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Deus Ex: Revision is a mod for Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, developed by the Caustic Creative team; a multinational group of modders. Development on the mod began in 2007, and the initial release took place on October 10, 2015 on Steam, with a GOG release on April 7, 2017. Revision is one of the most far-reaching mods available for Deus Ex, bundling in numerous other mods, changing almost every level, sometimes substantially, and including a new soundtrack.


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In addition to the Revision specific changes, many other mods come bundled. Two graphics mods, New Vision and Project HDTP are bundled. Revision also uses a modified game base, a tweaked version of Human Renovation, and features support for Shifter and Biomod as game modes. The The Lay D Denton Project comes built into Revision.


Revision also includes a number of additional changes such as customizable crosshair types, autosaving, and an enlarged weapon belt. Since update 1.1[1], Revision has offered achievements for Steam users. This Steam community guide lists the achievements and their requirements.

Level Changes[]

Revision focuses on altering the original's levels both from an aesthetic and gameplay perspective. Some levels are significantly modified, like Hell's Kitchen, while others just have extra objects and altered lighting, like the Hong Kong helipad.

Revision has several examples of the altered design posted on their website.

A51 bunker overview

For instance, this first early image showcases how Hell's Kitchen was altered in layout and had longer buildings and wider streets overall.

The second image shows how the mod alters the aesthetics of some levels by altering the lighting and adding objects. The example here shows the MJ12 command center in the prison level.

The third image depicts the expansion of area done on some maps. Such expansions are rather rare, yet can be extensive and feature new locations altogether.

Gameplay Modifiers[]

Revision allows for setting custom difficulty options such as damage taken modifier, energy drain rate modifier, and a max number of credits.

Also featured are a number of gameplay modifiers which offer changes to gameplay in addition to the standard difficulty settings. As of patch, the modifiers are:

Gameplay Modifiers
Modifier Name Modifier Description
24 Hour Game When enabled, you have 24 (real time) hours, starting from game start to complete the game, includes time when game is closed.
Ammo - Halved When enabled, ammo pickups will give half as much ammo.
Ammo - Lethal Bias When enabled, lethal ammo pickups give 50% more, but non-lethal pickups give half as much.
Ammo - Non-lethal Bias When enabled, non-lethal ammo pickups give 50% more, but lethal pickups give half as much.
Armoured Enemies When enabled, enemies don't take damage unless they die in one hit.
Augmentations - Allow Replacing 'Normal' mode only. When enabled, augmentations can be swapped out for another, as in Shifter.
Augmentations - Duplicate Upgrades 'Normal' mode only. When enabled, duplicate augmentations can be used as upgrades, as in Shifter.
Aviation Mode When enabled, all enemies can fly. Disables achievements.
Bullet Penetration When enabled, bullets can penetrate thin walls and doors. Allows the AI to do the same.
Bullet Ricochet When enabled, bullets can ricochet off walls.
Clean Streets When enabled, all weapons and ammo on the ground are removed, and all combat crates lose their contents.
Cloaked Enemies When enabled, all enemies are cloaked.
Collectables Mode When enabled, a collectable appears on each level, bonuses awarded for finding each, find all 75 for an achievement.
Crazed Turrets When enabled, all turrets are always on and attacking you unless changed. Also allows turrets to aim directly below.
Disabled Achievements When enabled, achievements are disabled for this playthrough.
Explosive Extinguishers When enabled, all fire extinguishers blow up when destroyed.
Fatal Cameras When enabled, any cameras that activate their alarms will cause you to explode.
Forceful Repossession When enabled, you can hold one item at a time, you will instantly gain the weapon of an enemy you kill.
Hall of Mirrors When enabled, all humans look like JC.
Healing Enemies When enabled, all NPCs have the regeneration augmentation and heal every second.
Heavy Items When enabled, items do not stack in the inventory (excludes grenades).
High Nerves When enabled, enemies do not forget that they saw you.
I Am The LAW When enabled, all weapons are replaced with LAWs.
Instant Cameras When enabled, cameras will instantly activate their alarm when they see you.
Invisible Items When enabled, all pre-placed items will be invisible until picked up.
Invisible Lasers When enabled, all laser beams will be invisible.
Lethal Lasers When enabled, lasers are replaced with gold ones that instantly kill you.
Limited Resources When enabled, you will not be able to recharge energy or heal using robots.
Lossy Magazines When enabled, reloading makes you lose the ammo in the current clip.
Loud Weapons When enabled, all weapons are ten times louder to the AI, unless silenced.
Manhunt Mode The Secret Service are always one step ahead of you and constantly sending reinforcements. Can you complete your work with their harassment?
Matrix Mode When enabled, looking away from someone replaces them with an enemy agent.
Multi-Missile Mayhem When enabled, enemies can fire multiple rockets per second.
Ninja Mode When enabled, you start with both cloaks and both leg augmentations, low-tech weapons only.
No Augmentations When enabled, you are not allowed to install augmentations.
No Items Mode When enabled, you cannot carry ANY items.
No Jumping When enabled, no jumping is allowed except for leaving water.
No Saving When enabled, you are not allowed to make any hard saves or quicksaves.
Omnivision When enabled, all enemies can see all around them, from every angle.
One Item Inventory When enabled, you can only carry one item at a time.
Pack Mule When enabled, there is no limit to how much ammo you can hold.
Penetrating Explosives When enabled, explosive damage isn't stopped by walls and will damage things on the other side.
Permanent Decals When enabled, decals stick around forever. May decrease performance.
Permanent Fragments When enabled, fragments stick around forever. May decrease performance.
Phantom Bots When enabled, all robots are cloaked and silent.
Plasma Donating When enabled, all weapons are replaced with PS20s.
Quiet Enemies When enabled, enemies don't talk when they hear or detect you. Also prevents robots from making any idle or footstep sounds. Careless talk costs lives.
Random Crate Contents When enabled, all crates will have random contents, disables achievements.
Randomized Augmentations When enabled, all augmentation canisters will have randomized augmentations inside. This can include two of the same.
Randomized Weight When enabled, characters will have varying degrees of weight, picked at random.
Real-Time UI Opening the UI no longer pauses the game, excluding save/load menus.
Return Damage When enabled, any lethal damage done to enemies is returned to the player.
Short Circuit When enabled, augmentations hurt the player while active.
Silent Lasers When enabled, laser emitters won't make a sound.
Silent Takedowns When enabled, all weapons are replaced with GEP guns.
Small Items When enabled, all weapons take up one inventory cell. Disables some achievements.
Smaller DTS When enabled, the DTS will be reduced to a realistic, unbalanced, 1x1 item.
Stay Away When enabled, being close to hostile enemies damages you.
Sudden Death When enabled, any damage an enemy deals to you instantly kills you, even on easy.
Suicidal Agents When enabled, all MiBs/WiBs run into you and detonate instead of using their weapons.
System Malfunction When enabled, any time a human NPC is knocked out or killed they explode.
Teleporting Enemies Whenever you lose sight of an enemy, they teleport behind you.
Trenchcoat When enabled, the available inventory space is halved.
Unsatisfactory Hardware When enabled, all you have is a pistol and an electric prod. You cannot carry any other items.
Weapon Kill Stats When enabled, weapons will show their total kills/knock-outs in their stats.
World's Most Wanted When enabled, everyone you can kill will try to kill you.
Zombie Mode Extension of Suicidal Agents Mode. When enabled, ALL living enemies will run into you and detonate. Disables all achievements and medbot healing. Enemies have unique properties.


Revision comes with an OST of its own that remixes most of the original game's tracks. This OST is available on Youtube and Bandcamp. It is optional, though enabled by default. According to the authors, the new music was added to go with the mood of the altered maps.

An option in the sound settings allows switching between the original, new, and Deus Ex: The Conspiracy soundtracks.

External Links[]

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  3. Revision's main website.