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Deus Ex Icarus Rising Zaaphire facility

Menu screen showing the title "Icarus Rising"

Cut content for Deus Ex: The Fall, including plot information on the originally planned next episodes of the game, can be found in game files included with the game. The Fall was designated as the first episode in a longer narrative, but no further episodes were released. Many of the graphics data show the name "Deus Ex: Icarus Rising," which was the early working title for Deus Ex: The Fall.

Story content[]

Australia/Zaaphire Biotech facility segment[]

DXTF Zaaphire facility early build screenshot 05

Early gameplay footage depicting the roof of Zaaphire's facility in Australia

Main article: Cut story content (Zaaphire Biotech facility)

The game files describe an early version of the next segment of the story that would have followed the Panama City segment. In this early version of the story, Ben Saxon has learned that Dr. Issac Tiven created a device in his head known as the "Argus Implant" and heads to Canberra, Australia on Alex Vega's VTOL to confront Dr. Tiven. At the Zaaphire facility, Saxon learns from Dr. Tiven that Zaaphire has unethically accelerated the testing of Riezene in order to move it to the market more quickly. Saxon meets Sam Duarte, now a member of the Tyrants, who thinks that Saxon betrayed him. Before they can talk any further, Namir, Barret, and Federova appear, knocking Saxon unconscious. However, Saxon survives the encounter and heads to New York City together with Vega.

New York City segment[]

DXTF NYC skyline image cropped

Cropped portion of an unused skyline image of New York City

Main article: Cut story content (New York City)

In New York City, Saxon meets with Anna Kelso, who sends him to a LIMB clinic. At the clinic, Saxon meets Dr. Tiven again, who has had a change of heart and removes the "Argus Implant" from Saxon's head. Anna also informs Saxon that she knows of a hacker called "Widow," operating on the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, who can access Zaaphire's records at the local Metridyne Bank. Saxon plants an uplink at the bank, and Widow begins the hack. The hack recovers evidence of VersaLife's involvement in setting up Zaaphire Biotech. However, Kelso is captured by Sam, and a Belltower strike team attacks the carrier. Saxon then confronts Sam at the rooftop of the United Global Stock Exchange, where Kelso is being held.

References in subsequent Deus Ex series media[]

The general premise of the cut story content is adopted in the novella Deus Ex: Hard Line, which mentions that "Vega became caught up in Saxon’s crusade against the conspirators, a path that took them to Australia and then back to the USA, to New York." In Hard Line, it is also mentioned that Saxon introduces Vega to Janus shortly after the events in New York.

Ben Saxon's discovery of VersaLife's involvement in Zaaphire Biotech is confirmed in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In Mankind Divided, Alex Vega recounts to Adam Jensen that VersaLife was involved with the events that she stumbled upon while she was in Panama.[1] A loading screen text in Mankind Divided also confirms VersaLife's involvement; the loading screen text states: "In 2027, Vega stumbled upon a plot involving her employers and a deadly drug made by VersaLife. She had to leave Panama in a hurry."

Although the cut story content is consistent with the storyline of the series in terms of the Australia and New York City locations, there are certain discrepancies between the cut story content and the canonical storyline. Specifically, the cut story content refers to an "Argus Implant" as a major plot element, but this plot element appears to have been cut from the game by the time Deus Ex: The Fall was released. Additionally, in the cut story content, the reunion between Ben Saxon and Sam Duarte occurs within the Zaaphire facility, where Sam Duarte is still being healed in preparation for work with the Tyrants. In contrast, in the released game, Ben encounters Sam in Panama City before he heads to Australia.

These discrepancies indicate that that by the time Deus Ex: The Fall was released, the story had undergone major revision since the time when the cut story content was developed.

Gameplay and media content[]

Miscellaneous cut content[]


Data in game files indicate new enemy/NPC types "NYCop", "Anarchist", and "Boss."[2]

  1. An "NYCop" enemy type exists, it is identical to other cops stats wise, except having a vision range of 13 rather than 14.
  2. An "Anarchist" class exists, for the NYC subway.
  3. The "Boss" class (for Sam Duarte) has much more health than the next highest-health class, the Boxguard robot (1300 health) and Belltower Ogres (550 health)
Stat NYCop Anarchist Boss
Health 100 90 5000
NormalDamageMod 0.9 1 1
ArmorPiercingMod 1.05 1 1
ExplosiveDamageMod 1 1 1
EMPDamageMod 0 0 0
ConeOfVision 115 110 150
VisualRange 13 13 15
TimeToDetect 1.1 1.2 0.75
HealthRegen 0 0 0
BotDamage 0 0 0
BotAccuracy 0 0 0
BotFireRate 0 0 0

Turntable models[]

The following flags are stored in PlayerPrefs.txt. They count towards the total turntable models unlocked, but do not actually seem to unlock models for the turntable:

Turntable_Jensen Turntable_NYMaleCivilian
Turntable_DXLogo Turntable_NYFemaleCivilian
Turntable_Isaac Turntable_NYMaleHacker
Turntable_Widow Turntable_NYFemaleHacker
Turntable_PanamaMaleRich Turntable_NYCop
Turntable_PanamaMalePoor Turntable_Anarchist
Turntable_PanamaMaleAddict Turntable_LIMBMaleTech
Turntable_PanamaFemaleRich Turntable_LIMBFemaleTech
Turntable_PanamaFemalePoor Turntable_ZapphireMaleTech
Turntable_PanamaFemaleAddict Turntable_ZapphireFemaleTech

The DXLogo turntable model would've played the Deus Ex theme. The logic for doing so still exists.

Miscellaneous textures and graphics[]


  1. Dialogue with Alex Vega during M9: Checking Out the Men in Charge.
  2. Data in the "Gameplay_v2" XML file.