Deus Ex Wiki

The Deus Ex Wiki's policies and guidelines are editing guidelines that the wiki follows, and which aim to provide a framework that is comprehensive and contains the best practices for editors on this wiki.

Guidelines describe desired etiquette and common practice in the creation, editing and organization of articles on this wiki. Their goal is to make the wiki easier to use for both editors and readers alike and to make its appearance more consistent and streamlined.

If you need any additional clarification, please contact one of the wiki's admins or post on the forums. If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the help pages.

Policies and guidelines

Adding or changing policies and guidelines

Changes to the actual content or meaning should only be done with community consensus. To propose a new policy, make a post on the forum, via a blogpost, or message one of the active administrators. A consensus should be reached by the active users of the wiki regarding this change before it is implemented.