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This page contains the Deus Ex Wiki's image policy. It describes rules for images which are uploaded to the wiki.


  • Images should ideally be in .png (Portable Network Graphics) format because it is designed for transferring images on the Internet and it is the image format that contains the maximum amount of information about the image.
  • Images may only be uploaded for use in articles and on user pages. On talk or forum pages, please link external images instead. Images for use in one's signature are considered user page images.
  • Images are subject to the general policies and guidelines. In addition, there are some specific rules for this type of content outlined under the following sections.

Article images[]

  • Images should be of good quality.
  • Images should not include parts of the UI (HUD, crosshair) where possible, unless the point of the given image is to illustrate the UI itself.
  • Images should have a descriptive name related to their subject (e.g. An image of Adam Jensen in Mankind Divided could be called "Jensen DXMD.png")

User page images[]

  • Only 5 user page images are allowed per user. If you wish to free up "slots", you need to mark old images for deletion.
  • The file names of user page images have to start with "User" in order to avoid confusion with images for use in articles.
  • User page images violating any of these rules may be deleted without warning.


File information and licensing[]

Information on the image, including its license, should be added to the image's About page. To do this, add the "file information" template to the page and fill in the empty fields. For an example of what to add to each field, see the template page.

To add the template, copy the following in source mode onto the About page and fill in the various fields:

 {{File information
 |description = 
 |source = 
 |author = 
 |licensing = 

If the license has not been added from the drop-down menu when the image is being uploaded, it should be added manually when filling in the file information template. Generally, the most appropriate license is the one for images from the Deus Ex games or associated websites which in source is {{Deus Ex series image}}


Images uploaded to the wiki should be added to a relevant category or categories. Each game has a category for images related to the game. For certain types of images, more specific categories may exist such as for characters, locations, concept art, and weapons. Images should be added to the most specific category possible, so an image of a character from Mankind Divded should be added to Category:Deus Ex: Mankind Divided character images but not Category:Deus Ex: Mankind Divided images.

For all the image categories currently being used on the wiki, see the image category tree.

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