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Soundtrack CD from Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

The music in Deus Ex was composed by Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, and Dan Gardopee and is a mixture of jazz, techno, and classical influenced ambient tracks, each of which provides a great enhancement to the mysterious and gritty atmosphere of the game.

The game also features a dynamic music system. Whenever a player enters combat, the music will shift from slow paced to fast paced and adrenaline pumping. The music will also change whenever a player enters a conversation with another person and after level transitions. The implementation of this transitional style of music creates yet another layer to this already immensely deep game.

The first release of Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition came with a second separate CD containing a high quality recording of the soundtrack. Note that it does not include every piece of music in the game, the tracks being made up from sections of the dynamic loops in each map or area. The Main Title theme is also the orchestral re-recorded version featured in Deus Ex: The Conspiracy.

CD Track List[]

# Name Composer Length
1 Main Title Alexander Brandon 2:26
2 Intro Sequence Alexander Brandon 2:19
3 Liberty Island Alexander Brandon 2:16
4 UNATCO Michiel van den Bos 2:09
5 Battery Park Alexander Brandon 1:49
6 NYC Streets Alexander Brandon 2:19
7 Lebedev's Airfield Michiel van den Bos 2:06
8 Airfield Action Michiel van den Bos 1:22
9 Enemy Within Alexander Brandon 1:50
10 Desolation (Hong Kong Canal) Alexander Brandon 1:30
11 The Synapse (Hong Kong Streets) Alexander Brandon 2:20
12 Hong Kong Action Alexander Brandon 1:01
13 Majestic 12 Labs Alexander Brandon 1:53
14 Versalife Alexander Brandon 1:40
15 Naval Base Dan Gardopee 1:58
16 Paris Streets Alexander Brandon 1:21
17 DuClare Chateau Michiel van den Bos 3:20
18 Paris Action Alexander Brandon 1:26
19 Return To NYC Alexander Brandon 1:36
20 Oceanlab Alexander Brandon 1:37
21 Ocean Action Alexander Brandon 1:26
22 Oceanlab Complex Alexander Brandon 1:50
23 Vandenberg Dan Gardopee 1:56
24 Begin The End (Bunker) Alexander Brandon 1:44
25 Area 51 Alexander Brandon 2:25
26 Ending 1 Alexander Brandon 1:18
27 Ending 2 Alexander Brandon 1:21
28 Ending 3 Alexander Brandon 1:53
29 The Illuminati Alexander Brandon 2:41
30 DX Club Mix Alexander Brandon 3:01

Behind The Scenes[]

There are a number of Easter eggs hidden in the audio files, open them in a MOD tracker to view the comments.

  • Area51Bunker
  • Area51
I changed my name from 
 this one.
  • BatteryPark
"Unatco" [sic]

by Alexander Brandon 



for Ion Storm's "Deus Ex"

  • Credits
"The Illuminati"

Credits piece for Ion Storm's Deus Ex

-Alexander Brandon


greets to the DX team

song is dedicated to Steve Vai

some samples from Andrew Sega (21-24)
  • DeusExDanceMix
Samples from Necros, Sybaris, Maelcum and elsewhere

I've only got one thing to say...


wee.. hellos to Chris and Bryan :)
  • Endgame1
  • Endgame2
Deus Ex Ending music
  • Endgame3
Alexander Brandon
  • HKClub2
  • HKClub
  • HongKongCanal
  • HongKongHelipad
  • HongKong
  • Intro
  • Lebedev
Lebedev Airfield


Michiel van de Bos


Order 0 - Ambient

Order 1 - Death

Order 2 - Action

Order 3 - Conversation

Order 4 - Outtro (heli)
  • LibertyIsland
  • MJ12
add WAVE's slap bass's
  • NavalBase
  • NYCBar2
lame you are, and to wha


Original song by

Reeves Gabrels

Converted to MOD by

Alexander Brandon

woop 2000
  • NYCStreets
"Deus Ex"

NYC Streets, Mission 2


Alexander Brandon

  • NYCStreets2
"Mission Eight"
by Alexander Brandon
Ion Storm

with my bowing out of Straylight productions
and the release of this project you may note
similarities between this piece and the style
of necros (andrew sega)
if so, there is no shame as this is probably
going to be my last MOD released to the public,
 and what better way to pay homage to one of my
favorites and colleague in arms
there is no doubt he and others have had a
profound impact on my music and as my friend
Josh Rodman says "its one of your strengths,
don't shy away from it."

peace... 2000
  • OceanLab
  • OceanLab2
for the

 red.. your hungry


namely the scene and all the great artists in
  • ParisCathedral
  • ParisChateau
"DuClare Chateau"

Paris mission

Deus Ex


by Alexander Brandon

   and Micheal Van Den Bos

"my favorite ambient tune in DX... 
and it was Michiel's first 5 patterns 
that got it started

- Alex
  • ParisClub
  • ParisClub2
tel.: +358-86-27-8-39
  • Quotes
antti a. mikkonen


"free her"
  • Title
"Deus Ex"
main title
Alexander Brandon
Straylight Productions

     exclusively for Ion Storm 
     "what is your cause, and who do you obey?"

  • Training
Traing session

for Ion Storm's "Deus Ex"

-Alexander Brandon

Straylight Productions


  • Tunnels
% s o o n ! ! ! ... %
*+-DEUS EX-+*

By Michiel van de Bos

Composed by

Michiel van de Bos


2 - For Ambient#2
3 - For Action
4 - For Conversation
  • UNATCOReturn
  • Vandenberg
Bastianelli Productions
  • VersaLife
sitting by the lake with


  • In addition to the tracks listed above, the music of Deus Ex also includes New York, Hong Kong, and Paris club songs by Reeves Gabrels.


  • In 2020, Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos released a remix of the soundtrack, titled "Conspiravision."
  • * The music is also used between Lazarus' statements in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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