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The 10th mission in Deus Ex takes place at the Knights Templar Cathedral and Morgan Everett's Home. A metro station in the vicinity of the Cathedral is also visited during this mission. In this mission, JC Denton must infiltrate the Cathedral to establish an uplink from a computer in the Cathedral. The Cathedral is currently under the control of Majestic 12.



Primary Make contact with the Illuminati in Paris, where the former Illuminati leader, Morgan Everett, is rumored to be in hiding.
Primary Access the Templar computer system so that Morgan Everett can complete work on a cure for the Gray Death.
Recover the gold from the Templars' cathedral, now occupied by MJ12.
Primary Go to the metro station and await further instructions.
Primary Meet Toby Atanwe, Everett's associate, in the metro station.
Primary Meet Jock at the helipad. Leave for Vandenberg Airforce Base.
Tell Everett that Lucius DeBeers is cold.*
Tell Lucius that Everett does not intend to revive him?*
Kill the phony mechanic who infiltrated Everett's estate.**
*Obtained by finding DeBeers and then speaking to Everett
**Obtained from Everett after interacting with the odd mechanic

Skill Points[]




Knights Templar Cathedral
250 Enter the gold vault (for the secondary goal) Area Location Bonus
250 Enter Adept 34501's room Area Location Bonus
150 In the area above the room with the cathedral's main computer terminal, go up the ladder and find a room with a switch for the secret passage. The bonus is awarded near the switch. Exploration Bonus
500 Reach the main computer terminal (for the primary goal) Critical Location Bonus
Subtotal (Knights Templar Cathedral): 1150

Metro Station

50 Reach the elevated area at the back of the east room. The bonus is awarded near the the Notebook of Giuliano Jordorowsky. Exploration Bonus
150 Reach the train platform level Advancement Bonus
150 Meet Toby Atanwe
Subtotal (Metro Station): 350
Morgan Everett's Home
500 Enter Morgan Everett's lab Subject Acquisition Bonus
50 Swim through the tunnel in the aquarium, accessible via Everett's lab Exploration Bonus
100 Enter Morpheus' room, accessible from the area where Alex Jacobson is found Exploration Bonus
100 Enter Lucius DeBeer's room, accessible through the large mirror in the restroom Exploration Bonus
50 Reach the Helipad where Jock is Advancement Bonus
Subtotal (Morgan Everett's Home): 800
Mission Total: 2300

Map segments[]

Map Name Map File Map-Start Message
Paris - Knights Templar Cathedral 11_Paris_Cathedral Paris
Near Target Complex:
Knights Templar Cathedral
Paris - Metro Station 11_Paris_Underground Metro Station
Paris - Morgan Everett's Home 11_Paris_Everett

The cathedral and metro station areas will be inaccessible after leaving for Everett's home.


Augmentation canisters[]

Weapon modifications[]

  • Knights Templar Cathedral
    • Recoil – In the Monk's Quarters, near the south bed
    • Reload – In the gold vault, inside a crate
    • Scope – In the gold vault, inside another crate
    • Range – In the gold vault, on top of a gold stack
  • Metro Station
    • Accuracy – Sold by the mechanic in the east room (750 credits)
    • Range – Sold by the mechanic in the east room (800 credits)
  • Morgan Everett's Home
    • Accuracy – In a locked cabinet in Everett's lab
    • Laser – In the same locked cabinet



Knights Templar Cathedral[]

Exit from the sewers to the alley above. Up ahead is a locked gate. One way of passing the gate is to enter the building near the sewers exit, through the building's breakable window. On the second floor of the building, the NanoKey to the gate is found on a piece of furniture. Alternatively, the second-floor windows provide access to an elevated ledge that lets you bypass the gate.

From this point (the bottom-left of the map given to you by Everett) you will need to travel through a long and well-guarded path to reach the cathedral. The cathedral is divided into east and west sections. A bridge runs between the towers of the east and west sections. Note that in the in-game map given by Everett, top corresponds to west, and bottom corresponds to east.

The west section contains the destination for the missions primary and secondary objectives. You can directly access the west section by lock-picking or destroying the door at the bottom of the west tower. Alternatively, there is a roof path near the Monk's Quarters, which is part of the east section of the cathedral. To the left of the door to the Monk's Quarters, there is a climbable structure that leads to the roof of the library. From there, you can enter the library by breaking the roof window.

If you visit the kitchen at the bottom of the west tower, there is a chef who will give you some directions. Starting from the kitchen, the directions to the main goal destination and other critical locations are described below:

  • From just outside the kitchen, go up three flights of stairs. Then, turn left and go down two flights of stairs.
    • At this position, the gold vault for the secondary goal is behind the door on the left side of the hallway. This door can be opened by code 1942. Entering the gold vault results in a bonus 250 SP. Additionally, three weapon modifications can be found in this room, one of which is on top of a gold stack.
  • Continue past the door to the gold vault and up a flight of stairs to the other end of the hallway. From this position:
    • To find the room of Adept 34501, turn left, go up a flight of stairs, and turn right. Entering her room gives you a bonus 250 SP.
    • To find the computer terminal needed to complete the primary goal, turn right to find a room with a keypad (code 0022).

After passing the locked door, climb the ladder to the elevated area above and find a switch that opens a secret passage. A 150 SP bonus is awarded for finding the switch. Then, head back down and continue down the stairs to find the computer terminal needed to complete the primary goal. Gunther Hermann will confront you here. After defeating Gunther, access the computer (login: 34501; password: 08711) to complete the objective.

After establishing the uplink at the computer, Everett will instruct you to go to the Metro Station, where you will meet his associate Toby Atanwe.

Metro Station[]

Before meeting with Toby, you may wish to visit the metro station's east room, where you'll encounter a mechanic who sells gear, including two accuracy and range modifications. At the back of this room, there is an elevated area that rewards a 50 SP exploration bonus near the mechanic's journal, which reveals that he's been stealing from the security guards.

Toby Atanwe is found at the train platform, which is accessed from the south door of the central area of the metro station. Once you are ready to leave the area, find Toby, who will take you to Everett's residence.

Morgan Everett's Home[]

At Everett's residence, Toby informs you that the uplink provided the missing encryption key needed by Everett to create the cure. The next goal is to speak to Everett, who is found in his lab. Everett will assign you a new mission to Vandenberg Air Force Base, the headquarters of the X-51 resistance group. According to Everett, X-51 is close to completing a Universal Constructor, which is needed to manufacture the cure. Additionally, Vandenberg has access to the U.S. military network, which Daedalus needs to attack and survive against Icarus.

Before leaving for Vandenberg, you may wish to explore some of the features in Everett's home:

  • Alex Jacobson can be found in a room near Everett's lab. He will tell you that Tracer Tong sent him here to monitor Everett, and that Tong seems to be sick.
  • Morpheus' room, which is locked by a keypad (code 8001) can be accessed from the room where Alex in. Enter the room for bonus skill points, and an interesting conversation. Inside Morpheus' room, you can find a NanoKey for a mirror lock mechanism.
  • In the living room area, the maid Carmela will speak of someone named Lucius DeBeers. Head to the bathroom and find a secret path behind the large mirror. Use the above NanoKey to unlock the path. Enter the room to speak to Lucius DeBeers, the official leader of the Illuminati who calls himself the "Supreme Enlightened."
    • DeBeers will tell you that he is waiting for Everett to restore his body when the technology is available. He will ask you to tell Everett that he's feeling a bit cold. If you speak to Everett, Everett will say that he has no intention of reviving DeBeers even though the technology has long existed. If tell DeBeers the truth, DeBeers will command you to euthanize him.
  • The bathroom also holds the NanoKey to the aquarium hatch in Everett's lab. Swimming through the tunnel in the aquarium will give you a bonus of 50 SP.

After you've spoken to Everett, the way to Jock's helicopter will be open for you to head to Vandenberg. At the helipad, there an odd mechanic who claims to have fueled-up the helicopter. If you report back to Everett, Everett will identify the mechanic as an impostor and will ask that you kill him.

If you kill or incapacitate the odd mechanic Jock will discover a bomb in the helicopter's fuel system, whether or not you had informed Everett. Otherwise, the bomb will not be discovered, resulting in Jock's death in a later mission. The mission completes when you leave for Vandenberg onboard Jock's helicopter.