Using commandsEdit

In order to use console commands, you need to be able to access the console and enable cheats.

Accessing the console Edit

Method 1 Edit

  1. Go to "Documents\DeusEx\System" and open "User.ini"
  2. Replace any instances of "Tilde=" with "Tilde=Type"
  3. In-game, you can press Tilde (~) to open the console.
  4. Type in a command and press Enter to execute it.

Method 2 (1.112fm) Edit

If you have version 1.112fm of Deus Ex, you can use this method instead.

  1. Press the chat button (default: T).
  2. Delete "Say" so that only ">" is visible at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type in a command and press Enter to execute it.

Turning on cheatsEdit

Most of the commands listed below are classified as "cheats," and cannot be used without following extra steps.

Method 1 (recommended)Edit

  1. Add "-hax0r" to the game's shortcut target line ('0' is a zero, not a letter O).
  2. If you have the Steam version, follow these instructions to add the "-hax0r launch option".

Method 2Edit

  1. Go to Documents\DeusEx\System and open User.ini
  2. Add "bCheatsEnabled=True" under the "[DeusEx.DeusExGameInfo]" section.

Method 3Edit

  1. Enter the command "Set Human bCheatsEnabled True" or "Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True".

Note: You will have to do this every time you launch Deus Ex if you use this method.

Using this method, saving the game will show - CHEATS ENABLED - on the screenshot. To eliminate this, simply load the game and write the command "Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled False".
2014-02-01 00002

Fullscreen console mode.

Fullscreen consoleEdit

If you have set " Tilde=Type in your "User.ini" file, you can press "Shift+Tilde" to open the console in fullscreen mode. You can scroll through your command history with "PgUp" and "PgDn", and you can exit the fullscreen console by pressing "Esc".

Cheat/command listEdit

You can bind any of the following cheats in the User.ini file. For example, changing the value "L=" to "L=God" will give you god mode in game by pressing that key. Text in <angle brackets> represents a mandatory parameter, text in [square brackets] represents an optional parameter. Slashes mark a choice between parameters. All other text is required. Commands are not case sensitive.

Code Effect
allcredits Gives 10,000 credits.
iamwarren Activates EMP field.
augadd <aug> Automatically installs the augmentation with the given name. See Augmentations.
set Skill<skill> CurrentLevel <0/1/2/3> Changes a skill to a certain level.
allaugs All basic augmentations.
allskillpoints Grants you more than enough skill points to master every skill.
allskills Grants you mastery in every skill.
allweapons Summons all weapons.
legend Brings up a secret menu.
allimages Fills your image archive.
playersonly Freezes everything except the player.
allenergy Full energy
allhealth Full health
allammo Refills ammo for each weapon in your inventory.
tantalus Kills current target.
killall [name] Eliminates all specified entity.
demoplay <file> Plays the demo file with the given name.
open <level> Load the level with the given name.
summon <classname> Spawn an object with the given class name.
spawnmass <classname> [amount] Spawns several objects of the given class. If amount is not given, then 10 are spawned.
demorec <file> Starts recording a demo with the given name.
god Toggles God mode.
invisible <0/1> Toggles invisibility.
behindview <0/1> Enables first-person (when 0) or third-person view (when 1).
walk Disables fly and no-clip mode.
fly Enables fly mode.
ghost Enables no-clip mode.
setjumpz <height> Set jumping ability
amphibious Breathe underwater.
opensesame Unlocks targeted door or panel.
setfriction <number>

Sets friction of surfaces. (10 is default)

slomo <number>

Sets game speed. (1.0 default)

set Engine.Input <key> <command> Bind a command to a key (Resets on quit).

Credits Easter-eggs Edit

These commands can be entered from the credits screen. They still require cheats to be enabled.

Code Effect
danceparty See the unique fourth "ending."
thereisnospoon Matrix mode after starting a new game.
quotes Show developer quotes.

Entities Edit

For the summon and spawnmass cheats, here are the class names of the entities you can spawn. For example, if you wish to spawn ten boxes of 30.06 ammo, then you'd enter "spawnmass Ammo3006 10".

Animals Edit

Augmentations Edit

Note: You can also use the augadd cheat. A description of augmentations here.

Pre-Installed Augs

Arms Augs (one maximum)

Legs Augs (one maximum)

Subdermal Augs (two maximum)

Torso Augs (three maximum)

Cranial Augs (one maximum)

Eyes Augs (one maximum)

Bots Edit

Ammunition Edit

Objects Edit

  • AcousticSensor – Gunfire acoustic sensor
  • AdaptiveArmor – Thermoptic camo
  • AIPrototype
  • AlarmLight
  • AlarmUnit – Alarm sounder panel
  • ATM – Public banking terminal
  • AttackHelicopter
  • Augmentationupgradecannister – Augmentation upgrade canister
  • AutoTurret – Turret base
  • AutoTurretGun – Autonomous defense turret
  • BallisticArmor – Body armor
  • Barrel1
  • BarrelAmbrosia – Ambrosia storage container
  • BarrelFire – Burning barrel
  • BarrelVirus – Nanovirus storage container
  • Basket – Wicker basket
  • Basketball
  • Binoculars
  • BioelectricCell
  • BlackHelicopter
  • BoneFemur – Human femur
  • BoneSkull – Human skull
  • BookClosed
  • BookOpen
  • BoxLarge – Cardboard box
  • BoxMedium – Cardboard box
  • BoxSmall – Cardboard box
  • Button1
  • CageLight – Light fixture
  • Candybar
  • Cart – Utility push-cart
  • CeilingFan – Ceiling fan blades
  • CeilingFanMotor
  • Chair1 – Chair
  • ChairLeather – Comfy chair
  • Chandelier
  • CigaretteMachine
  • Cigarettes
  • ClothesRack – Hanging clothes
  • CoffeeTable
  • ComputerPersonal – Personal computer terminal
  • ComputerPublic – Public computer terminal
  • ComputerSecurity – Security computer terminal
  • ControlPanel – Electronic control panel
  • CouchLeather
  • CrateBreakableMedCombat – Combat supply crate
  • CrateBreakableMedGeneral – General supply crate
  • CrateBreakableMedMedical – Medical supply crate
  • CrateExplosiveSmall – TNT crate
  • CrateUnbreakableLarge – Metal crate
  • CrateUnbreakableMed – Metal crate
  • CrateUnbreakableSmall – Metal crate
  • Credits – Credit chit
  • Cushion – Floor cushion
  • Dart
  • DartFlare – Flare dart
  • DartPoison – Tranquilizer dart
  • DataCube
  • Earth - a non-solid 3D earth planet
  • EMPGrenade – Armed EMP grenade
  • Fan1
  • Fan1Vertical
  • Fan2
  • Faucet
  • Fire
  • FireExtinguisher
  • FlagPole
  • Flare
  • Flask – Lab flask
  • Fleshfragment – Bits of flesh
  • Flowers
  • GasGrenade 
  • HangingChicken – Slaughtered chicken
  • HangingShopLight – Flourescent light
  • HazMatSuit – Hazmat suit
  • HKBirdcage – Birdcage
  • HKBuddha – Buddha statue
  • HKChair – Chair
  • HKCouch – Bench
  • HKHangingLantern – Paper lantern
  • HKHangingLantern2 – Paper lantern
  • HKHangingPig – Slaughtered Pig
  • HKIncenseBurner
  • HKMarketLight – Hanging light
  • HKMarketTable – Table
  • HKMarketTarp – Canvas tarp
  • HKTable – Table
  • Keypad – Security keypad
  • LAM – Armed LAM
  • Lamp1 – Table lamp
  • Lamp2 – Halogen lamp
  • Lamp3 – Desk lamp
  • Lightbulb
  • LightSwitch
  • Liquor40oz – Forty
  • LiquorBottle – Liquor
  • Lockpick
  • Mailbox
  • Medkit
  • Microscope
  • MiniSub – Mini-submarine
  • Multitool
  • NanoKey
  • NanoVirusGrenade – Armed scramble grenade
  • Newspaper
  • NewspaperOpen
  • NYPoliceBoat
  • OfficeChair – Swivel chair
  • Pan1 – Frying pan
  • Pan2 – Pot
  • Pan3 – Frying pan
  • Pan4 – Pot
  • Phone – Telephone
  • Pillow
  • Pinball Machine
  • Plant1 – Houseplant
  • Plant2 – Houseplant
  • Plant3 – Houseplant
  • Poolball
  • PoolTableLight – Hanging light
  • Pot1 – Clay Pot
  • Pot2 – Clay Pot
  • POVCorpse – body
  • Rebreather
  • RetinalScanner
  • RoadBlock – Concrete barricade
  • SecurityCamera
  • ShipsWheel – A ship's wheel
  • ShopLight – Flourescent light
  • ShowerFaucet
  • ShowerHead
  • Shuriken – Throwing knife projectile
  • SignFloor – Caution sign
  • Sodacan
  • SoyFood
  • SpyDrone – Remote Spy Drone
  • SubwayControlPanel
  • Switch1
  • Switch2
  • TAD – Telephone answering machine
  • TechGoggles
  • Toilet
  • Toilet2 – Urinal
  • TrafficLight
  • Trashbag
  • Trashbag2
  • TrashCan1
  • Trashcan2
  • TrashCan3
  • TrashCan4
  • TrashPaper – Paper
  • Trophy Cup
  • Tumbleweed
  • Valve
  • Van – Black Van
  • Vase1 – Vase
  • Vase2 – Vase
  • VendingMachine
  • VialAmbrosia – Ambrosia Vial
  • VialCrack – A vial of Zyme
  • WaterCooler
  • WaterFountain
  • WHBenchEast – Bench
  • WHBenchLibrary – Bench
  • WHBookstandLibrary – Bookstand
  • WHCabinet – Cabinet
  • WHChairDining – Chair
  • WHChairOvalOffice – Leather chair
  • WHChairPink – Chair
  • WHDeskLibrarySmall – Desk
  • WHDeskOvalOffice – Desk
  • WHEndtableLibrary – Table
  • WHFireplaceGrill – Fireplace grating
  • WHFireplaceLog – Log
  • WHPhone – Telephone
  • WHPiano – Grand piano
  • WHRedCandleabra – Candelabra
  • WHRedCouch – Couch
  • WHRedEagleTable – Table
  • WHRedLampTable – Table
  • WHRedOvalTable – Table
  • WHRedVase – Vase
  • WHTableBlue – Table
  • WineBottle – Wine
  • Woodfragment – Shards of Wood

Characters Edit

Weapons Edit

Maps Edit

The following are the map names, which are used with the "open" command to change level. For example, if you wish to warp to the beginning of the Hong Kong missions, then you'd enter "open 06_HongKong_Helibase".

Player character properties Edit

You do not have to have cheats enabled to use these codes. Press T (by default) to bring up the message entry line, erase "Say", then enter these. You can also bind them to specific keys using the method described above. Note: They're case sensitive. For Deus Ex: Revision you may have to use 'revision.revjcdentonmale' rather than 'deusex.jcdentonmale'.

Code Effect
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale poisonCounter 0 Removes poison (which is normally caused by a tranq dart or a greasel's attack).
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale drugEffectTimer <seconds> Sets timer for intoxication (which is normally caused by alcohol or zyme); "0" effectively makes you sober.
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale energy <value> Sets your bioelectrical energy to <value>%, which can exceed 100.
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Credits <amount> Sets the number of credits in your inventory to <amount>.
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale swimTimer <seconds> Sets the amount of time for which you can remain underwater before starting to drown.
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale SkillPointsAvail <amount> Sets your number of available skill points to <amount>.
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bNintendoImmunity True Makes you immune to all status injuries (e.g., poison, radiation, suffocation, fire).
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale NintendoImmunitytimeleft <seconds> Sets the amount of time for which you are immune to all status injuries (e.g., poison, radiation, suffocation, fire).
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Jumpz <value> Sets the height you can jump. (default 120)
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Groundspeed <value> Sets the speed you can move. (default 120)
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Aircontrol <value> Sets the control you have during in the air ranging from 0 (less) to 1 (more). (default 0.05)
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Waterspeed <value> Sets the speed you have in water. (default 80)
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Accelrate <value> Sets the maximum rate of your movement. (default 500)
set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Airspeed <value> Sets the speed you move in air. (default 160)

Weapon properties Edit

Weapons can be modified with the following command:

set weapon<name> <property> <value>

The <value> is either a number, true/false, or a certain word. Replace <property> with any of the following:

Boolean properties Edit

Enter "0" for false, and "1" for true.

  • bAutomatic – is this an automatic weapon?
  • bEmitWeaponDrawn – True if drawing this weapon should make NPCs react
  • bFallbackWeapon – If True, only use if no other weapons are available
  • bHandToHand – is this weapon hand to hand (no ammo)?
  • bHasMuzzleFlash – does this weapon have a flash when fired?
  • bNativeAttack – True if weapon represents a native attack
  • bNearWall – used for prox. mine placement
  • bOwnerWillNotify – True if firing hand-to-hand weapons is dependent on the owner's animations
  • bPenetrating – shot will penetrate and cause blood
  • bUseAsDrawnWeapon – True if this weapon should be carried by NPCs as a drawn weapon
  • bUseWhileCrouched – True if NPCs should crouch while using this weapon
  • bDrawMuzzleFlash
  • bCanHaveScope – can this weapon have a scope?
  • bHasScope – does this weapon have a scope?
  • ScopeFOV – FOV while using scope
  • bCanHaveLaser – can this weapon have a laser sight?
  • bHasLaser – does this weapon have a laser sight?
  • bCanHaveSilencer – can this weapon have a silencer?
  • bHasSilencer – does this weapon have a silencer?
  • bCanTrack – can this weapon lock on to a target?
  • bInstantHit - is this weapon instant hit (as opposed to firing a slow projectile like a dart or a rocket)?
  • bIgnoresNanoDefense – if the aggressive defense aug does not blow this up
  • bAggressiveExploded – if exploded by Aggressive Defense

For weapon mods:

  • bCanHaveModBaseAccuracy
  • bCanHaveModReloadCount
  • bCanHaveModAccurateRange
  • bCanHaveModReloadTime
  • bCanHaveModRecoilStrength

For projectiles:

  • bBlood – does this projectile cause blood?
  • bDebris – does this projectile cause debris?
  • bEmitDanger - does firing this projectile cause distress in civilians?
  • bExplodes – does this projectile explode?
  • bStickToWall – does this projectile stick to walls?
  • bStuck – is this projectile stuck to the wall?
  • bTracking – should this projectile track a target?

Numerical properties Edit

  • LowAmmoWaterMark – critical low ammo count
  • ClipCount – number of bullets remaining in current clip
  • MaxAmmo –Maximum amount of ammo for a clip of ammo (eg: ammobattery)
  • NoiseLevel – amount of noise that weapon makes when fired
  • Concealability – concealability of weapon
    • CONC_None
    • CONC_Visual
    • CONC_Metal
    • CONC_All
  • Shakemag
  • ShotTime – number of seconds between shots
  • ReloadCount – number of bullets in clip
  • ReloadTime – number of seconds needed to reload the
  • HitDamage – damage done by a single shot (or for shotguns, a single slug)
  • MaxRange – absolute maximum range in world units (feet * 16)
  • AccurateRange – maximum accurate range in world units (feet * 16)
  • BaseAccuracy – base accuracy (0.0 is dead on, 1.0 is far off)
  • LockTime – how long the target must stay targetted to lock
  • LockedSound – sound to play when locked
  • TrackingSound – sound to play while tracking a target
  • SoundTimer – to time the sounds correctly


  • AmmoNames[3] – three possible types of ammo per weapon
  • ProjectileNames[3] – projectile classes for different ammo
  • AreaOfEffect – area of effect of the weapon
    • AOE_Point
    • AOE_Cone
    • AOE_Sphere
  • StunDuration – how long the shot stuns the target
  • SwingOffset – offsets for this weapon swing.
  • recoilStrength – amount that the weapon kicks back after firing (0.0 is none, 1.0 is large)
  • MuzzleFlash flash – muzzle flash actor
  • ShakeTimer
  • ShakeYaw
  • ShakePitch
  • AIMinRange – minimum "best" range for AI; 0=default min range
  • AIMaxRange – maximum "best" range for AI; 0=default max range
  • AITimeLimit – maximum amount of time an NPC should hold the weapon; 0=no time limit
  • AIFireDelay – Once fired, use as fallback weapon until the timeout expires; 0=no time limit
  • MinProjSpreadAcc
  • bDestroyOnFinish

For projectiles:

  • InitDir – initial direction of travel
  • BlastRadius – radius to explode
  • Damagee – who is being damaged
  • DamageType – type of damage that this projectile does
  • AccurateRange – maximum accurate range in world units (feet * 16)
  • MaxRange – maximum range in world units (feet * 16)
  • InitLoc – initial location for range tracking
  • MinDrawScale
  • MaxDrawScale
  • LastSeenLoc – Last known location of target

Projectile classes:

set weapon<name> projectileclass <projectileclass>
The <projectileclass> is selected from the list below.

*Make sure that if you want a weapon that has an instantly hitting projectile (e.g. Pistol), and want it to shoot a non-instantly hitting projectile (e.g. RocketLaw), you must first set the Pistol, in this case, to binstanthit false. This can be done with:

set weaponpistol binstanthit false
  • HECannister20mm
  • Lam
  • GasGrenade
  • EMPGrenade
  • NanoVirusGrenade
  • Rocket
  • RocketLaw
  • RocketMini
  • RocketWP
  • GraySpit
  • GreaselSpit
  • Plasmabolt
  • Fireball
  • Halongas
  • Teargas
  • Poisongas
  • Dart
  • Dartflare
  • Dartpoison
  • Shuriken


  • gradualHurtSteps – how many separate explosions for the staggered HurtRadius
  • gradualHurtCounter – which one are we currently doing
  • spawnWeaponClass – weapon to give the player if this projectile is disarmed and frobbed
  • spawnAmmoClass – weapon to give the player if this projectile is disarmed and frobbed
  • Buoyancy
  • CollisionHeight
  • CollisionRadius
  • FireOffset= "X=-20.000000,Y=2.000000,Z=30.000000)"
  • FlashC
  • FlashLength
  • FlashO
  • FlashS
  • FlashY
  • InventoryGroup
  • Mass
  • MuzzleScale
  • PickupAmmoCount – Maximum amount of ammo for a weapon
  • Lifespan – Sets the lifespan of a projectile (eg: set teargas lifespan <value>)

Other input Edit

  • AmmoName
  • EnemyEffective – type of enemies that weapon is effective against
    • ENMEFF_All
    • ENMEFF_Organic
    • ENMEFF_Robot
  • EnviroEffective – type of environment that weapon is effective in
    • ENVEFF_All
    • ENVEFF_Air
    • ENVEFF_Water
    • ENVEFF_Vacuum
    • ENVEFF_AirWater
    • ENVEFF_AirVacuum
    • ENVEFF_WaterVacuum
  • GoverningSkill – skill that affects this weapon
  • ProjectileClass
  • SelectSound

Artificial Intelligence ModificationEdit

Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) can be modified with the following commands, assuming that they are loaded in that area and are refreshed/resummoned after entering the command:

set <npc name> orders <value>
  • Idle – NPC becomes non-responsive and frozen.
  • Standing – NPC will remain stationary but will react normally.
  • Dancing – NPC will dance in a stationary position. (Not all NPCs have proper dancing animations)
  • Wandering – NPC will wander randomly.
  • Attacking – NPC will spawn attacking. (Typically the player)
  • Following – NPC will follow specified NPC or human by placing npc name or "human" in value.
  • Shadowing - NPC will discretely follow specified NPC or human, but when in a certain radius, will go into Wandering state.
set <npc name> bhokeypokey <true or false>
set <npc name> <property> <value>
  • Health – Sets overall health of NPC. (example: set deusex.pauldenton health 0)
  • bInvincible – If true, sets NPC as invincible.
  • bHatesWeap – If true, sets NPC to be hostile if sees JC carrying a weapon.
  • Groundspeed – Sets ground speed of an NPC.
  • Waterspeed – Sets water speed of an NPC.
  • Jumpz – Sets height of a jump for an NPC.
  • Aircontrol – Sets control in air or a jump of an NPC.
  • Accelrate – Sets accelration rate of NPC.
  • Airspeed – Sets air speed of NPC.
  • Maxrange

set <name> <drawscale> <value> (default is 1.0)

set <name> <fatness> <value> (0-255, default is 128)

set <name> <ambientglow> <value> (0-254, 255 is strobing)

set <npc name> <mesh> <value>

  • GFM_Dress – Generic female wearing dress (eg: NicoletteDuClare)
  • GFM_SuitSkirt – Generic female wearing suit and skirt (eg: MaggieChow)
  • GFM_SuitSkirt_F – Generic fat female wearing suit and skirt (eg: Maid)
  • GFM_Trench – Generic female wearing trench coat (eg: ScientistFemale)
  • GFM_TShirtPants – Generic female weaing T-shirt and pants (eg: AnnaNavarre)
  • GM_DressShirt – Generic male wearing dress shirt (eg: Bartender)
  • GM_DressShirt_B – Generic fat male wearing dress shirtt (eg: GuntherHermann)
  • GM_DressShirt_F – Generic skinny male wearing dress shirt(eg: MorganEverett)
  • GM_DressShirt_S – Generic skinny male wearing dress shirt (eg: AlexJacobson)
  • GM_Jumpsuit – Generic male wearing jump suit (eg: UNATCOTroop)
  • GM_ScaryTroop – "Commando" mesh [only one character] (eg: MJ12Commando)
  • GM_Scubasuit – Generic male wearing scuba gear [only one character] (eg: ScubaDiver)
  • GM_Suit – Generic male wearing suit (eg: BobPage)
  • GM_Trench – Generic male trench coat (eg: JCDentonMale)
  • GM_Trench_F – Generic fat male trench coat (eg: JaimeReyes)
  • GMK_DressShirt – Generic male kid [only one character] (eg: ChildMale)
  • GMK_DressShirt_F – Generic fat male kid [only one character] (eg: ChildMale2)

Console Commands Examples/ExploitsEdit

For example to have 99,999 shots from a weapon without reloading type into your console:

  1. set <weaponname> clipcount -99999 (example: weaponprod)
  2. set <ammoname> maxammo 99999 (example: ammobattery)
  3. allammo (fills your ammo to 99999)
  • Note: If you reload the weapon will likely require the clipcount to be reset.