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Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (or simply Deus Ex in Europe) is a port of the original Deus Ex for the PlayStation 2.


The game mostly consists of the same dialogue and area layouts as the PC version aside from some minor changes: e.g. the layout of Liberty Island. This was due to the fact that the PS2 version had smaller sectioned maps compared to the PC counterpart. The game also uses higher-resolution character models with lower-resolution textures. Generally, the game runs more poorly than the PC version, especially during high octane fights.

The controls were entirely retooled to work with the limited amount of buttons of the PS2 controller, however, the game is compatible with a USB mouse and keyboard, with controls very similar to the original PC release.

Some gameplay elements were simplified. For example, instead of taking damage separately for each limb, JC only has a singular giant health bar, akin to Invisible War. The player is also able to turn on auto-aim in the options menu, and can only use one augmentation at a time and must switch augmentations using the augs menu.

Other notable changes are the fact that the game uses pre-rendered high polygon CGI cutscenes during the intro and the three endings rather than the in-game graphics that the PC version uses. This, coupled with the slightly better graphics, are largely considered to be improvements. Despite this, the PS2 version of Deus Ex is often overlooked and is far less well-known than (and largely thought to be inferior to) the PC original.

On May 16th 2012, the game was made available for the PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classic; but only in Europe.

Full list of differences[]


  • Prerendered intro and end cutscenes
  • Orchestral menu music.
  • Slightly altered club music.
  • Various altered sounds.
  • Various models have been improved, or at least altered.
  • Lower texture detail than PC version, no detail textures.
  • No fog anywhere.
  • Generally less windows (sometimes as the outside would be in another load zone), reflections.
  • Security/info/ATM terminal models look different.
  • UNATCO trooper eye colors inverted (i.e. normal).
  • Dropped bodies now slump to the floor.
  • Anna Navarre has two eyes (probably not meant to be this way).
  • Game autosaves (to memory, not card) on each level transition.

Inventory/user interface[]

  • No per-body-part health.
  • No laser sight upgrades.
  • No quick toolbelt.
  • When using a controller, augs are activated by binding a selection of them to the aug button.
  • Slot, not grid, based inventory. The only real limit here is that you can only carry four firearms (excluding ps20). All melee weapons can be carried at the same time, all food types, grenades etc.
  • Augmentations can be installed without a medbot.
  • Augmentation and upgrade canisters do not take up inventory space.
  • Cannot manually enter keycodes and passwords, they are given when reading emails/datacubes. Sometimes this seems to been accidentally left out. Can select which one to use when using a computer/atm. Paul's datacube states the code '4321' instead of to "count back from 4". Maggie Chow's new password ('insurgent') is explicitly noted. JC automatically 'guesses' the last digit of the blue fusion reactor code.
  • This means Alex' login and the keycode to his cupboard can't be deduced.
  • No explicit nano key ring, locked doors can be opened the normal way if a key has been found.
  • No conversation log.
  • No ammo list, which means descriptions can't be read for ammo types that can't be switched out with others / for which the weapon hasn't been found.
  • Weapon view model has some inertia, still fires where crosshair points however.
  • Goldeneye-style precision aiming where the crosshair is controlled directly, even possible with mouse.
  • No 'real name' and skin color options.
  • ATM codes can be reused for each component map of an area; the account will still contain money.
  • Computer interfaces look different.
  • Inventory items off corpses are dropped to the ground when inventory space is lacking.


  • Pistol skill point glitch has been removed.
  • Dragon's tooth sword does 10 damage compared to the PC version's 100. Still quite powerful.
  • Other melee weapons generally have lower damage values too. However they seem to do more damage than PC weapons with similar values.
  • Ballistic protection/emp shield (subdermal) is now energy shield/emp shield (subdermal). Regen/ballistic (torso) are now a canister.
  • The healing augmentation does a full heal at the cost of 5(!) energy.
  • Baton has a higher knockout effect, seems to match prod.
  • Bots always heal health/energy to 100.
  • Thrown explosives such as LAMs detonate on contact with objects.


  • Numerous changes all around, often to decrease view distance or add more load zones; sometimes to add extra routes or seemingly just for the heck of it.
  • Liberty Island is the least well-PS2'd area. Crates everywhere to hide load zones, inside of statue is separate so can't look out over island, etc.
  • The 'hub' areas (Hell's Kitchen / Hong Kong / Paris) have pretty much the same content (characters, 'inside' maps), but are laid out completely different. They're split up into parts, but all in all they're larger than their PC counterparts, probably to not have the component parts be too tiny or lopsided.
  • Vent to the area in front of Gunther's liberty island cell.
  • No dead NSF lying around liberty island after UNATCO interferes.
  • Castle Clinton basement different.
  • Osgood's basement window unbreakable.
  • No sex sounds in front of 'Ton room door.
  • MJ12 sewer base hub area now consists of shallow canals instead of a deep hole with walkways.
  • Mole people subways have been much expanded (probably biggest level design change).
  • LaGuardia helipad is its own area. One way door from 747 hangar to there. Sewers beneath, lead to fenced in electrified area.
  • NSF generator warehouse and NSF hq basements have been vastly simplified.
  • Flooded Hong Kong tunnel has been connected to the tunnel with the triad fight/VersaLife 2. Old China Hand ventilation shaft now contains some items.
  • Naval base generally compacted, ventilation shafts are missing spider bot parts.
  • Champs Elysees sewers expanded, less bots around.
  • Small hidden area above Chateau Duclare dumbwaiter.
  • Vandenberg surprisingly faithful, but inside and outside of building are separate maps. No desert ledge that can be explored at perimeter.
  • Ocean base land area walled off, spider bot/laser wire area missing from command level.
  • Area 51 lvl 4 has less walkways/vents/ways of getting around.