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This page contains information regarding the progress sequence of the main plot and a list of all the side missions of Deus Ex: The Fall. For more detailed information, see the articles on individual missions.


Main missions[]

Tyrant Jetliner[]

Main Missions[]

Costa Rica[]

Main Missions[]


Main Missions[]

Side Quests[]

Augmentations Guide[]

Throughout the game, you will need various augmentations to accomplish various things. Since many of the augmentations in Deus Ex: The Fall are also present in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, please see the augmentation guide for Human Revolution for information that is also relevant to The Fall.


To see the entire list of achievements and the ways to get them, visit the achievements page for the game.


To see the list of every keycode in Deus Ex: The Fall, please refer to the Keycodes page.


Walkthroughs for every conversation (i.e. talks with NPCs who have a psychological profile) are available in the articles their relevant mission/side quest. The NPCs for which conversations are available are listed below.

Locations of Collectibles[]

ID Files[]

For locations of ID Files used to unlock turntable models, see the main article for the turntable.


For locations of eBooks, see individual pages for eBooks.

Praxis Kits[]

For locations of Praxis Kits, see the Praxis Kit page

Revive Packs[]

For locations of Revive Packs, see the Revive Pack page

Weapon Upgrades[]

For locations of weapon modifications, see the weapon modifications page.