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Deus Ex: Revision is a mod for Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, developed by the Caustic Creative team; a multinational group of programmers. The mod was in development since 2007, and released on October 10, 2015 on Steam, with a GOG release on April 7, 2017. Revision puts significant emphasis on altering the level design to create a new experience, along with redone music.


DeusEx 2009-12-04 12-38-49-15.jpg

Revision focuses on altering the original's levels both from an aesthetic and gameplay perspective. Some levels are significantly modified, like Hell's Kitchen, while others just have extra objects and altered lighting, like the Hong Kong helipad. New Vision and Project HDTP are bundled by default with Revision. It also uses modified game base, a tweaked version of Human Renovation, and features support for Shifter and Biomod as game modes. In addition, several gameplay modifiers can be chosen to alter the gameplay in significant ways, like turrets being active all the time or enemies reflecting lethal damage back to the player.


In one update, Revision added support to achievements for Steam users.


Revision has several examples of the altered design posted on their website.

A51 bunker overview.jpg

For instance, this first early image showcases how Hell's Kitchen was altered in layout and had longer buildings and wider streets overall.

The second image shows how the mod alters the aesthetics of some levels by altering the lighting and adding objects. The example here shows the MJ12 command center in the prison level.

The third image depicts the expansion of area done on some maps. Such expansions are rather rare, yet can be extensive and feature new locations altogether.


Revision comes with an OST of its own, that remixes most of the original's tracks. This OST is available on Youtube and Bandcamp. It is optional, though activated from the start. According to the authors, the new music was added to go with the mood of the altered maps.

An option in the sound settings allows switching between the original, new, and Deus Ex: The Conspiracy soundtracks.

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