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This page describes content for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that was cut from the final version of the game.

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Main topics[]

Cut emails[]

Base game[]

Base game - specific computers/locations[]

Jensen's stories[]

Other text media[]

Cut characters[]

Gameplay and missions[]

Lore concepts[]

Developer quotes on cut content[]

  • Marchenko and Hiroshi Saito – "[Marchenko] was initially only meant to be a henchman of Hiroshi Saito, a character that was ultimately cut from the game." (The Art of Deus Ex Universe, p. 49)
  • Second visit to Golem City – "We had originally aimed to have a boss fight with Marchenko during a second visit to Utulek, but this was cut from the game." (The Art of Deus Ex Universe, p. 183)
  • City hub and weapons – "a few experimental weapons and another city hub probably got left out." (Developer interview in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eGuide). The "city hub" may be referring to Rabi'ah, for which concept art depicting city hub elements are known.


Unused character portraits[]

The following portraits appear in the game files but are unused in-game.

The following portraits do not appear in-game or in the game files, but appear in the data files of the Deus Ex Universe companion app.

Cut news tickers[]


  • Rumors of AIDS 2.0 breakthrough cure via Page Industries financial forecast.
  • Afghanistan to be recognized as part of the Russian Federated States in end-of year G18 summit.
  • Breaking: E-celeb, Kitt Peters, charged with first-degree murder.
  • Augmented child of 6 years arrested on terrorism charges in Panama.
  • World Health Organization: Air pollution responsible for over 10 million deaths per year.
  • Watch Picus News for further coverage.


  • IAF recalls thousands of unmanned fighter drones due to threat-detection fault fears.
  • Rift in G18 grows as Australia threatens to leave over "geo-political prejudice".
  • Pressure on TF29 at all-time high as international terrorism stats rise.
  • Prominent doctors support tighter legislation on neural "declamping".
  • Internet-only teen-pop superstar, Ki Li, not real - a "social experiment" boast creators.
  • Oldest person on earth, Aika Ashikaga, dies aged 134.
  • Keep watching Picus News for more breaking stories.

Cut dialogue[]

  • Unknown bystander:
    • The drowned one arisen…! Plucked from the depths by a handless eye.”
    • Have you had the visions? The water dreams?
  • Unknown bystander:
    • Hahahahahahaha!"
    • The eye see all. It sees you, and you, and you. It sees all of you.”

Cut descriptions for holographic data[]

The game files include descriptions for 3D holographic data that the player could presumably find during the game. See Holographic display table (DXMD).

Unused game design and lore texts[]

The game files include the following texts that resemble game design write-ups and draft lore typically seen in game design documents. Compared to other cut texts such as cut emails, eBook, and pocket secretary messages found in the game files, the following text is not part of the localization data.

Radich Nikoladze[]

The following text describes the plot element that Radich Nikoladze is secretly augmented:

Email about a special delivery to be made in the redlightsicsic district. It tells of big amount of neuropozine.sicsic The person sending the email insists on the confidentiality of the information, and is borderline threatening about that point. This is the clue about Radich's belonging to the aug cast and needing neuropozyne to survive. It should tease player about where that delivery is made, a clue as to where (his apartement),sicsic and make him want to go explore.[1]

Oleg Drago[]

The following text describes the background plot concerning Oleg Drago that is presented in-game via emails on Oleg Drago's computer and the Palisade Bank Datastick story item:

Email exchange between Oleg and some friends to whom he boasts heavily about his financiailsicsic situation and ability to climb the ladder of society?hesicsic tells them about his future bank exectivesicsic locker, his new business, his stock trading, and how he was able to manipulate one of the Bank's accountants in order to make himself a solid dossier. Implies that he used him and that this Dominik guy is so gullible because he's a loser who has not such a top notch job and would like to be more, like him, but doesn,tsicsic succeed. Makes a reference to the meeting during which they met to explain his point. He also wonders if when he's a client he'll also be able to park in the bank's exclusive parking lot that is well gardedsicsic and is for important clients and employees only. Mentions that he saw it when Dominik gave him a tour of the area in his car. Wonders it he keeps valuables inside.[2]

Ondrej Tvarozek[]

The following text appears to be a draft email to Ondrej Tvarozek, owner of the Music Box. Unlike other cut emails pertaining to Tvarozek, the following text is not part of any localization:

'Hey ondrej ! It's Sasha ! We swsicsic you the other day on the pier, what the hell were you doing man ? Throwing shit out in the canal ? what's with that huh ? Look we don't to pry in your people's business and all, but how about we make a deal ? Me and Vlad would like to be a part of your....your thing, you know ! You can use us right ? We'll do good work, I promise !"
"Don't freak out, I'll help, you can even stay at my place or my store if you need. I haven't kept in touch either, but it's not because you're an aug. You know I never was THIS type of person, we're still friends.
Meet me at the store tomorrow night, we'll talk about it. Figure something out"[3]

Axel Rêka[]

The following text appears to be a draft email pertaining to Axel Rêka, a character that is part of the Ondrej Tvarozek backstory:

I asked around the store and to people in the orchestra about the music shop dude who doesn't want to give you your flute back. I know you didn't ask, but I got connexionssicsic and I wanted to help. It seems that he changes the code of the basement locker where he keeps the flute everytimesicsic there is a new concert. And that moron sounds very proud of himself and the codes he chooses, which are always smart ass facts about music. The code now is 1904, the first time the 5th symphony of Mahler was even presented to the now you know. Let me know if you need more help. I'd like to visit one day.[4]


The following text describes the theme of "corpo-feudalism" that is pervasive in the art style of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:

You can see them rising up from the traditional rooftops and typical Prague courtyards : big clunky blocks ressemblingsicsic massive colossus of cement and glass, brutalist shapes of austere allure, menacing and imposing. This is corporate feudalism at work, an architectural movement that has imposed its heavy presence on our landscape for the past 13 years.
The movement divides opinions. Many criticize its lack of elegance that seems to come straight out of a bad USRR revival, but others are fascinated by its sophisticated mechanical design and sober, epuratedsicsic design.[5]

Other topics[]

  • Cut backstory concept for Cassian Valente - Someone from a mysterious Ai dev company contact Cassian to propose her a job. There is talk about a Morpheus project. Cassian refuses, she's done with top secret shit.[6]
  • Cut backstory concept for Kristelle (daughter of Mary Morevic and Olivier Berthelot) - The year following the aug incident resulted in a blood bath for all type of augmented people. From local fight picking to cold blooded murder, the escalation of violence took a grim turn when young locals Kristelle Berthelot - daughter of local artist and paint gallery owner Oliver Berthelot -  and best friend Stefan Marinovitch were both murdered on the side of the road while driving out to the countryside for the week end."[7]
  • Cut backstory concept for Kristof (husband of Marta Babik) - Kristof has received the coded message from Justin and has finally decided to speak up and let he and his mother know that he's alive, but pretty traumatized by the event, both psychologically and physically (one of his leg was torn apart?bysicsic Justin). He wants them both to know that he's ready to come home and explain what happened : the incident, his leg, his exile and slow recovery amongst other traumatized augs in different part of the world / contry...hesicsic doesn't blame Justin at all and emphasized on that point along the message. He asks his mother not to be too hard on him, that it wasn't his fault and that he's probably stronger that he is since he had the courage to come back and face her.[8]
  • Notes on Lucius DeBeers - Mister DeBeers has been sick for some time now, and it is rumored that Bob Page himself is pressuring him to get himself frozen if a Cryopod, in the slim hope that in the future technology will be able to cure him. bla bla bla about DeBeers and Cryo tech.[7]
  • Concerts with ear implants - Story of orchestras in prague with the coming of ear implants and auditive enhancement[7]
  • Dialogue (various topics)
    • "we will soon have our god. And we will make it with our own hands". What do you think about the new slogan for our fliers ? If we all agree, I will send someone to have them printed at Radko's shop, while he is not there. As usual his assistant will print them as an extra for him, do we have enough money ? Should be another 1000 credits for 500 copies."[9]
    • "We love the new slogan. Isn't it something Morpheus said in ancien mythology ? People who know will know...We have more than enough money so I'm making the order right now if that's ok ?"[10]
    • 'Josef looks even sicker that usual...and he NEVER looked good, what's with his lung disease and you think we should start him on ... something stronger ? he seems to suffer a lot...but he won't say a thing'[11]
    • 'the flesh will burn, we will soon be united with Omnissiah, the one that is never destroyed, never sick, never dying. We will be united, our souls swimming in the finite ocean of pure thoughts, cast in unbreakable iron and chrome’[12]
  • Other unused lore text pertain to Honza Epstein and Mantis agents and are covered in the respective articles for these topics.
  • The game files also include the full text of "When I Have Fears," a sonnet by the English poet John Keats.[13]


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