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The 13th and final mission in Deus Ex takes place in Area 51. In this mission, JC Denton must infiltrate the underground bunkers of Area 51 to go after Majestic 12 leader Bob Page.



Primary Get access to the Area 51 Bunker.
Primary Get past the blast doors north of the helipad.
Bring up the power to the elevator system in order to access Page's bunker below.
Gain Sector 2 access by talking to Morgan Everett at the Station 5 holographic communicator.*
Primary Talk to Helios at the Aquinas Hub to gain access to Sector 4.
Join Illuminati
(Join Illuminati) Kill Bob Page and clear the way for the former Illuminati leaders to restore an age-old secret government. Rule the world with compassion and an invisible hand alongside Morgan Everett.
(Join Illuminati) Bring down the four blue-fusion reactors in Page's bunker then go to the infusion control room on the upper level to cut all power to his defense system.
New Dark Age
(New Dark Age) First go to the coolant control room at the northwest corner of Sector 4 and cut off coolant to the reactors, then return to the reactor lab in Sector 3 to finish the job. Destroying the global communications hub will plunge the world into another dark age -- dark but perhaps free from global tyranny.
(New Dark Age) Return to the reactor lab in Sector 3 to initiate a meltdown and destroy Area 51's global communication hub.
sicsicGo to the reactor control room. Activate the three ion injectors, then initiate the antimatter-matter reaction. Run.
Merge with Helios AI
(Merge with Helios AI) Deactivate the uplink locks on the Aquinas Router at the east end of Sector 4, thus allowing Helios to exchange information with your augmentations. Together with Helios, administrate the world with absolute knowledge and reason.
(Merge with Helios AI) Return to the Sector 3 Aquinas Hub to merge with Helios and rule earth with benevolence, wisdom and absolute power.
*Given if you stray too far from Station 5 in Sector 2

Skill Points[]

SP Requirement Category
50 Enter the basement vault of the comm building Exploration Bonus
50GOTY or 100NON-GOTY Reach the security terminal on the top level of the control tower near the starting helipad. (50 Skill Points are awarded in the version of the map included with the Game of the Year Edition of the game. 100 skill points are awarded in the version of the map in Deus Ex versions 1002f and 1003_F/I8.) Area Location Bonus
50 Bring up the elevator system power (secondary goal) Accomplishment Bonus
50 Find Xander the soldier on the second floor of a building inside the hangar. The bonus is awarded at the SE corner overlooking the rest of the hangar. Area Location Bonus
50 Inside the hangar, reach the roof of the above building. The bonus is awarded near the body and NanoKey. Exploration Bonus
50 Enter the Area 51 interior using the ventilation shaft accessible from the Hangar. The bonus is awarded when you enter the corridor after stepping out of the water. Area Location Bonus
50 Reach the doors to Sector 2 Progress Bonus
Subtotal (Exterior and Bunker Entrance): 350GOTY or 400NON-GOTY
Sector 2
50 Enter the maintenance area below the hatch near the holographic communicator at Station 5 Exploration Bonus
50 Enter the recreation room Area Location Bonus
50 Enter the first chamber on the left side of the barracks (Alain's chamber) Area Location Bonus
100 Enter the storage area past the Sector 3 access door Critical Location Bonus
Subtotal (Sector 2): 250
Sector 3
100 Enter the door to reactor 13 (code 2001) Critical Location Bonus
100 Enter the Aquinas Hub Access Door (code 1038) Critical Location Bonus
50 Enter the storage room in Aquinas Control Exploration Bonus
100 Take the Elevator to the top of the Aquinas Hub Critical Location Bonus
50 After speaking with Helios, head south from the room where the friendly bots are released to enter a tunnel with a ceiling tram rail. Use Speed Enhancement to jump across the gap to the far end of the tunnel. Exploration Bonus
50 Enter the storage room (Storage Area A2 on the map) at the end of the hallway opposite to the Sector 4 access door. Exploration Bonus
50 Enter the storage room on the left side of the hallway leading to the Sector 4 access door Exploration Bonus
Subtotal (Sector 3): 500
Sector 4
(The Sector 4 map segment does not have any skill point bonuses)
Mission Total: 1100GOTY or 1150NON-GOTY

Map segments[]

"Entrance", "Final" and "Page" correspond to sectors 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

Map Name Map File Map-Start Message
Area 51 - Bunker* 15_Area51_Bunker Area 51
Rachel Nevada
Area 51 - Entrance* 15_Area51_Entrance
Area 51 - Final 15_Area51_Final
Area 51 - Page 15_Area51_Page

*These areas cannot be revisited after progressing to their respective next areas.


Augmentation canisters[]

  • Bunker
  • Sector 2
    • Augmentation upgrade canister – In the barracks, in the first chamber on the left (0169)
    • Regeneration / Energy Shield (appearance #2) – In the barracks, in the second chamber on the right
  • Sector 3
    • Augmentation upgrade canister – In station 17, which is accessed at the top level of the stairwell, locked inside a container (9378)
  • Sector 4
    • Augmentation upgrade canister – In the cloning bay, on the body of a dead scientist

Weapon modifications[]

  • Bunker
    • Accuracy – On top of the westernmost shipping crates to the SE of the starting position. To obtain the modification, jump on top of the inclined crate, then jump across the gap with the MJ12 trooper below, and travel along the right-side edge to reach the top of the westernmost crates.
    • Laser – Enter the Area 51 interior using the ventilation shaft accessible from the Hangar. When you drop down into the water, swim north to find the mod on a dead soldier.
  • Sector 4
    • Recoil – In the southwest portion of the middle level, inside a foot locker near a dead mechanic.


Note: The annotated map for Sector 4, as well as in-game on which it is based, omits the grays lab that is located between the cloning bay and the main area, but is otherwise generally accurate.



Jock drops you off near the control tower. If you failed to discover the bomb on Jock's helicopter back at Morgan Everett's Home, Jock's helicopter will explode shortly after flying off.

Head to the comm building. If you did not kill or knock out Walton Simons in the previous mission, he will confront you here. Inside the comm building, the NanoKey to the control tower is found near a dead body. There is also a hatch to the basement, which is openable using your keyring. The basement includes an augmentation upgrade canister (9378), and a datacube for the login for the security terminal in the control tower.

There are two ways into the bunker:

  • Blast Doors – The blast doors can be opened by the security terminal at the top floor of the control tower (a51 / xx15yz). After entering through the blast doors, you may restore power to the elevator using a panel in the power station in the room to the right, and then take the elevator down to the entrance to Sector 2. Alternatively, you may jump down without using the elevator.
  • Ventilation Shaft – Inside the hangar, there is a large fan housing lit by blue light. The fan housing can be entered via a locked door near the floor or through its ceiling hatch. Once inside, destroy the fan and jump into the shaft, landing in the water below. Step out of the water and pass through a series of corridors and ladders to reach the entrance to Sector 2.

Sector 2[]

The initial area is guarded by a turret and a laser grid. After passing the laser grid, you will come across a generator that explodes. Near the generator is a holographic communicator. Use the communicator to speak to Morgan Everett. Everett will present to you one of the possible endgames, which is to kill Bob Page but preserve Area 51, and join the Illuminati in ruling the world as an invisible hand.

From this point, you may proceed directly to Sector 3 by traveling east and then south to reach a well-guarded room where the Sector 3 access door is found. Alternatively, you may use the code (8946) given to you by Everett to explore the recreation room and barracks accessible within the hallway. The recreation room contains a datacube with a code (0169) to the first bed chamber on the left side of the barracks. This chamber includes the NanoKey to the Sector 3 access door, as well as an augmentation upgrade canister.

When you're ready to enter Sector 3, open the access door, summon the elevator in the next room, and ride the elevator down to the entrance to Sector 3.

Sector 3[]

Before you enter the Sector 3 doors, Tracer Tong will present to you the second endgame option. Tong wishes that you destroy Area 51, to the effect of shutting down the Aquinas hub used for global communication. The result would be a new dark age, but one that is free from the tyranny of both Majestic 12 and the Illuminati. Tong also provides you with a map of Sector 3 (see the "maps" section of this article for the annotated version of this map).

The primary objective in Sector 3 is to speak with Helios at the Aquinas Hub. The Aquinas Hub can be accessed through the door in the stairwell marked "Aquinas Hub Access Door." To get the code to this door, first find a datacube in the coolant filtration area with the code (2001) for the door to the reactor lab. Then, enter enter the reactor lab and speak with the mechanic, who will give you the code (1038) for the Aquinas Hub access door. The room upstairs of the access door includes an augmentation upgrade canister locked in a container (9378).

Passing through the Aquinas Hub access door, find a ladder that leads downward. Then, go north, then east (traveling over the trench-like path labeled on the map as "Nexus 24"), and continue to the Aquinas control room. There, take the elevator to top level of the Aquinas Hub to speak with Helios. Helios will present to you the third endgame option, which is to merge with Helios so that you and Helios may govern the world together.

After speaking with Helios, the door to Sector 4 will be open. The door to Sector 4 is at the end of the "Nexus 24" path that you passed over to get to the Aquinas control room. To get to this corridor to Sector 4, you may head south from the room where friendly bots have been released, and drop to the corridor below. Alternatively, head back to the ladder to access the stairs leading downward to the path to Sector 4.

Sector 4[]

Sector 4 is the final map segment of the game. You may notice that there's an immediate change in compass direction during the map segment transition. North in the previous map segment now corresponds to East in this map segment.

The first area is the cloning bay. If you immediately turn left and travel forward, you may get hit by a flying door. The next area is the grays lab. If desired, the radiation in the grays lab can be shut down via the security terminal at the entrance (Game of the Year Edition: graytest / lab12; other versions: lab 12 / graytest). The terminal can also be used to open the exit door (GOTY Edition: 4167; other versions: 31729). You've now arrived at the nanotech infusion chamber, where Page is preparing to merge with Helios.

This final area is divided into three levels (top, middle, and bottom levels). The top and bottom levels are connected by a ladder and an elevator at the south of the map. The middle level is accessible by stairs from the SE corner of the bottom level. Each of the three levels has a Universal Constructor that will produce enemies endlessly until you've closed the lockdown doors in their respective rooms. The top, middle, and bottom UCs produce Mini-Spider Bots, grays, and Karkians, respectively. Note that Page's nanotech infusion chamber on the top level will drain your bioenergy when you get too close, but is otherwise harmless.

You must now choose one of the three possible endings, each requiring a different course of action:

  • Merge with Helios
    • To merge with Helios, you must enter the Aquinas router room to deactivate the two uplink locks. The router room is at the east side of the upper level, and can be accessed immediately after speaking with Page if you are able to bypass the keypad with a 90% bypass strength.
      • If you are do not have the multitools to bypass the keypad, you'll need to enter the Aquinas substation located on the bottom level. The Aquinas substation can be accessed through a door on the bottom level (GOTY Edition: 6188; other versions: 6765), or through the elevator near the router room. Access the security terminal (Page / uberAlles) to open the door to the Aquinas router.
    • Once inside the Aquinas router room, deactivate the two uplink locks by pressing the "engage" buttons on the two devices in the room. Then, access the router-room computer with the login given by Helios (icarus / panopticon) and select "Engage Primary Router."
    • Then, return to Sector 3 (the previous map segment) and got to the top of the Aquinas hub where you spoke with Helios earlier. This completes the game for the Helios ending.
  • Join the Illuminati
    • For this ending, you'll need to shut down 4 blue-fusion reactions. All four reactors are located in the final area and are shut down by the code 7243:
      • One reactor is located on the upper level. Go to the south of the map, then head west, and then north, to arrive at the first reactor.
      • Two reactors are located on the middle level. One of them is directly under Page's chamber. The other is at the SE corner of the middle level.
      • One reactor is located on the bottom level, in the middle.
    • Once you have shut down all four reactors, return to the top level, and press the button at the Nanotech Infusion control station. This completes the game for the Illuminati ending.
  • New Dark Age
    • For this ending, you'll need to enter the coolant control room labeled "Coolant Bay B13" on the bottom level. You may enter through the main door (GOTY Edition: 9248; other versions: 2242), or swim there from the central room on the bottom level. Inside the coolant control room, activate the button that cuts off coolant to the reactor.
    • Next, return to Sector 3 (the previous map segment). Go to the reactor control room. Activate the three ion injectors on the wall. Then, initiate the antimatter-matter reaction by pressing the button on the control panel. This completes the game for Tracer Tong's ending.


For a summary of the endings, see Deus Ex endings.