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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

This page contains information regarding the progress sequence of the main plot and a list of all the side missions of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. For more detailed information, see the articles on individual missions.


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Prague (first visit)Edit

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(1, 2): can be acquired during both the first and second visits to Prague
(1, 2, 3): can be acquired during any of the three visits to Prague

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Golem CityEdit

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Swiss AlpsEdit

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See Achievements (DXMD) for a complete list of achievements and the ways to get them.

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Making Money in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Keycodes and passwordsEdit

See Keycodes (DXMD) and Passwords (DXMD).


For the personality types of various characters, see Social Enhancer (DXMD).

Annotated maps of Prague Edit

Locations of collectiblesEdit

Praxis KitsEdit

City Location
Prague 4 kits (in total) are sold by Tars (merchant in Zelen Apartments, apt. 21) for 10000 Credit symbol each: two are available during the first visit to Prague, one more is available after the return from Golem City, and one more is available after returning from G.A.R.M.
Prague In the Zelen Apartments, apt. 32 (the one with the eviction sign one floor below Jensen's), in a hidden floorboard right below the window.
Prague In Koller's dungeon, inside a safe in the gas-filled room accessible via a hidden vent near the elevator. Interact with a painting near the elevator door to access the hidden vent. The safe also contains the triangle code #14.
Prague In TF29 HQ Infirmary, inside a medical box on an upper shelf (on the wall that borders with the storeroom).
Prague In the ceiling of the LIMB clinic, inside one of the cardboxes.
Prague In the Libuše Apartments, apt. 96, inside a box on top of the kitchen cabinets.
Prague In the Palisade Property Bank, in the secret room in the CEO's office.
Prague In the Palisade Property Bank, in Executive Safes B, in a level 5 safe under the turret.
Prague In the Palisade Property Bank, in the Tai Yong Medical corporate vault.
Prague In Radich Nikoladze's office in the Dvali Theater, inside a safe behind a hidden panel on the red wall.
Prague In Allison Staněk's room on the top floor of the Church of the MachineGod, in the attic storage area above the terminals, accessible during and after the mission Confronting the Bomb-Maker. The Church of the MachineGod is also made accessible by progression through the alternative mission, The Heist.
Prague One can be obtained during the Fade to Black side mission - given to you by Olivie if you convinced Vlasta to smuggle Olivie (make sure to talk to her before leaving).
Golem City In a medical box on the far side of the police-cordonned storage area near Sokol’s apartment.
Golem City Completing the gold penguin task (The Golden Rookery) opens a hidden compartment containing a praxis kit.
Golem City In the Ridit Station, in a room with a door labeled "350401." The door is at the northern part of the map of the Ridit Station, level 1. The kit is inside a wall-mounted container whose front is covered by blue cloth.
Golem City In a level 5 safe in Talos Rucker's security room in his office.
London On Viktor Marchenko's body.

5 more praxis kits can be unlocked by completing certain tasks in the mobile game Deus Ex GO:

  • 2 for completing the story mode,
  • 1 for clearing every level with Mastermind status,
  • 1 for complete a first set of weekly puzzles,
  • 1 for completing a second set of weekly puzzles.


For the eBook locations, see Tablet Collector.

Weapon modsEdit

Mod City Location
4X scope Prague Jensen's apartment building, sold by Tars. He stocks one for each visit.
Laser sight Prague Jensen's apartment building, sold by Tars. Like the 4X scope, he sells them on all three visits to Prague.
Laser sight Prague Jensen's apartment building, in a weapon locker in the closet of Tars' shop. You may open the door lock using a multi-tool or the code 9002 in order to avoid Tars going hostile.
Holosight Prague Koníčky & Hračky, in boarded up storage unit in the northwest corner of the open area, accessible by breaking a wall.
Laser sight Prague Basement of Hemingway's Fine Spirits, inside a safe.
Silencer Prague 33 Hlavní, sold by Mikael Mendel. He'll have one for sale on each individual visit.
Holosight Prague 33 Hlavní, sold by Mikael Mendel. Like the silencer, always part of his kit.
Laser sight Prague 33 Hlavní, in apartment 203 (Miller's apartment) on a book shelf in middle of the stairs. Available only during the second visit to Prague.
Silencer Prague TF29 Building, Cyber Crime, located in a safe inside Vincent Black's office.
Laser sight Prague Chikane's place, basement. A panic room can be accessed by pushing a button behind a picture frame on the wall. Once Inside the room, push the airplane model to open a hidden wall safe with the mod inside.
Laser sight Prague Couryard on the left of TF29 building, in one of the locked storage units, inside a cardboard box.
Laser sight Prague Palisade Property Bank, Tarvos corporate vault.
Silencer Prague Palisade Property Bank, Tarvos corporate vault.
4X scope Prague TF29 Building, locked safe inside Jim Miller's office accessed during M9: Checking Out the Men in Charge. Reveal the safe by pressing a button under the desk. This scope is not available until the second visit to Prague.
Silencer Prague At the end of SM06: 01011000, if Walker is still alive and shows up at Adam Jensen's apartment, a Silencer mod will be found on his body.
Silencer Prague Church of the MachineGod, 2nd floor, room 92, top shelf behind three lamps.
Holosight Prague Palisade Property Bank, during "The Heist". In security room on 2nd level, in the weapon locker.
Silencer Prague During Jensen's 3rd visit to Prague. Inside Dvali theater, level 1, room below the stage, in a locker near some stairs.
4X scope Golem City Sold by Louis Gallois.
Silencer Golem City Sold by Louis Gallois.
Silencer Golem City A home across the police station, near Tibor Sokol's house, inside of which a breakable wall leads to a gas filled corridor you can shut off from above. The corridor hides a Silencer Mod.
Laser sight Golem City Armory at the police station.
Holosight Golem City In ARC territory, up the Throat, right after getting off the lift, turn right upstairs to find a room with lockers. the holosight is inside one of the lockers.
Silencer Golem City During "Get Deeper Into ARC", at one of the locked cells on the first floor of Gymnasium. The silencer is inside a level 4 safe (code: 1433).
Holosight Golem City Third floor of the Gymnasium of RVAC Row in ARC territory, inside a gun locker.
4X scope Golem City During "Access the Elevator," which takes place in the Ridit Station, find an industrial-size poster printer at the southwest corner of level 1. The 4X scope is located behind the large rolls of paper.
Holosight Golem City During "Access the Elevator", access the third floor of the Ridit Station through a ladder on the second floor, and get into the server room through an electrified walkway (the electricity can be disabled by switching off the breaker). The holosight is on one of the shelve.
Silencer Golem City During "Access the Elevator", on level 3 on a small ledge across big "monitor stalactite" in the center.
Holosight G.A.R.M. Hangar 1, Marchenko's Office, in a weapons locker.
4X scope G.A.R.M. Hangar 2, weapons storage closet at the shooting range.
Laser sight G.A.R.M. Hangar 2, in a locker inside the southern dormitory unit.

Additionally, weapons looted from game environments or NPCs may already have weapon mods installed on them.

Breach SoftwareEdit

There are 30 total pieces of breach software that can be given to Costache (Tech Noir's merchant) for 300 Credit symbol each. The store is open during all 3 Prague visits so one can turn in all Breach software before heading to London. Note that, unlike triangle codes, Breach software can only be found and turned in once, even if the player starts a new game. This is because for every 5 turned in, a booster pack is rewarded in Breach.

City Location
Prague Zelen Apartments, #41 (same floor as Jensen's apartment).  Found on the desk to the left of the wall with the mannequin, below the TV.
Prague In The Time Machine, in a box on top of the Biography section.
Prague In Capek Fountain station's server room (last room when you go through the restricted area next to the ticket booth. On the desk opposite the security terminal).
Prague In Koller's dungeon, next to the laptop.
Prague In TF29 Office, Daniel Fletcher's safe (Forensics lab).
Prague In the basement of Tubehouse, on one of the couch's armrest.
Prague In Richard's room in the sewers, 2nd floor, near the security terminal.
Prague In Otar's office (in the sewers where the underground casino is), on the desk with the security terminal.
Prague Inside the Tourism Information Center building, behind the metro tickets window.
Prague In the gas filled room in the sewers near The Musicbox, below the 2 TVs. You can either turn off the 2 valves in the upper area or use the chemical resistance aug to get it.
Prague In Tech Noir's storage unit (can access either from the outside or through the back door of the store).
Prague Sobchak Security's basement, same table as the safe.
Prague Pilgrim Station, first room in the restricted area (same room as triangle code #4).
Prague Palisade Station, in the ticket booth.
Prague apartment over a coffee shop.  To reach, the coffee shop is opposite from the LIMB clinic.  Go into the basement and through the locked door in the last room.  Make your way up the pipes to the vent cover and go through to get into the apartment.
Prague In LIMB's ceiling. You can reach it by climbing onto the top of the archway to the side and you'll see the vent entrance or, if you have the klipsringer mod, jump through the ceiling hatch.
Prague In the secret room in the Palisade Bank CEO's office.
Prague In a safe in the hidden security office of Palisade's Executive Safes A.
Prague In safe B04 in Palisade's Executive Safes B.
Prague In the safe in Madame Photographe's apartment (the apartment behind TF29).
Prague In Ruzicka Station's server room, inbetween the 2 small towers where the worker is.
Prague Either during M11 or after you finish the bank heist, go over to the Church of the MachineGod. You will find one in room 93. To get to it, head to the back door, then turn around and you will see a small hole between the servers. Go through it and it will be on one of the shelves in front of you.
Prague Like the previous, this one is found during M11 or after the bank heist. Enter room 95 and go through the door in front of you into a smaller room. Move the painting on the opposite wall and open the safe to find it.
Prague Last one in the Church of the MachineGod and recoverable during M11 or after you do the bank heist, head to the top floor and enter room 96 (Allison's room). It'll be on a shelf next to the bathroom doorway.
Prague In the Dvali Theater, look in the room connected to Radich’s office.  It’ll be sitting next to the security terminal.
Golem City In ARC Headquarters, on the 6th level of RVAC Row. The most straightforward way is to make your way across the room to the elevator beside the hallway near the end. Take the elevator to the 7th floor, then go the edge near the locked storage units and take the ladder down to the 6th floor. Enter the room through the window (unit 550125) and it will be on the middle server.
Golem City Near the end of level 1 in Ridit Station is a monitoring room.  It is sitting on the counter near a bundle of cables.
Golem City After confronting Talos Rucker, go into the smaller room near the doors you entered through. It will be on the main desk, right in front of the chair.
G.A.R.M. In hanger 1, go to the 2nd pod on the west wall and you’ll find it on the table.
G.A.R.M. Make your way to level 3 after hanger 2.  It’s in the room across from the elevator, near a blank monitor.

Triangle codesEdit

There is a total of 35 codes in the game.

# Triangle City Location Unlock
1 MD triangle 1 Dubai In the airshaft behind you after you jump down from a platform. The End of the Icarus Myth
2 MD triangle 2 Dubai In the atrium, on top of a container to the right of the helicopter. Creating the Sandstorm
3 MD triangle 3 Prague Inside a second floor apartment in the Redlight District, near the Irish Stool. It is hidden under a cardboard box on the shelf. Designing the Red Light District & Our Trip to Prague
4 MD triangle 4 Prague Inside the Pilgrim Station, in a cardboard box on top of a row of lockers. Palisade Bank Interior - Concept Art
5 MD triangle 5 Prague Inside the Palisade Station, in a room accessible through a vent, on a shelf between the clean bottles. Metro Rides & The Mechanical Apartheid
6 MD triangle 6 Prague In an office in the Tourist Center, northern Prague. It can be found in cardboard box on top of a brochure stand. Recurring characters
7 MD triangle 7 Prague Under the fridge in the old toy factory, Konicky & Hracky. Creating Side Quests
8 MD triangle 8 Prague In an apartment above Drahomir's fake police checkpoint, on the table under a cardbox. Show, Don't Tell
9 MD triangle 9 Prague In TF29 HQ, in the safe found in the infirmary. The Creation of TF29
10 MD triangle 10 Prague TF29 HQ, in the NSN virtual space (accessible during M9: Checking Out the Men in Charge), on a floor on level 2. Design Challenges for TF29 Headquarters
11 MD triangle 11 Prague In Růžička Station, on a raised ledge in the main hall. Level Design Challenges in Small Environments
12 MD triangle 12 Prague Jensen's bedroom, in a secret stash in the floor next to the bed. Jensen's Extended Lore
13 MD triangle 13 Prague In Jensen's apartment, under the fridge in the kitchen. Interview with Elias Toufexis, Actor for Adam Jensen
14 MD triangle 14 Prague In Koller's dungeon, there's a vent near the elevator, hidden behind a picture. On the other side of the vent there's a room with a safe. The triangle and a praxis kit are inside the safe. Designing Václav Koller
15 MD triangle 15 Prague In a vent in Otar Botkoveli's office upstairs in his casino. Creating Otar's casino
16 MD triangle 16 Prague In Chikane's place, in a hidden room behind a poster with two airplanes. Interview with Chimemwe Miller, actor for Elias Chikane
17 MD triangle 17 Prague In the Church of the MachineGod, near the front entrance is a blocked archway on the right side. Move the crate and hack the door to enter a small storage area. It's sitting on the shelves. The Church of the Machine God
(re-uploaded audio)
18 MD triangle 18 Prague In Allison Staněk's room on the top floor of the Church of the MachineGod is an attic area. Get up there and it'll be under a box above her terminal. Q&A w/ Sonja Ball, Actor for Allison Staněk
19 MD triangle 19 Prague In the Picus Vault at Palisade Bank. Picus's Palisade Vault
20 MD triangle Palisade Prague Palisade Bank CEO's office, in a level 1 safe in a secret room. The Palisade Bank & Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach
21 MD triangle 21 Prague In Nomad Staněk's apartment (apt. 96 at Libuse Apartments), interact with an "Antique Clock" near the window to open the hidden room, then check the boxes under the desk. The triangle is in the open box on the right. Designing the Prague HUB
22 MD triangle 22 Prague In Jim Miller's apartment (apt. 203 at 33 Hlavni), punch the boxing bag to access the secret room. The code is on a shelf under the laptop. A Day with Vernon Wells
23 Code23 Prague In LIMB's ceiling.  Climb on top of the archway to reach the vent entrance or use the klipspringer mod to jump through the hatch inside. The Fate of L.I.M.B. Clinics
24 MD triangle 24 Prague In the Dvali Theater, reach the catwalks above the stage (they are on level 5). The triangle is on a spool of wire near a lamp. DXTV - First Hands-on Episode
25 MD triangle 25 Prague Dvali Theater, inside Radich Nikoladze's office in the basement (labelled Manager's Office on the map). Use the button under the desk to reveal a hidden wall safe. The safe contains the triangle and a praxis kit. The Dvali
(re-uploaded audio)
26 Code26 Golem City Near the elevator in the market. Go up the flight of stairs to unit 150252. It's on the table on the right, next to the boxes. Golem City vs. Rabi'ah
27 Code27 Golem City Talos Rucker's office, inside the safe in the secret room (need Rucker's keycard to get in). Interview with Alex Ivanovic, Actor for Talos Rucker
28 MD triangle 28 GARM In the middle of a corridor between Hangar 1 and Hangar 2, on a cart with a laptop. Origins of the Swiss Alps
(re-uploaded audio)
29 MD triangle 29 GARM In Hangar 1, go to the office on level 3 on the northern side. The triangle is under a cardbox to the left of the weapons cabinet. Designing Marchenko
30 MD triangle 30 GARM Hangar 2, in the boxguard maintenance tent, under one of the boxguards. An Homage to Deus Ex: Human Revolution
(re-uploaded audio)
31 MD triangle 31 London In the north-east corner of level 7, look above for a near-ceiling vent that leads into a narrow maintenance area. The triangle is on a wall-mounted electrical box labelled S-29-A. Level Design Challenges for the Final Map
(re-uploaded audio)
32 MD triangle 32 London Found while investigating the catering area, in one of the lockers in a room with dead bodies (on level 4). Narrative Challenges for the Final Map
33 MD triangle 33 London During Marchenko boss fight, go up the stairs and enter the office on the left. The code is near the security hub near the window. Boss Fights: Learning from Deus Ex: Human Revolution
34 MD triangle 34 London In the Meeting Room C110 (in the south-east of level 5), on a cabinet on the right. Concept Art - Remembering Panchaea
35 MD triangle 35 London Backstage of the Apex Centre (where you save the delegates), on a drink table near the white couches. Designing a Digital Forest

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