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Did you know? - Deus Ex: The Fall facts

  • In mobile versions of the game, weapons cannot be fired on jailbroken devices. Remnants of this system exists in the PC version.
  • Sam Duarte's gameplay stats and boss audio exists in game.
  • Loading screen images exist for unreleased New York levels.
  • Internal files give the whole general plot for the unreleased Australia and New York chapters.
  • Much of the scripting, icons, and snippets of screenshots show the unreleased New York chapter was far in development.
  • The Fall would have ended on top of the United Global Stock Exchange, with a boss fight against Sam Duarte and with Anna Kelso strapped to a bomb who could optionally be saved.



"I am right behind you, Mr. Denton. Soon I will be ahead of you, beside you -- I will be a part of everything in your world."