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Deus Ex Machina is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is gained by watching all four endings in the game.


The player should save their game while inside the final room. In this room, Eliza Cassan will present the player with three switches and a passageway to a fourth switch, each switch responding to each of the different possible endings (Taggart's Ending to restrict enhancement research, Sarif's to do the opposite, Darrow's to inform everyone about the Illuminati and the signal, or the self-destruct ending where Adam can sink the base - and kill everyone, himself included - , to prevent spinning of the story). The player can choose an ending, reload the game to this save point, and then select a different ending in succession until they have watched all four possible endings.

Note: Sarif and Taggart must be saved for their respective ending to unlock. Jensen can murder both upon saving them with no repercussions, but he must at least meet them.

Alternatively, the player may choose to play through the game from start to finish four separate times to earn the achievement.