh up anyone wanting to do business with him. Arie van Bruggen goes by the alias of "Windmill" in hacker circles. He is a professional hacker hired by Tai Yong Medical to carry out an attack on Sarif Industries. Zhao is the CEO of the augmentation manufacturer Tai Yong Medical. Tai Yong is one of Sarif Industries' largest competitors, and Zhao has tried multiple times to buy out the company.

Malik flies Jensen to Hengsha, China where he investigates Hengsha Court Gardens. When he arrives, Jensen discovers that the apartment complex is under lockdown by Belltower Associates and they've ransacked the penthouse, which belonged to an Arie van Bruggen, the hacker that worked through Yune during the second attack on Sarif. However, van Bruggen was warned beforehand and has gone into hiding from the people who hired, and now want to kill, him. Jensen is able to look around the penthouse and learns that he might find out more on van Bruggen's whereabouts in a local nightclub called The Hive.

Once at The Hive, Jensen learns through the club owner, Tong Si Hung, that van Bruggen is hiding out in the Alice Garden Pods. There, Jensen finds van Bruggen, who admits to his involvement with the attack on Sarif Industries and that he was employed by Zhao Yun Ru, the CEO of Tai Yong Medical, to do the job. She has since sent Belltower guards after him because he failed to extract the entire Typhoon plans from Sarif's servers and is a loose end in Zhao's plans. Van Bruggen claims that agreeing to that hacking job was the worst mistake he ever made, and agrees to help Jensen. As insurance in case anything went wrong, van Bruggen had stored security footage that could be used against Zhao on one of TYM's servers but, before he could move it, everything went south. He tasks Jensen with finding it, and encodes a TYM employee card with his biometrics so Jensen can gain access to the corporation's headquarters. Just after this conversation, the Alice Garden Pods are stormed by Belltower troops and Jensen proceeds to escape from the complex.

Chapter 9Edit

Chapter 9 - Corporate Warfare
Arie van Bruggen had no qualms admitting involvement in the attacks against Sarif, and even gave Jensen the name of the woman who'd hired him: Zhao Yun Ru, president of the Tai Yong Medical Corporation. Seems TYM wants to monopolize the augmentation industry, and hired black op mercenaries to destabilize its competitors. But to prove this, Jensen needs to infiltrate the biotechnology giant and locate recorded evidence...

Jensen, using the card provided by van Bruggen, takes TYM's shuttle car to the lower portion of TYM's building. The server he is looking for is in the upper half of the building, so he makes his way up through the Pangu, a platform that separates the lower and upper halves of Hengsha. Upon locating the server, Jensen watches the security footage that the hacker talked about and learns revealing information: the attack on Sarif Industries HQ six months before was actually an elaborate setup to kidnap Megan and her team. The recording also mentions that the scientists' GPL devices have been disabled, and hints that an "Eliza" is involved.

He immediately sets out to locate TYM's CEO to demand answers about her involvement with the abductions. When questioned in her penthouse, Zhao claims that she was just a pawn in the situation and that there were other, more powerful people that had forced her into doing it. She manipulates Jensen into letting his guard down and uses this moment to escape into her panic room. This sets off the alarms and the penthouse is soon overrun with Belltower troops. Unable to go after Zhao, Jensen escapes to the helipad where he is airlifted out by Malik.

Chapter 10Edit

Chapter 10 - White Noise
Shocking evidence pulled from TYM servers revealed a more elaborate plan than expected: Sarif Industries' top research team didn't die six months ago; the attack was staged to cover up their kidnappings! Desperate to learn more, Jensen confronted TYM's president in her penthouse, but Zhao tricked him and escaped into a panic room. Nevertheless, what little she said directed him to Picus Communications and the world's most famous newscaster...

Jensen interprets the mention of "Eliza" on the security footage as meaning Eliza Cassan, a world famous news anchor for Picus TV. To confront her, he asks Malik to take him to Picus Communications, their Montreal headquarters. When he arrives though, the building is unusually empty for a 24 hour media agency that should have employees around the clock. Also, all the fire doors have been shut, which leads Pritchard to deduce that they knew Jensen was coming and had the building evacuated as a result. Despite its emptiness, Eliza is still in her office and has a brief conversation with Jensen. She tells him that she has been watching him ever since she was ordered to disrupt satellites over Detroit six months before, resulting in everyone thinking the Sarif scientists were dead as no signal was popping up from their GPL implants. Jensen, wanting more answers from her, tries to bring her with him. However, when he goes to grab her hand he realizes that the Eliza he is speaking to is just a hologram and she vanishes.

Jensen finds out that he has walked right into a trap and black-ops mercenaries had entered the building during the conversation. At the same time, Pritchard informs him that he noticed a spike in activity from Eliza's hologram had originated from an undocumented sub-basement of the building. With this information, Jensen makes his way through the Picus Web and Picus TV offices to a funicular that leads to the sub-basement. Here, the company's more clandestine activities take place, such as intentionally fabricating news stories and taking down political figures with smear campaigns. Eventually Jensen reaches the room where the spike in activity occurred and discovers Eliza Cassan's true form: a sophisticated artificial intelligence system. She explains that her role is to monitor data streams to see what people are talking about, and to ensure it is being discussed the "correct" way. If it is not, her programming allows her to spin the news so that it is. She is unable to tell Adam who created her, but suspects that Zhao is one of them. However, one of the Tyrants is preventing her from giving too much information about the Illuminati and their role in the Sarif kidnappings. Once Jensen has defeated the Tyrant Yelena Fedorova, Eliza is able to show a small clip where Jaron Namir is tasking Isaias Sandoval in disabling the Sarif scientists' GPL implants. Eliza also hints that David Sarif knows more about the motivation behind the kidnappings than he lets on. Malik then picks up Jensen to head back to Detroit.

Chapter 11Edit

Chapter 11 - Truth and Lies
Eliza Cassan wanted to tell Jensen everything she knew about the kidnappings, but "someone" wouldn't let her. That someone turned out to be Fedorova, another of the black op mercenaries. Jensen killed Fedorova in a tense yet silent fight, enabling Eliza to admit some truths. First: the world's most famous newscaster is actually an AI. Second: David Sarif knows more than he's told. And third: Jensen hasn't seen the last of anti-augmentation extremists...

Back in Detroit, riots have broken out over people protesting human enhancement technology. The streets are unsafe and are patrolled heavily by police, with the core of the rioting surrounding Sarif Industries HQ. As a result, it is not safe for Jensen to return there, and instead he meets his boss in his own apartment. When confronted, Sarif admits that he suspected he knew who had kidnapped Megan and her team, but was not sure if the elusive "Illuminati" were actually involved. On learning that William Taggart, an anti-augmentation activist, is currently in Detroit giving a conference, Jensen will point out that his aide, Sandoval, is involved somehow in the kidnappings. Sarif then tasks Jensen to visit the Detroit Convention Center to try to uncover Sandoval's location, warning him to tread carefully around Taggart as it is uncertain if he was involved in the kidnappings as well.

Chapter 12Edit

Chapter 12 - Peeling Back the Curtain
Jensen returned to Detroit, intending to confront Sarif and track down Eliza's second lead. But tensions between normal and augmented humans had reached a flashpoint: riots had erupted in several cities, and the U.N was being urged to intervene. Sarif admitted that the scientists were taken by the Illuminati, probably because of research they'd been conducting. Then he urged Jensen to get his people back, handing him a ticket to a Humanity Front convention...

William Taggart Isaias Sandoval Hugh Darrow
Taggart-bustshot Isaiassandoval-bustshot Darrow bust
Taggart is the leader of the anti-augmentation activists Humanity Front. As a member of the Illuminati, he is involved in spreading propaganda about the danger of augmentations. Isaias Sandoval is Humanity Front's second in command and therefore a close ally to William Taggart. He is also the brother of Ezekiel Sanders. Hugh Darrow like Taggart is a member of the Illuminati. He is also the creator of mechanical augmentations and was once a mentor to David Sarif.

In the Detroit Convention Center, Jensen learns that Sandoval tends to stay at a local apartment building when in town. Making his way there, Jensen tracks Sandoval to a make-shift office in the Detroit sewers. After seeing Taggart on TV placing the blame for the abductions and riots on Sandoval, the doctor gives up hope and decides the best course of action is to commit suicide, knowing that he will be put in jail for his involvement with the Sarif scientists' kidnappings. Jensen learns from Sandoval that he failed to fully remove the scientists' GPL devices, so he instead changed the frequency they were transmitting to something so low nobody would think to scan for them. Pritchard uses this new information to start searching for the GPL signals.

Jensen returns to Sarif Industries HQ to tell his boss about what he has found out. However, he is instead greeted by the billionaire Hugh Darrow, the creator of mechanical augmentation. Darrow talks about how far the technology has developed since he created it, and that Sarif was hoping he'd encourage the United Nations to not regulate it. He also mentions his geo-engineering project Panchaea, built to curb global warming. Sarif interrupts to inform Jensen that the GPL signal of Vasili Sevchenko has been traced to Hengsha. However, as Sarif had to call in a favor from the Department of Defense to find it, he warns Jensen that the Illuminati will know he's coming.

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Chapter 13Edit

Chapter 13 - Fallen Soldiers
Determined to locate Sarif's scientists, Jensen tracked down Isaias Sandoval, personal assistant to America's most outspoken augmentation opponent. Sandoval admitted to operating on the scientists in hopes of disabling their implanted tracking devices, but refused to implicate his boss, Bill Taggart. Pritchard then traced one of the scientists' signals back to China, sending Jensen and Malik scrambling to find him. Unfortunately, the conspirators are still one step ahead...

Chapter 14 - Part 1Edit

Chapter 14 - Harvesting Hope
Shot down and ambushed by Belltower Associates, Jensen escaped into Lower Hengsha, still hoping to track Sarif's scientists. But the signal he was following ended in a gang of augmentation harvesters and the knowledge that at least one scientist was dead. Tong Si Hung, leader of the Harvesters, confirmed Belltower's involvement, before directing Jensen to a port used for human trafficking. With a bit of luck, he might end up where he most wanted to be...

The Missing LinkEdit

The missing link chapter1
Blind Faith
Jensen's luck took a twisted turn when the ship he'd stowed away on set course for a Belltower base. Captured and brutally interrogated en route, he nevertheless managed to escape, thanks in part to a mysterious ally. This 'friend' then sent him to Netanya Keitner, a Belltower whistleblower who needed to learn why innocent people were being held inside the base. If Jensen wanted to keep searching for Sarif's scientists, he'd have to get inside the base's detention camp...

The missing link chapter2
An Eye for an Eye
Jensen's foray into Belltower's prison turned up evidence that female detainees were being forced to undergo medical tests. He then saw Special Operations Commander Pieter Burke entering a concealed elevator with two scientists.
Eventually confronting one of the pair — Doctor Tiffany Kavanagh — he learned of a black project aimed at perfecting some kind of human-computer hybrid. Kavanagh agreed to expose the ghastly project to Interpol, but only if Jensen could get her safely off the base...

The final chapter in The Missing Link depends on who, if any, were saved.

The missing link chapter3 none
Burden of Proof
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The missing link chapter3 detainee
Burden of Proof
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The missing link chapter3 scientist
Burden of Proof
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The missing link chapter3 both
Burden of Proof
When Burke initiated a base-wide lockdown and started flooding the prison cells and research lab with gas, Jensen was faced with a difficult choice: Save the prisoners or save Kavanagh. Miraculously, he found a way to save both Kavanagh and the prisoners, before setting out for a final showdown with Burke. Confronting the spec op commander was the only hope he had of finding Megan's trail...

Netanya Keitner Pieter Burke Garvin Quinn Tiffany Kavanagh
Netanyakeitner-bustshot Pieter Burke Garvin Quinn Tiffany Kavanagh
Netanya Keitner is the commander of the Rifleman Bank Station. She is secretly investigating illegal activities there for who she believes is Interpol. Burke is Director of Special Operations for Belltower and the commander of RBS's detention center. He oversees the OCM Project that is being researched there. Garvin Quinn is an engineer on Rifleman Bank, but in reality is an undercover Juggernaut Collective agent. His Irish persona is a cover for his true identity. Tiffany Kavanagh is a VersaLife scientist, sent to the RBS to do research on the OCM project. She questions the ethics of the work she does there.

Chapter 14 - Part 2Edit

Declan Faherty Nia Colvin Eric Koss
Declanfaherty-bustshot Niacolvin-bustshot Erickoss-bustshot
Declan Faherty is one of the Sarif Industries scientists that was kidnapped by the Tyrants and forced to work on the Illuminati biochip at Omega Ranch in Singapore. Colvin is another one of the kidnapped scientists. Unlike Faherty, she claims that she is beginning to enjoy working at Omega Ranch due to the high quality facilities. Eric Koss is the other remaining kidnapped Sarif scientist, apart from Megan Reed. He finds it difficult to complete his work while being isolated from the other scientists.

Chapter 15Edit

Chapter 15 - Tipping Point
Several days after slipping aboard a Belltower ship, Jensen arrived at a remote laboratory complex in Singapore. Sarif's scientists were there, forced to create a unique biochip that could prevent people from using their augmented abilities. But millionaire Hugh Darrow, owner of the complex and willing participant in the Illuminati plan, had a different use in mind. Convinced that augmentations would be the death of mankind, Darrow used the chip to drive augmented people insane, setting off an event of horrific proportions that only Jensen can end...



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