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Deus Ex Universe: The Dawning Darkness is a tie-in comic book to the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It follows Interpol agent Arun Singh while he is working undercover for the Jinn, and covers the events that take place directly before Mankind Divided's first mission.

The comic is written by Alex Irvine and illustrated by John Aggs – the same team behind another tie-in comic, Deus Ex Universe: Children's Crusade.

The comic was originally available as part of the Day One Edition and Collector's Edition of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.[1] On January 6, 2017, Square Enix made the comic available for free download, along with the novella Deus Ex: Hard Line and the mini art book.[2]


Salar Alam and Wasim Alam, Arun Singh's superiors in the Jinn, assign Singh to go to Dubai, which will be the site for an arms deal to purchase a shipment of stolen military-grade weapons and augments. They order him to meet with a man whom the arms dealer Sheppard had sent to negotiate the sale. Singh arrives at Dubai and selects the abandoned Desert Jewel Resort Hotel as the site for the deal.

In events that are mentioned on a Jinn pocket secretary found during the first mission of Mankind Divided,[3] the comic shows Singh violently murdering the three men Sheppard sent, because Sheppard previously agreed to only send one. Once Singh has finished setting up the deal with Sheppard via cellphone, he contacts Task Force 29 to intercept the buy. Although their team in Oman was much closer, Joseph Manderley insisted that Jim Miller send his team instead. Jim informs Jensen and the rest of his team of their last-minute assignment, and they prepare to leave for Dubai.


Despite Adam Jensen being featured on the cover art, the actual protagonist is agent Arun Singh, a minor character in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Jensen himself only appears in two strips at the end and says just one phrase.