This page contains information regarding the progress sequence of the main plot and a list of all the side missions of Deus Ex.

Statue of LibertyEdit

South DocksEdit

You'll begin on the south pier of Liberty Island, equipped only with a Pistol, Riot Prod, and Medkit. Alex Jacobson messages you through your infolink and tells you that your brother, Paul Denton, is on his way to meet you on the pier. Move forward and you'll see a figure in a trenchcoat heading towards your direction: this is Paul, and a conversation will trigger as soon as he's near you.

Paul tells you that the NSF terrorist group has taken over the statue and has taken Gunther Hermann, one of UNATCO's top agents, hostage. Paul offers you to choose one additional weapon to make your life a bit easier: a sniper rifle, a GEP gun, or a mini-crossbow. It's up to you on what you want to choose, and each weapon suits very different tactics, but remember that NSF mercenaries carry mini-crossbows and one of the terrorists near the front entrance has a sniper rifle. Once you're armed, Paul informs you that your primary objective is to locate and interrogate the NSF commander - who is probably at the makeshift command center at the top of the statue - and the conversation ends. Now look for a crowbar among a stack of crates on the right-hand side of the pier and pick it up. Use it to smash the two nearby wooden crates, in which you'll find a pair of binoculars and a lockpick.

Go down the staircase on the left into the water to find a broken sharkcage. Inside the sharkcage are two other wooden crates, so smash them both to find a multitool and a bioelectric cell; now climb back out. You can talk to Corporal Collins, who gives you more information on Gunther, and you can talk to Paul two more times to uncover additional information. Keep heading down the dock to find some more wooden crates in the corner: destroy all of them in order to find 10mm Ammo, a Prod Charger, and some Darts.

Afterwards, proceed up the ramp and take a look around. There is a baton that's on the body of a UNATCO soldier at your feet. Alex will transmit to you a map of the island, so take a look at this to plan your approach. Two guards patrol this area, so either avoid them or get their attention so they will chase you down onto the docks to be eliminated by a friendly Security Bot. These two guards will carry 10mm Ammo and a Combat Knife, which is standard for most of the NSF enemies.

Once both guards are down, head left after the ramp and look for a small metal crate. Take the crate and place it next to the large stack of crates left of the path: jump on top and smash the wooden crate to find a gas grenade. Below you, you'll notice a small storage area that houses a medbot, but the door requires a lockpick, so don't bother opening it. Alternatively, there are a couple of crates of TNT to the right of the dock you started from.  Pick up one of them and throw it at the storage area.  Odds are you will take some damage doing it but you've just made a medbot available so it's all good.  Keep going down the main path - there are two guards ahead, you can either kill them now or sneak past them to deal with them later - whatever the case turn left towards UNATCO HQ.


At the entrance you'll find Tech Sergeant Kaplan, who triggers a conversation with you. You'll have to make a choice halfway through. Your choice will have a small effect: if you choose the first one, he'll give you the code (0451) to the shed next to the helipad, but he won't give you the code if you select the second option. Afterward, he'll offer you some hardware: a Scope for 700 credits, some 10mm Ammo for 200 credits, or some Tranquilizer Darts for 60 credits. Buy the darts if you're going for a pacifist playthrough, or 10mm if you are going for regular playthrough. The scope is expensive, and generally not worth buying.

When you're done talking to Kaplan, approach the green shed next to the helipad to find a Crowbar and a wooden crate which contains a Multitool. There's also a wooden crate that has a Lockpick inside that's behind the shed. A key for the UNATCO Compound Hatch is located in a small gap between the shed and the fence to the right of the lockpick crate. Punch in the code 0451 to open the door to find a Medkit on top of the machines and Tranquilizer Darts on the table. Underneath the table is a datacube which contains the information for the security terminal on the wall (the login is SATCOM and the password is UNATCO_001). Use the security terminal and use the information (or hack it) in order to unlock the nearby access door.

Go back outside and into the access door to find a wooden crate which contains an EMP grenade. Exit the UNATCO HQ and head back to the main path; from here, there's many different ways to get into the statue.

If you haven't already, eliminate the two guards patrolling the area. Take note: The nearest guard carries a Mini-Crossbow equipped with tranquilizer darts. This weapon's sedative effect doesn't effect your movement or coordination but does damage you and takes a short while to wear off after the initial injury. After he's down, you can search his body for the crossbow. Now take care of the other guard who's not too far away; he carries the standard loadout: some 10mm Ammo and a Knife.


The datacube. The Statue's Front Entrance is behind.

On top of the nearby container, you'll notice a datacube, a Prod Charger, and a Pepper Spray Cartridge. Read the datacube to find out that the login is NSF001 and the password smashthestate. From here, you can head in two directions: Straight ahead, to the front entrance of the statue complex, or right, to circle around it.

North DocksEdit

From the container with the datacube and pepper gun, take a right and follow the dark, wide alley to the southeast, as you near a pile of crates, beware of a patrolling guard. Either eliminate or distract him. Once he's taken care of, break open the wooden crate for a multitool. Keep going eastwards, staying close to the statue wall, you'll come across two terrorists talking about Gunther, rush out of the shadows at them and spray them with the pepper spray, then knock them out with the baton or pull of two easy head shots with your pistol. Veer to the left to stay in the shadows and keep moving. Ahead to the east are two terrorists under a streetlight. A third is patrolling near them, and a fourth is patrolling near some kind of storage facility to the north. You can avoid the first three - they're too far away to cause you any problems - and simply concentrate on neutralizing the fourth one to get him out of your way. Once that's done, sneak down into the storage facility. There is one terrorist in here. Crouch behind a small wall on the right entrance, then when you notice the guard stop by the Hazmat suit, eliminate him with a riot prod or pistol. Ignore the Hazmat suit, climb the ladder on the crates and turn your light augmentation on to find a multitool, and continue around the corner.

Follow Alex's advice and don't cross through the arcs. Press the button on the forklift and quickly get on the fork, from here you can jump onto the power box and safely avoid the arcs. Collect the goodies in the crates (these include two weapon modifications) then use the metal crate to get back onto the powerbox, climb across it and back to safety.

Leaving the storage facility, head northwest towards the north dock. Don't worry about the bot, it's friendly (a fact which you may wish to exploit) but will only patrol this immediate vicinity. Go down the ramp to the north dock. Watch out for the two guards. The one dressed in black stands in one place on the right side of the crates, while the other patrols in a circular pattern. You can either eliminate them yourselves, or grab their attention and let the bot deal with them. Once they're taken care of, break the wooden crates open to find some rockets and some 30.06 ammo. Continue down the dock and turn right, at the end on the left is another crate, break it open to find a medkit.

On the western side of the dock is a small shack where you will find a man named Harley Filben. Tell him you will not hurt the NSF commander and he will give you the key to the front docks and you will earn additional skill points. Talk to Filben's female companion and she'll offer to sell you ammunition (Some 30.06 Ammo for 300 credits, 10mm ammo for 175, and Darts for 50.

Now it's time to go for a dive. Go to the north edge of the dock and look down into the water. On the seabed you can see a sunken barge. You will need to crouch to get under the barrier to reach it. The hatch is locked; you can pick the lock (coming back up for air as needed), or use the explosive barrel near Filben's hut (push it into the water then hide behind something and shoot at it). Once you have it open, break open the three crates inside for a sawed-off shotgun and two weapon mods (if you have difficulty seeing the crates, activate the light augmentation). If you start to run out of breath you can return to the surface and come back again for what you missed.

Either continue to The Front Door or Using the Back Way.

The Front DoorEdit

Going in the front way, though straightforward, has its hazards. A wheeled Security Bot patrols the area immediately in front of the statue, and there are also three or four terrorists nearby, one of which is especially dangerous as he is armed with a sniper rifle. Exit the northern docks and head East, following the same path you took before. If you took the GEP Gun at the beginning, use it to destroy the bot from a distance (Hold the crosshair over the target until the weapon beeps continuously, signaling that it is locked on, then fire). Preferably, engage the bot when it is patrolling on the south side of its route to minimize the chance that the nearby terrorists will hear the explosion. Once the bot is taken care of, either neutralize the remaining terrorists or simply avoid them. There is a room in the center of this area with a locked chest containg ammo and a credit chit. If you go back to the right of the dock you started from and pick up one of the crates of TNT then you can throw it at the bot as it passes in front of the room with the chest.  This will destroy the bot and open the chest.  It will also damage your legs and draw the attention of any remaining enemies so some care is needed.  If you are being chased, either run back to UNATCO HQ or the dock to get some assistance killing the enemies.  Then you can go to the medbot to heal if necessary.  Head for the front doors. They're locked and the camera will set off the alarm if you stand in front of it, so stay out of its line of sight and move up to the security computer to the left of the doors. Log into it with the login and password you found in the datacube (NSF001/smashthestate) and turn off the camera and unlock the doors. Smash the crate nearby for a Lockpick and enter the lobby.  If you draw attention, run out again and the turret will attack anyone who follows you.

Using the Back WayEdit

Climb back onto the dock and make your way back to the storage facility and the huge piles of crates and containers nearby. Climb the containers, using the ladders and small metal crates, and climb over the wall onto the outside of the statue complex. There are two guards patrolling to the south, you can engage them if you like but it's easier to avoid them. From here, go west until you run into another guard, dispatch him, but watch out, there are two around the corner. You may want to lure them around the corner and then shoot the box of TNT as they pass it, but this is difficult to do reliably unless you invested most of your skills in pistol marksmanship. Once they're out of the way follow the two ramps up to the tower. Watch out, three of the four passages here are booby-trapped with gas grenades. Move in quickly and right click on them to defuse them before they go off - just like in training. Once that's done quietly move into the center and listen as the two thugs nearby talk about "the shipment". You can dispatch them if you wish, but as long as you keep crouched and stay behind them you can just ignore them. Head downstairs, ignore the patrolling guard, and continue downwards in to the lobby. Behind the corner on the right is a security camera and a crate containing a lockpick. You can either disable the camera or evade it if you are quick enough. Take note of the gun turret on the roof, which will activate if an alarm is tripped.

Inside the StatueEdit

Two guards patrol the lobby. One on the north balcony on the second floor, who patrols east to west, and one on the ground floor who patrols counter-clockwise around the torch monument in the center. If you want to avoid the guards, you can simply crawl into a small vent that lies left of the stairs leading to the upper floors of the statue. Crawl through the vent until you notice a doorway on the left. Ignore this for now and pick up the multitool on the floor, before continuing on through the vent. Read the datacube on the desk to discover some bank account details (230023/4558) and pick up the Medkit.

Head back through the vent and through the doorway you ignored before to enter an empty room. Pick the door with a lockpick and wait until a patrolling guard passes. Eliminate the guard and pick up the LAM located under a small shelf before continuing on into the next room past the laser tripwires. In the room is a seated guard and a security camera and turret, both of which are controlled by a security terminal in the same room. Crawl behind the guard and either eliminate him, or quickly dash behind the desk he sits at. If you are careful, he will not notice you, allowing you to hack the security terminal (NSF001/smashthestate). Disable the security camera, unlock the door and if you wish use the turret to eliminate the guard. Be warned that using the turret will alert any other guards in the lobby who may trigger an alarm.


When talking to the Terrorist Leader, pick the second option.

During your conversation with Gunther, you'll need to give him a weapon to maintain his favor (usually the pistol, you don't have a choice in the matter). If you've already applied some weapon modifications to your pistol and don't want to lose it, drop it before speaking to Gunther and you'll give him something else, like the knife. If you drop all of your weapons before talking to Gunther, JC will say something like "I'd like to help but I'm not very well armed myself" and you won't lose anything. This completes your secondary objective and will give you a skill points bonus and additional credits later on. Go back into the vent system you used before, ignoring or eliminating any guards along the way, before heading up the stairs to the top of the statue.

You'll come across two guards who will discuss the shipment (if you came through the front door) but will not pose a threat as long as you sneak past them. A few sets of stairs later you will come across two more guards who will contemplate whether or not to hold their positions. Wait for them to finish their conversations, then sneak behind them and continue on until you find the terrorist leader, Leo Gold.

When given a choice during the conversation, choose the second option or he'll take offense and attack you, forcing you to kill him, a state of affairs which leads to some disdain from your boss and should be avoided. When the conversation is over a friendly trooper will show up claiming they've secured the area. Mission complete! Talk to Leo again to hear some more of what he has to say, and when you're done, pick up the augmentation canister on the crates beside him. If you wish, kill the UNATCO guard that will show up for a free Assault Rifle and a humorous response from Manderley.




Go back to UNATCO HQ, chatting to the troopers on the way, and talk to Paul. He will praise or scold your handling of the situation depending on your actions. Continue through the front doors, talk to Private Lloyd and enter the building. Within the HQ, you are given the introduction to your base. You can use the retinal scanner go through the door and explore the base. On level one there are two locked office doors, one to the left and one on the right. Ignore them for now.

You will need to see Joseph Manderley on level two; his office has a personal secretary who will give you the login and password to your UNATCO computer. Also, on her desk is a NanoKey, which unlocks two doors nearby, as well as a DataCube with Manderley's computer login details.

After an introduction to your superior officer, he will recommend you check in with Sam Carter in the armory (for equipment) and Jaime Reyes in Medical on level three. The doctor, Jaime Reyes, will give a brief description on how the augmentations work, and checks if you found one. On a book shelf by Jaime's computer is a NanoKey behind a small plant, pick it up and use it to open the nearby medical closet. Inside are crates containing some medkits. Also in his office is a medbot which will heal you and install any augmentations you have found. There is also passage to level 4, a secure area. The quartermaster, Sam Carter, located on level three, will give you a Stealth Pistol. This weapon is silenced, and thus won't alert enemies if the weapon is fired (however, the "death scream" an enemy gives off will usually alert enemies anyway.) You also have a choice of a lockpick, multitool or additional ammo. You may choose any of the three items. Take your time to visit the other places within the floor. Alex Jacobson is located in the Computer Ops room in the north-east section of the base. In his e-mail box is a list of passwords for every person at UNATCO. Open the closest door using the code 2001, found via Alex's computer. Break open the crates inside for a lockpick and a biocell. There is also a hidden floor panel in the Computer Ops room (directly opposite a DataCube), containing a scope weapon modification, 30.06 ammo, and an office door key for the locked offices on the first floor (mentioned earlier). Unlock them to find an accuracy mod and NanoKey in the one, and a lockpick and multitool inside the other.

If you wish, enter the woman's bathroom for some humorous results and scolding from Manderley, but otherwise continue back upstairs. Enter your office for information about UNATCO, as well as to check your e-mail. Nearby is the breakroom, where you can hack an ATM for cash and overhear a conversation that almost every Deus Ex player will know. I wanted orange... it gave me lemon-lime.

Return to Manderley's office to be briefed on the next mission. You will need to head to Battery Park to retrieve a barrel of ambrosia, and afterward take down the generator of a NSF warehouse. You will receive an op bonus of 1000, and an additional 250 credits for rescuing Agent Herman. You will also receive other reprimands, including the one caused if you enter the women's bathroom. If you don't have one already, take the candy bar inside Manderley's bathroom, you can use it in the next mission.

Return to the surface, collect anything you missed, and head for the boat. Once you leave, you will not be able to explore Liberty Island again.

Battery ParkEdit

Agent Navarre will approach and brief you on the situation. You need to get inside Castle Clinton and locate the Ambrosia shipment. Before you do so, jump into the water in front of the boat to find two crates holding a Medkit and a Lockpick. Climb back up onto the docks and you'll have two choices, either go in the front route or look for a secondary route.

The front entrance is covered by a large amount of NSF guards and if they notice you, you'll be given a bloodthirsty reputation later on. However, if you have a candy bar, you can look for a nearby boy to obtain the code 9183. To reach this entrance, use lockpicks to open the keypad and enter the code. The vending machine will open.

NOTE: If you're going the non-lethal route, do not pick up bodies of unconscious NSF terrorists inside Castle Clinton (including the secret tunnels). The game will treat any body you picked up as dead, which will mean negative comments in UNATCO HQ later on.

Either continue to Side Entrance or Main Entrance.

Side EntranceEdit

Enter through the vending machine and continue into the next room to be rewarded additional skill points. Pick up the bioelectric cell, multitool and flares by the desk. There's also some 10mm ammo in the water if you feel like a swim. Exit the room and quietly descend the stairs, watching for a lone guard which patrols the hallway. Take an immediate right and pick up the prod charger before crawling into the ventilation shaft. Climb down the ladder and head north until you reach the end of the vents. Watch for the patrolling guards and after they pass, exit the vent and continue north until you enter a small room. Pick up the multitool in the corner and head west, watching for a guard which patrols nearby. Eliminate the guard loot his body for a NanoKey for the Castle Clinton safe (make sure that his body is out of sight). Head left while avoiding a wall-mounted camera. You should be in a dock-like area, with a barrel of Ambrosia sitting nearby. Approach it and Alex will radio in.

Exit the dock-area and head west again, ascending a set of stairs. Turn left and lockpick the door to enter the room, receiving 65 skill points, and pick up the Medkit, rockets and the Augmentation Canister inside the safe (use the Nano Key Ring to unlock the safe). Use the security terminal nearby to disable all of the security cameras in the building. For extra skill points (50) pick up the NanoKey on the desk which opens the Kiosk doors. Head back, and ascend another set of stairs to receive 20 skill points. Open the door with a nearby button, and head up to Castle Clinton. Open the single door with your new nanokey. Talk to the kid and feed him for a 50 skill point reward. While crouched, go left, to the room with the broken windows for 40 skill points. Now retrace your steps to exit the building and your objectives will update. Anna Navarre will approach and congratulate you on finding the Ambrosia. When given the choice, respond "I'm learning as I go." and you will receive two EMP grenades from her instead of one.

Main EntranceEdit

Head to the front of Castle Clinton and speak with Anna Navarre before entering. She and additional UNATCO officers will assist you in clearing out the NSF. Break open the scattered supply boxes throughout the castle before entering the kiosk. In a small grey shelf will be a nanokey, use it to open the locked door nearby. Enter and use a multitool to gain access to the inside of the fort. Descend the stairs and head south to find a set of stairs with a locked door. Open the door and enter the room, picking up the Medkit and rockets and the Augmentation Canister inside the safe. Use the security terminal nearby to disable all of the security cameras in the building.

Exit the room, descend a different set of stairs nearby and take an immediate right in order to find the Ambrosia barrel. Approach it and Alex will radio in. If you want to you can explore the rest of the fort, but you can now leave and talk to Anna to receive your next objective. Anna Navarre will approach and congratulate you on finding the Ambrosia and for not being afraid to kill. When given the choice, respond "I'm learning as I go." and you will receive two EMP grenades from her instead of one.


After talking to Anna Navarre, head north-east to the subway station. UNATCO and NSF officers will battle it out for a short time, but UNATCO may occasionally need some help. In the southernmost shack is a chest containing a lockpick, multitool and candy bar. A second chest located in a different shack will contain a medkit, prod charger and flare. The westernmost shack will have a lockpick in the corner. In the shack closest to the subway entrance is a vent shaft. Enter it, then descend to the first branch, then turn right, then left, then immediately right again. Throw a gas grenade down to attract the attention of the NSF and to briefly blind them, then shoot each with a tranquilizer dart. Once all visible targets have been dealt with, drop down and tell the hostages to board the train. Before boarding the train yourself, search for additional items.

Hell's KitchenEdit

Hell's Kitchen is a location in New York City that will be important later in the game. There are also several side quests as well. The main buildings are the Underworld Tavern, the 'Ton Hotel, and a Free Clinic.

Next to the alley between the hotel, two UNATCO Troops are wondering why they were issued gas grenades. You can collect three grenades from them.

Underworld BarEdit

Here, you will find the bartender, Jordan Shea; ask her if she knows anything about the Generator in the Warehouse District. You can also find your pilot, Jock, here. He will ask for beer, and providing beer will allow you to know the Smuggler's access code to his hideout. Afterward, he'll tell you some information about Area 51. If you have saved Sandra Renton in the hallway on the right of the Underworld Bar, she'll come in here and you'll be able to invoke a conversation with her. Her friend, Janey will also congratulate you. There are some ATM Machines around the bar that you can hack for cash. Afterward, head back out.


This place is pretty straightforward. Just go down the corridor, and listen to the bums if you want. Then head into the main clinic room. Nothing in the bathrooms. Use the water fountain if you want.

Some of the people sitting in here have some interesting information, but it's mostly just stuff you already know. The doctor in here will sell you medkits for 300 credits or, for 2000 credits, he'll give you the door code (2153) where you can find a medical bot. To get a discount (on both items) , talk to the guy confronting the doctor in the  room to the right (behind a non-locked glass door, at the other end of the same wall that the door to the medical bots is on). Tell him to be more appreciative, and he'll storm off. Talk to the doctor again, and he'll offer the door code for 1200 and medkits for 180.

Enter the code, and go to the medical bot. You should have an augmentation canister (found in Battery Park) that you can use now. You can choose aqualung for the simple reason that you can get lots of places using swimming, and there are not nearly enough rebreathers in the game. There aren't as many radioactive areas, and radioactive suits are usually right nearby.

That's it for the clinic. The computers don't really tell you anything useful, so leave them be. You should get 150 skill points on your way out if you did everything listed above.

'Ton HotelEdit

First things first: the ATM is worth 332. Head down the corridor past the ATM and do it quietly; the main room at the end of the hall has NSF terrorists within earshot. The best way to take them out is to go into the elevator shaft (opposite the entrance stairs) and climb up it. Don't miss the 2 crates on the floor and the 3rd level, which has a multitool hiding on it.

Now you have come upon the enemy from behind. Take careful shots, if you shoot, so you don't hit the hostages. If you sneak up on them and use the riot prod or some such, be quiet about it. Make sure you get them all; there are 3. You should get 65 skill points for taking them down.

Now that you've taken care of the terrorists, talk to the guy prisoner. He'll tell you about a password for the security setup, 'righteous'.

Now go back down to the manager's office and snatch the credits within and talk to the owner. Also, get the nano-key in the cubbies. He'll also tell you to go find his daughter, if you've saved her already (the girl in the alley). You can't actually do this; it's just game depth, or some such.

Now, you should begin to loot the apartments. I started with the one closest to the elevator; Paul's. The table has the code for the pad behind the painting (which is to your left): 4321. This opens the secret compartment with LOTS of good stuff: 2 lockpicks, 3 multitools, 2x 10mm ammo, a bio cell, a medkit, and ballistic armor. Getting in is worth 40 skill points. There is soda and soy food on in the kitchen shelves. There are 350 credits under the night stand in the bedroom. There is a medkit in the bathroom to the left of the sink. If you like, you can log in to Paul's computer using the login on the floor. There are some interesting foreshadowing and a reference to a current-day pop band; see if you can find it! I'm sure the movie references mean something too, but I've never heard of/seen those two movies.


Smuggler's paranoid, and so you need a password to get in (from the girl in the underworld bar, after you save Sandra in the alley), or you need to use the ladder in the container in back of the basketball court. There is a crate in the entrance 'hall' with a lockpick, right near the ladder up to the trailer (to your right if you came down the elevator). Opening the trailer requires you use some bioelectric energy with the combat strength aug or a few lockpicks but you get the exploration skill point bonus (50). If you come in through the elevator though, turn around before you use it and note the beer and prod charger hidden in the corner, behind the door. To get past the laser beams blocking your way to Smuggler you can either use an EMP grenade or disable it in the little checkpoint hut to the left of the lasers. There is a control panel there, and a multitool too (which you should get regardless). Right past the lasers is a crate with ballistic armor. Past that, in the next room, is a crate with a prod charger. In that room, in one of the niches in the right wall is a door. Go through and get 20 skill points. Go down the stairs, into the next room, and snag the candy bar on the table. Then talk to Smuggler.Get the key from him to get into the sewers and hear his story. He'll sell you some over-priced hardware which you can get a much better deal on if you save his friend.Upstairs are 2 crates with 7.62 and a prod charger. There is a lockpick and flares on shelves near the bed, and behind the bed is a keypad (code 432) that you can use multitools on to open the mirror. In this iteration (it changes each time you come here), you will find a medkit, thermoptic camo (100 real-life skill points if you can name where that comes from) and a weapon mod clip.

Sewer LabEdit

Not strictly necessary to complete the game, but it's worth it to get cheaper prices and to get some more stuff and skill points. Once you've gotten the sewer key from Smuggler, go down one of the sewer grates. I'm going to give the explanation as if you came down the one right by the back door to the bar.

Go down the ladder, and then down the passage a little way. You should see a suspended walkway here, with a hostile guard on it. I recommend taking him out, but note that there are other guards in lower passages to your left and right; a quick takedown (with the sniper rifle or a well-placed crossbow shot) is recommended. There is also another guy, patrolling the walkway to your left. Get him too. The funniest thing happened to me here; I hit that guy with a couple of 10mm rounds, and he ran for the alarm. Then I hit him once or twice more and he ran off the edge into the sludge below. Weird.

Please note that the sludge below is considered a biohazard, and will eat your health relentlessly. There are some boxes and stuff down there (10mm ammo), but in general nothing is worth the damage you will do to yourself getting it.

Getting to the middle of the grate platform is worth 50 skill points. Opposite where you came in is a door with a guard and 2 crates behind it (medkit, lockpick). Under the table is a prod charger and the security login MJ12/ coupdetat. This is a hint as to just who is behind all the bad things going on. You'll find out more later.

Exit the office, and proceed to your right. There is a security computer there under the light that you should use. Rotate the bridge, click security and turn off the cameras, then go down the ladder. To open the door, either use the security terminal behind the crate or the door code (2167). Avoid the lasers and find the hatch at the end of the corridor. Hack it open or use the code again.

Now you should go straight- to the platform with the bodies on it. Pass over the locked box (this opens the hatch from this side) and the control panel (This disables the lasers in the corridor you just went through). You'll set off an alarm if you hit the laser going onto the platform, so just wait the alarm out by hiding from the turret gun. By doing this, you get an assault rifle, 2x 7.62, the code to the warehouse later on (2167), 2 multitools, 2 lockpicks, and 2 medkits.

If you go down the other hallway (the one protected by laser tripwires), you end up at the other entrance, the one by the sewers. It's somewhat harder coming in this way (and more expensive tool-wise) so personally, I recommend coming from the Underworld Tavern manhole.

If you came in from the manhole in front of the subway: you should come down the ladder and disable the control panel to your left, and then picklock the box on the wall and open the hatch with the code found on the platform (2167) . Don't forget to get the items on the platform to your right. That will get you to the hall with the laser tripwires, and you'll have to use multitools to open the door here, and in here will be the hallway that will lead you to the large platform hanging over toxic sludge!

Now, back to our other guy, who came in the recommended entrance. Once you've sacked this area, head back the way you came to the main sludge platform. The door you opened with the security computer is locked again. Use the code 2167 to open it again.

Note that when you come out of that door, and around the corner past the security computer, you will see ahead of you and slightly lower on the wall a similar tunnel on the other side of the large shaft with the sludge. Also note that there is a guard there. If you see him, duck! He can probably see you too. Either pick him off here with the sniper rifle or climb up the ladder when he isn't looking and deal with him later.

Climb up the ladder and cross the bridge (assuming you rotated it with the security computer) to the other side. Go down the ladder (CAREFUL; there's nothing to catch your fall except sludge) and move onto the platform to your left. Here is where you have to deal with the assault-rifle-toting guard if you didn't before. Have fun! I already killed him with the sniper rifle. But if you don't know how to deal with a guard by this time in the game, bring it back to the store.

Down the tunnel is a camera (that you should have disabled already). If the guard hits the alarm, it turns all the security back on (and hostile) so be wary if he saw you. Go up to the unlocked door and open it. You should be in a corridor with niches on the right side and pipes on your left. They are there because you will have to periodically hide from the camera that is here; if you haven't disabled it. Getting about halfway down this corridor is worth 50 skill points. Hidden between the pipes on your left is a napalm canister.

There is a door at the end of the corridor. Behind it is a short twisty corridor to another door locked by a keypad. The door will be periodically opened by a guard if you don't open it yourself with tools or the code: 2167.

Take care of the guard and his buddy, and go through the door. You find yourself on a walkway guarded by a camera. Evade it and stealthily make your way over to the security computer. There are several guards on the lower level who will sound an alarm if they hear you. The login is the same as before, MJ12/coupdetat. Disable all the cameras and open all the doors.

Quietly go down the stairs. Try and pick off the guards quietly, if you can. If you're a more violent type, a fun way to get their attention is to open up with the assault rifles into the gas drums on the floor below (note the bio cell behind them). The drums will blow up and the guards will come running into a gas-filled room and die. Or, you can shoot them. Either way, it's the Rambo way to do it, and I've done it more than once. Also, Note that there are shotgun shells under the stairs.

Make your way into the lab, once you've got all the guards (there are 3 or 4). Talk to Schick and tell him you'll protect him. Escort him out. Once you get out out to about the ladder, he'll say he can make it from there and you get 80 skill points.

Now go back to the lab. Note the bio cell behind the desk. Open up all the drawers, and take the contents, including a lockpick and a multitool. In the next room is a platform over some water, with 2 crates in the water. These are a lockpick and 10mm. The guard room (which will be on your left when you exit the lab/water platform area) is bare except for a computer you can use if you want. The last room (on your left as you come down the stairs, or on the opposite side of the guardroom) is locked with a keypad, but it has a different code: 007.

When you get through the door, you will find a lot of ammo and your first LAW, a 1-shot rocket launcher that messes stuff up really good.

Once you have done all of this, you are finished with the sewers. You may return to Smuggler for your discount or continue on. He will remember later.

Osgood & SonsEdit

I know of 3 ways to get in here: pick the lock, use the key from the dead guard out front, or break the window on the side of the building (the right side). If you go in from the side window, there is a bio cell on top of the pipe to the left of where you entered. Then go upstairs. If you go in the front, you'll be in the same room as if you went in the side and then went up (not down) the stairs. You can use the 2 little crates to get on top of the stack and get the bio cell in the crate on top of the box stack. There is also a locked door here, with a keypad code. The code is 6549, behind the door is a crate with 10mm and an augmentation upgrade canister. This will allow you to increase the abilities of upgrades you have already installed (i.e. from level 1 to level 2 and so on).

There is also another unlocked door in this room, leading to a hallway with a crate containing a flamethrower, and a bio cell right next to it. 50 skill points for 'exploring' here. Continuing down the hallway will lead you to a back alley that you must get out of to get to the rooftops. Use the metal box to jump up onto the other crate and then onto the (amazingly strong) 2x4 that is balanced on the fence.

When you jump into the alley, try and see the telltale red blinking of the LAM set up against the wall. Run up and disarm it. Now climb the ladder. You should now be on the rooftop.

Another WayEdit

If you go in the side window, you'll notice stairs down. Or, you can go down the stairs through the open doorway in the entrance room, down to the anteroom with more stairs.

Here we find a room with a crate (lockpick) an a control panel that you can disable to get past the laser tripwires. Or, you can say 'screw it' and use the small metal box to jump on the cardboard box and go along the pipes here, bypassing the tripwires altogether. Get past both guns either way, and you get 50 more skill points.

Duck under the pipes. Note the large orange/brown pipe in front of you. Behind it are some rockets. Use the elevator code, 3316, to open up the elevator door and get on the roof.

If you go up the elevator, you are in a different location than if you went up the ladder, but basically the same area. Look out for troops on the roof.

If you come out the elevator, you're going to be on an L-shaped platform with stairs going up to a door. Behind it (30 skill points) is a hallway leading to a fire escape that you can get to if you take the other ladder down from the rooftop you would have reached if you'd come up from the alley. Phew.

Now that we're back together again, break open the boards in front of the only usable door in that hallway, and take the medkit and prod charger within.

From here, though, we split again. You can either go up the ladder behind the elevator/down the third ladder from the alley rooftop (both go to the same place), or down the fire escape (somewhat risky). Past ladders is a platform with brick chimneys and a guard. Going over to the ladder to the roof is worth 30 skill points, if you didn't come down it in the first place. Also on this roof is a little hut. There are 2 30.06 packages and ballistic armor hiding in the shadows here. Also from here you can see lots of guards. Now is a particularly good time to snipe at them, especially now that you just got a bunch of 30.06.

From here, you can't really go anywhere, so now is a good time to go down the fire escape. It has partially collapsed, and jumping to the part still hanging on is a bit tough without taking damage, so save it before you make the jump (if you're into that whole save/restore thing). Then go through the hole in that platform and onto the rooftop. Don't fall in the crack!

Take a right, grab the crate (10mm) and go around the side, go up the ladder, and on this platform grab the 2 crates (7.62, 30.06). The guard here has 30.06 and a LAM, a good thing to pack.

From here, you can cross the billboard to a guard with a sniper rifle. After knocking him out, go to the left of where you got off of the billboard and you will find a datacube in front of some steps containing the code to the basement storage room that you can go to later in the warehouse. The steps mark a ladder that leads to where you would end up if you keep following this walkthrough, but you'll miss out on some skill points and items. Instead, head back across the billboard to where you got the two ammo crates. If you are alright without some extra stuff, head down the ladder and go to "Down the fire escape...".

Go back down to where you saw the first crate and notice the plank. You're going to jump through the window. But shoot it out, first! This jump really sucks, and you might need to duck as you make it. Save first! (stupid jumping puzzles...) 20 skill points for getting through.

Hallway now. Note the medkit behind the large cardboard box. 30 more skill points for going around the corner. Go into the other room (to your right) and down the ruined stairs. To the stairs' right is a little alcove with a medkit and bio cell. Go back upstairs, grab the bio cell in the corner, and back to the window. Break the glass and go out.

Down the fire escape, down down, to the platform below. Jump from the fire escape to the platform to the ruined fire escape again, or just take the ladders down. Note the prod charger by the top of the second one. Also note the 10mm at the base of one of them.

Now you have 2 choices: up the ladder, to the rooftop, or down off the roofs to the street below.

NOTE: Use login NSF and password righteous for the security computers in the warehouse.


While the street has many guards (and guard dogs), the roof is relatively poorly guarded at first, but offers many guards on the upper levels. There is a set of stairs going down to a level with 2 guards on it. Note the laser tripwire on the first step of the stairs. Careful. If the guards notice you taking out guys or you hit the tripwire, 5 or more will come running up those stairs! If you're gutsy, you can jump out on the crossbeams over the crates and take your chances there.

On the top floor (under the roof) you'll find 2 crates with 10mm, and shotgun shells hiding behind a box stack.

The next level down is empty save a couple of guards near the stairway. You're going to have to be careful. It's probably not possible to shoot both without the ones below coming up to see what's going on, but you can try, if you like. This floor is also the first level that you can complete your objective. If you want, you can fire at one of the incendiary barrels near the generator (which you can see from here) and blow up the generator completing your objective.

The next floor has the computer room, which you must use to deactivate the generator. Alternately, you can fire downward from upstairs, as mentioned above. Going into the computer room is worth 70 skill points. Note the buckshot under the computer desk, and that the mirror is actually a door. This leads outside to a landing, and then a ramp, behind the building. More is discussed in the section leading you in from the bottom. Hack into the computer if you can, and shut down the cooling mechanism.

From The GroundEdit

Fall off the roof, as best you can, without hurting yourself. You're going to want to fall off the edge with the ramp. Try and hit any guards or guard dogs that you can get from here, rather than dealing with them on the ground. One of the guards here has a nano-key that will open the warehouse front door. You can get it, or pass it by in favor of going in one of the other ways.

Note the alley on your left. Step in there a few feet to get 40 skill points, then leave. Technically, if you decided to descend from the rooftops at any point to get into the alleys, that is where you would come out. The way is rather difficult, however, involving shorted power boxes, laser trip lines, LAMS, and several sentry guns. If you know the way and prefer to go that way, more power to you!

When you exit this alley, there will be one to your left, another way that you might have come if you'd gone into the alleys. A few feet in is a LAM you can use on the wall, so disarm it and take it. Even further in is another one. Note on the ground a multitool. There is a datacube that notes the warehouse ramp is 2577.

Go down the sewer hatch there, and retrieve the lockpick in the box floating in the water. You can get back up by jumping on the boxes. Jump across to the valve, and open it. This will allow you to swim underwater in the tube in the pool. You can also use a LAM to blow up the ruined section of wall at the end of the corridor here. That is worth 20 skill points. Past the wall is a datacube with login NSF and password righteous for the security computers in the warehouse. If you want, you can hack the keypad and open up the sealed door at the top of the ladder, and find yourself in the basement, at the sealed door mentioned under SWIMMING->GRATE.

From here, I assume you continue the ground assault...

Get out of the sewer, now. Exit the alley, and go left. On your right will be the door into the warehouse. Storm in, and prepare to shoot lots of people. Now, you can either shoot one of the barrels near the generator to blow it up, or go up to the second floor and have it overload itself. There is another way up from the ground, too. Circle the building and you'll find a stairway up to a balcony with a locked door that opens right up to the control room. From there you can overload the generator and it will blow. Blowing up the generator is worth 500 skill points.


Swimming will get you into the basement of the warehouse, but you'll need good swimming or an aqualung to have a prayer of making it. Doing so gets you 20 exploration points, at about the halfway point.

Get out of the water, and use the security computer to deactivate a whole bunch of cameras and doors, etc.


Now you can either go through the grate or down the hallway, both ways taking care to avoid trip lines. Going down the hallway leads you do a sealed door that you can presumably get through or come through, but going up to it nets you 30 skill points. This door is opened from the other side, behind the ruined wall mentioned above, near the pool you swam in.

If you go through the grate, there will be a panel that will deactivate most of the trip lines down that path. Go under the remaining one and take a left. Note the 10mm in the dark alcove to your right. Go straight, up to the window. If you go left you'll be spotted by the camera aiming down that hallway. When you get to the window, note the camera on the ceiling to your right. You're going to have to make your next move when it isn't looking, because there is a turret and a guard nearby. There is a locked door which can be gotten into with lockpicks, and inside are rockets, another lockpick, and 10mm. Also there is a security panel that disables a couple of laser lines that are easy to dodge (they are on a slant) so don't bother. The other locked door leads to a hallway that you can dash across to by going out the door and taking 2 immediate rights. Ease down the corridor under the trip lines and gun, and turn the corner, noting the guard waiting there at the top of a ramp. Be careful of the camera behind you if you try to shoot him here. Up that ramp is the ground floor of the warehouse where you will find the generator. For the most part, the rest of the basement is a maze full of cameras and traps, so explore at your own risk. There IS a control room down there (combo is 9923) with good stuff in it. This includes 60 skill points, a LAM, the storeroom key (if you want to wait to get it), a security computer, and a safe with an aug canister (speed/silent running). You can get here if you head straight down the hallway that the storeroom is on, and it has two doors, one of which is keypad-locked and both of which are watched by cameras.


When you return to UNATCO, Alex sends an initial message that your mission was a success, which was the only bright side. Head inside UNATCO and head to Manderley's office.

Be sure to collect the following items as desired:

  • Lockpick in Corporal Collin's office (upper floor, to the left).
  • Tranquilizer darts in vacant office (upper floor, on the right).
  • 750 credits from the ATM (via hacking).
  • 2 medikits in medial closet.
  • Bioelectric cell in Computer room closet.
  • Multitool in computer room.
  • Lockpick and credit chit in the computer room floor.
  • Darts and Bioelectric cell in Anna Navarre's desk.
  • 10mm ammo in the locked second-floor closet.
  • 2 Multitools and Weapon accuracy modification from Sam Carter. (7.62mm ammo clip if you tried to avoid a high body count in Castle Clinton).
  • Up to 1200 credits as an op bonus for the previous mission.
  • A weapon recoil modification (requires 1 lockpick).

A government official is in the office in discussion with Manderley. After the meeting, he will head downstairs to interrogate the prisoners (although you can cut the meeting short by moving away from the local area.)

After speaking with Manderley, you can head to NYC via helicopter.

Battery ParkEdit

As you start the level on Battery Park, go to the subway entrance. If you rescued the bum at Hell's Kitchen's basketball court:

Enter the western shack, where two bums are talking. After their conversation, talk to the male bum, Curly, and he'll give you the phone booth code. Proceed downstairs.

The second option is to go downstairs and either pay Harley Filben for the phone booth code (6653), use multitools to crack the keypad (50% strength), or pick a lock of a crate (10% lock, 50% blast) to see a password written down in a book.

Step up to the phone booth on the western side of the station. Enter the code and stay inside the booth until it stops moving. Continue through the underground tunnel, and climb up the ladder.

Brooklyn StationEdit

Go down the passage, up the ladder, and open the sewer cover. You find yourself in a very large subway station. There is a guy here that will ask you for zyme. If you don't have some (some can be found in Hell's Kitchen, a couple levels back), you can buy some from the drug dealer at the south end of the station for 250. It's hardly worth it, as the guy only tells you about the keypad in the women's bathroom, but he doesn't tell you the code.

At the north end of the tracks is a guy who will give you a quest to fix the plumbing at the north end of the station. If you do it, he'll give you the code to the keypad in the women's bathroom.

You need a LAM to clear the wreckage. If you don't have one, you can get one from the lame gangers on the upper level. You can buy one, get one in trade for killing the drug dealer downstairs for them, or (i presume) you can shoot up their leader and get some. The last one I didn't try...yet. You can also go into the men's bathroom and trade a vial of zyme to the junkie there for a LAM he has. This might be cheaper, as a zyme vial only costs 250. Or, you could wack the dealer, and get 2 vials for free. Giving him the vial is worth 100 skill points.

Upstairs, in a crate behind some cardboard boxes, is a multitool. Also behind the boxes is a map that can be 'unlocked' and behind it are some flares and datacube with the keypad combo: 5482. There is an ATM up here worth 100 (user "20000" pass "bone"), and a multitool near the vending machines.

Talk to El Rey. He'll sell you a LAM for 750 or ask you to kill the dealer downstairs. There is also a crate with buckshot near the turnstyle and a gas grenade in the center stand.

Once you've got a LAM, head to the north end of the station and find the tunnel that is filled with rock. Open the door, and you'll see a bunch of beams blocking the tunnel. Use the LAM to clear it and go through. Go down the passage and through the door. Go over the steam pipe (or through the pipe to the right, unlocking the grate over the pipe) and up to the valves around the corner. Turn them, and you're golden. 100 skill points.

Go back to Charlie, the guy who gave you the quest, and tell him. You get 25 skill points and the key combo, 5482.

Go to the women's bathroom, look under the sink, and use the combo 5482 to open it. A door slides open in the empty stall, and when you go into the tunnel, you get 100 skill points.

You'll come out on a small platform of wood with a ladder leading down. If you look around, you can see guards walking around off to your right. If you feel gutsy, you can shoot them from here, but beware all of the civilians, and know that the civilians that you can talk to will book it if they see gunfire. This is not an easy part to get by, sneaking or fighting.

Before tackling the guys to the right, you might want to sneak over and take down the guy on your left, who is walking around near the alarm panel. I used the shock prod myself.

Now you should head to the right. A good idea is to keep low and get under the little wooden bridge-thing so you can get a good look at the layout of the land.

Amid the columns in this area is a crate with thermoptic camo. On the west end of the large wall is a large gaping hole in which a mole person stands. Talk to him and he'll tell you about the commander's key and a secret passage he's got set up. You get 25 skill points for your trouble. Get to the south end of the tunnel, and make sure to get the guards here; at least one of them has an EMP grenade. The one hiding in the ruined shack has a lockpick.

The commander is in a room on a platform to the west side of the south end of the tunnel. Whew. Also here are some rooms with a box with a lockpick. The brick that you have to hit for the secret passage is behind some cardboard boxes in the same room with the lockpick crate. Inside is a nanokey you'll need shortly, a flamethrower, a pistol, a crowbar, and a pepper cartridge. You'll probably find the 'commander' here too. He's an accountant, though, he says, but may turn on you a few seconds after you talk to him. Best to get him when he's still 'green' on your reticule. 100 skill points for getting in, and another 100 for talking to the commander.  The commander may not turn on you, in which case all of the other NSF fighters will surrender as well.

Throughout the area are scattered many sodas and beers, so if you want them, stock up now.

Time to go to the north end of the chamber. If you haven't wacked the guy near the alarm, and plan to, do it now. Sneaky-types can get around him, but probably not the two guys around the corner. Hopefully, though, they should be 'green', which presumably means they have surrendered.

Head past these two, and the last guy, down to the bathroom section. First go into the ladies' and get the multitool in the box in the last stall. Then, go into the mens'. 100 skill points.

Sewer lineEdit

You have entered another dimension. A dimension where time and space have no meaning. You have entered...the booby-trap zone. Oh boy. There aren't very many enemies down here until the end, but there are jumping puzzles and tricks and traps, so be wary.

You'll come onto a landing of sorts. Note the EMP grenade in the small sewer pipe to your right. Also note to your left is a control panel for some lasers up ahead to your left. On the wall to your right (in the water) is a door that when opened reveals a valve that will turn off the steam ahead to your right. Either way you go, it is likely you'll have to use the small and/or large boxes nearby to get over the pipes and walls obstructing the way through. Unless, of course, you have and are willing to use the speed enhancement upgrade.

The tunnels merge from each side and lead into a larger, open room with a camera to your right. Try to avoid it, as it controls no less than 2 turrets up on your right. Up ahead, in the next room, is a guard who is right near an alarm panel, so you might want to avoid using your light so he doesn't see you. You can either go up the stairs under the camera, or straight ahead to where the alarm is and the guard is patrolling. He has the nanokey to the 'sewer door' up ahead.

Go through said door and you find yourself in another room with laser trip lines in front of a pool of water, over which are suspended strange grates. The control panel for the trip lines is on the right side of the room, all the way at the back, almost behind the door. If you don't wish to brave the grates (which will fall almost immediately when you get on them, super-mario style), climb on top of the boxes to the left, right near the door, and open up the grate there. Go in, then drop into the water, and swim (gee i hope you have the iron lung) down through the passage, up, and out of the water onto the little landing here, and then up the ladder into the foyer right before the sentry droids mentioned below.

If you do want to make the jumping run, probably because you can't swim that far or fast, disable the trip lines (they trip like 2 or 3 guns), and jump across. Make sure you SAVE before you try, because you will likely get dunked the first couple times especially if you aren't good at FPS's. It's a good idea to hit the ramp extender button, right near the laser lines, on the left side, and you can blow up the tnt box here to disable the lines instead of hitting the control panel. Jump across, go down the corridor, and take the left. There will be an EMP grenade attached to the wall RIGHT

THERE to your left, so grab it fast. Might wanna save after you make the jumps in case you don't want to gamble with losing all your bio energy. Down the hallway, and you're into the foyer right before the sentry bots, where the swimmers would have come out, at that manhole right there.

Past the partially-collapsed passage is a foyer with 2 sentry bots. You can either take them out with EMP grenades, scramble one with a scrambler grenade, or sneak out when they aren't looking, and use the little holes in the wall on your right and left to hide and advance past them.

Once past them, move into the corridor on the left. Go into the computer room with the door and get 50 skill points. Note the multitool and datacube under the pipes that run between the two computers. The datacube has login info: etodd : saintmary

If you have super strength, you can move the large crate on the right and get the medkit stashed behind it. Also note the lockpick on top of the smaller crate to the left.

When you open the double doors, you'll find a foyer and some glass doors, behind which you will see a guard. There are many such guards in the next area; avoiding them is extremely difficult. It will probably be easier to shoot them all. You can wait for this guard to move into the other room, past the ambrosia, but note that there is a security camera directly over the entrance door, looking down at you. You could try to disable it with multitools, but if you're going in shooting, there is no point of doing it, and the security terminal on the left side can shut down the cameras anyway.

Ahead of you you will see the barrel of ambrosia and some crates. The crates both contain 7.62. Through the doors is the area below the helipad.

Through the right doorway is a set of stairs and a hall with two doors. The first is a bathroom. Either knock out or kill the guy in the bathroom for his nano-key to the air-field security room. The second is an empty women's bathroom.

Up the stairs is a rec room with pool tables and a security camera pointed right at you from across the room. If you are sneaking, duck behind the tables for cover. If you are shooting, you probably don't care. Through the door under the camera is the helipad with a helicopter on it. Might not want to venture out there yet, as there are snipers. The ATM in this room is worth 750 (user 94589, pass 747; user 69125, pass 532; user 69241, pass 816). There is also a bio cell on the bookshelf here. Note that behind one of the bookshelves is a little store room with 3 crates and 50 skill points that you can open by pirating a terminal security in the opposite area (the locked door with scientist material inside) or activating one of the two pinball machines. There is ballistic armor, a lockpick, and a medkit.

Through the left doorway (in the entrance hall) is another set of stairs and a hall with two doors. The first door is an open office. Grab the multitool, the candy bar, and the 10mm (if you can't find the multitool, check in the desk cubby). Then use the computer, etodd : saintmary. You discover that an aug canister has also been taken, and sealed in a crate with the code 9905. You'll need that later. The second door is an office with a lockpick and a bio cell in the desk cubbies. The computer here is useless.

Head up the stairs, and (if you haven't shot him yet), beware the guy patrolling the balcony. He'll be behind you as you go up the stairs. Use your nanokey that you got from the guy in the bathroom to open the door here. You can use this to go up to the roof to get at the snipers there. First you should go around the corner into the security room. There you will find another guard and the security computer (user jhearst, pass chunkohoney) that will shut down all the cameras and open the aforementioned bookshelf door on the other side. There is the button in the corner, which will open a stash containing an augmentation upgrade, among other things. Your nanokey will also open the other door in this room, which leads to the helipad. There are 2 snipers on the roof; one on the level you come out on, via a hatch, and one with a sniper rifle on a grate walkway above you, accessible by a ladder near the hatch. Be careful; two well- placed sniper rifle shots can end your game rather quickly.


Whether or not you come out on the top of the pad doesn't matter. You want to get below it. You have 2 choices; either use the elevator to the east, or the sewer hatch to the northwest. Either way, beware the guards. I like to get on top of the helipad and use my strength to lift the gasoline barrels over the lip and then toss them at the hapless guards below; but you can try and sneak by them, if you want, or knock them out.

To use the elevator, go down the east passage. Hopefully you have disabled the turret and the camera at the security post back in the helipad complex. If not, you can wait out the alarm by hiding in the corners spaced down the passage, then make a break for the door at the end. Go up the elevator and you find yourself near the helipad at the airport and 100 skill points richer. You also get a map of the airfield.

If you perchance decide to swim, go to the northwest part of the below-helipad area and open up the sewer grate. I hope you have iron lung or a good swim skill, because this will be a feat. Swim downwards, and then down the long shaft, and come up to the surface in the room at the end. Go up the ladder, and jump to the platform with the single crate, and from there to the large open pipe across from the ladder. Go down here until it loads the next area. Then go over to the small pipe on your right and grab the weapon mod reload. Then jump into the water, swim underwater through the length of the pipe, and pop up in the bay. Here you get 100 skill points and the map of the airfield.

The BayEdit

Good luck hitting the guy(s) on the dock; your aim sucks from the water, and they can see and hear you pretty well. There is a box of shotgun shells floating in the water. Try and grab them before they fall. Get on the dock, and break open the crates for a multitool and a bio cell. Be careful about the windows because the place is crawling with sentry droids and sometimes they can see through the windows. Their bullets go through the windows just fine, too.

The guard or two (hopefully two) that you should have nailed here both have nano keys. You'll probably need those for any monkey business you're going to get into. If you didn't get one of the keys from the guard, you can get it on top of one of the crates near the alarm (also near the ambrosia canister).

Hopefully you've got the security tower key. If you do, go out the door and head to your right, and make a break for the tower you see there. MAKE SURE you have your key ring equipped BEFORE you do this! You'll probably be spotted by the camera, but if you run fast enough (F7 super-speed can help with this), you can open the door and get inside without being shot (although the alarm will probably go off); you can also hide behind the lamp post so the one camera can cool off. Go up the ladder, grab the sniper rifle and the binocs if you want them, and hack the security computer (user security, pass security) to turn off the cameras and guns. Better yet, have the guns shoot up the sentry droids as they go by!

Head back towards where you came in, towards the trucks nearby. You will need F7 super-speed to assist you in your jumps onto the truck beds, unless you have a crate handy. The first truck contains tranq darts and 10mm, and the second contains SABOT shells for your shotgun. SABOT shells make the shotgun all worth it because they damage robots, cameras, sentry guns, and any metal opponent you will face. I save them mostly to take out annoying cameras; your mileage may vary.

If you have the security tower key, head over to the other tower, which should be in view now, behind the trucks. Watch out for those cameras, and equip the key beforehand. Also, beware of the security droid that may be patrolling to your right as you make your dash. On the ground floor is a box of 10mm ammo. The top floor has the requisite security terminal to hack (user security, pass security) so the guns shoot up the droids, and there is buckshot and a pair of binocs in the window.

If you leave the tower here and head directly east, you will find yourself at the elevator that you would have come up, using the other way, right near the helipad.


If you've just come up this way, you won't have the security key to get in the tower behind the elevator building. If, however, you came in from the bay, and you have the key, you should rush that tower, too, and avoid the droid patrolling the area. On the ground floor is a GEP gun (a rocket launcher by any other name) and a crowbar. Upstairs is a gas grenade and another pair of binocs.

There is yet another security tower east of here, this one with binocs, weapon mod recoil, and 10mm.

Across from this tower there is a sealed compound with a generator on the fritz and 4 boxes inside. This will be to the left of the elevator, if you're just getting out there. You have to cross the arcs of lightning to get at the boxes or the control panel. Those who endure get tech goggles, an EMP grenade, 7.62 ammo, and a weapon mod clip. Just being in the area sucks your bio energy. Actually going into the electricity also does damage.

Now you're going to want to make your way into the compound of boxes, which will be to the right of the elevator. This whole place is a jumble of random boxes and crates, but if you can get on top of them, do it; you can jump from crate to crate, and many of them have items hidden on top or inside. You will probably need the speed aug (F7) to do it, though. There are various ladders about that you can use to climb up. Most of the stuff seems to be concentrated on the south side of the compound.

You're going to want to get to the south end of the compound, and then head east until you find the east gate. There is a control box here with a button that will open the door. Use an East Gate Nano key to open it (it's INF/INF), which you can get in the shack by the bay (where you came in if you swam) or from one of the many guards about. Some of them have security keys, and other have gate keys.

Beyond the gate is a large building, and behind that is a security tower. However, there are 2 guards in the quad between the building and tower, so if you're going to rush the tower, you'd best get them first, or run extra fast. In here are 2 multitools and more binocs.

Make your way to the north side of the building. This is where the doorway is. There are 2 guards, 1 at the doorway. Once past them, you'll note a break room on your right with many sodas and the kitchen, further up to the right, with nothing in it. Get the darts from the dart board, and move into the alcove behind the stairs. hit the trigger on the floor to your right to open the secret door. 25 skill points. Inside: 30.06, 7.62, nano key to the barracks dorm, combat knife, lockpick, mini-xbow, weapon mod scope, and LAW.

Go upstairs. There's nothing in the bathroom. Use your new nano-key to open the barracks door. If you are not planning on keeping the LAW, it'd be a cool idea to take it and fire it into the room to blow open all the boxes. If not, you'll have to picklock the ones you want. The boxes are:

CLOSE LEFT: medkit, datacube with hangar code: 5914 CLOSE RIGHT: flare x4, LAM FAR LEFT: bio cell, multitool FAR RIGHT: cigarettes x2, darts

Once done with this, go to the metal door at the end of the balcony. Input the code, 5914, and go in. 50 skill points. You're in a hallway now. Area change. Hit the switch to open the door. This area is a neutral zone; enemies won't attack, on orders from their boss. Before boarding the plane, go to the trailers under it. In it is a data cube with the diagram of the plane and a crate with rockets, a crate with accuracy mod, and a crate with 10mm.

There is an aircraft mechanic selling a recoil weapon mod for 400 and shotgun shells for 300.

Now get onto the plane. The first door you see is an empty bedroom. To your right is an empty bathroom. Go down the hallway. To the right is a kitchen with beer and soy food on the table. Go downstairs to find the ambrosia canister. Use the maintenance bot. 100 skill points for the canister, by the way. Use the code 9905 on the panel (near the floor) to open the field and get the aug. If you go behind the stairs and around to the right, and have speed enhancements, you can jump on a crate in the cargo hold and find a multitool behind it. Go upstairs and get the 10mm and the nano key hiding on one of the consoles. Use the key to open up the locked door on the middle deck. Go into the room on the right and grab the soda and assault rifle. All that's left is Lebedev. You can kill him or talk to him. I leave it up to you; but I usually talk to him.(NOTE: You can also step into the bathroom and kill Anna Navara with a rocket launcher at this point (Make sure not to kill lebadev unless you want to). This makes it so you don't have to fight her in the subway. Alex reprimands you and Gunther makes a comment back at HQ but otherwise no negative storyline affects.) Note that there is a datacube under the bed with the code 9905 for opening the canister in the hold. Whatever you do, you get 175 skill points.

  • Note - Anna Navarre can be easily neutralized with a Riot Prod. She can't be killed with the prod, but she can lose HP and be immobilized, so after unloading a couple of prod clips into her head in peace and quiet, a single bullet to the brain will kill her. She can also be easily killed with one shot from a PS-20 which one can be found upstairs on the jet. This also makes it easy to save Lebedev, though doing so seems to have little effect on anything.

Now all you've got left to do is to get back to the helipad that is near the elevator that you might have come up in the main outside area. It's near the power boxes that were shorting out in a corner of the field.


Head to the comm van, and open it with the code 0451. Inside are sabot shells for the shotgun and 10mm for the pistol. Now proceed into the base. On level 1, the office on the right has a bio cell and 7.62. Your office has a multitool on the desk, a mod recoil UNDER the desk, and a prod charger on the couch.

The case in the meeting room has a bio cell, darts, 30.06, and 7.62. ATM is worth 750 (users/pass : 4445001 / 766321 : jreed30045 / 480112 : 47346 / 5786 : 982175 / 2341). Also, talk to Jamie and the FEMA guy there for some interesting plot. One of the supply closets has a lockpick in it. Now go into Manderley's office. He has a candy bar on his desk. There's a mod reload in the bathroom.

Go down to the supply room. The 2 crates have shotgun shells in them. Talk to the general and he'll give you a choice of the following: tranq darts, shotgun shells, 30.06, or GEP ammo. In Anna's office is a prod charger and soda and another charger on the bookshelf.

Now go to medical. Install the aug. I recommend ballistic protection, as damage from EMP fields is infrequent and will never kill you; only drain your bio energy. The closet has a medkit, a bio cell, and the leg aug (speed/run silent) which you can use if you didn't get it before. Candy bar and soda are on the desk. Another medkit is on one of the sick beds.

Go to Alex's room. There is a soda and candy bar on a table. Also, a multitool on one the table with screens coming vertically out of it. Talk to Alex and get the lockpick on his desk. The closet also has a lockpick in it (keypad 2001)

Now you're ready for your next mission. Get to the chopper topside.

Hell's KitchenEdit

Back to New York. Go up the ramp onto the ledge and down the ladder there. When you get to the fire escape, to into the window there, into the apartment. Talk to your brother in the living room, and grab the medkit on the floor beside him. There is soda and soy food in the cabinet of the kitchenette.

Open up the painting on the wall and use the code 4321 to open up your brother's secret stash. Inside is lockpick, aug upgrade, multitool, 7.62 x2, 10mm.

Leave out the apartment door, using the nano key you've still got. In the locked apartment near the end of the hall are two soy food by the stove and a medkit in one room. At the top of the elevator is a weapon mod accuracy. At the bottom is a multitool in a box.

Go down to speak with the owner, if he wasn't killed in your previous trip. If you reconciled the daughter with the father, they'll be arguing about JoJo, the local street boss. You can talk to them, and offer to give the old man a weapon to deal with the guy. Afterward, JoJo will come down for a confrontation. If you gave the guy a weapon, he'll attempt to take out JoJo. He may need your help, as JoJo has a stealth pistol. After it's done, you can talk to them again. No reward, though.

There is a 50 credit chit on the table in the back. The ATM is worth 400 (users/pass : 487659 / 259087 : 572345 / 98746 : 748506 / 54857).

Now is a good time to see smuggler. In the entry foyer, before the laser trip lines that have been reinstalled, is a crate in the shadows which has a lockpick in it. You can use the multitool in the toll booth shack to turn off the wires. Once you get to him, you'll get 20 skill points. He'll sell you a range mod, a clip mod, or a flamethrower canister for over 2000 credits each. Steep.

There's a candy bar on one of the tables downstairs and a soda, flares, and lockpick upstairs. Behind the hidden panel (accessed by hacking the keypad behind the bed or using the code 432 or breaking the mirror with a melee weapon (hit the wood sides)) is recoil mod, clip mod, and ballistic armor. Leave now.

Both the clinic and the warehouse are closed. Head to the Bar.

In the alley behind the bar where you probably shot Johnny is a datacube with Renton's ATM info on it. Maybe you will get a reward...: 487659 249087

Go into the bar. Aside from various food and drink, like last time, you can see Harry Filben and talk to the tabloid guy. There's a shotgun and shells behind the bar. ATM is worth 155 (user/pass : 23467 / 4497 : 73432 / 8944)

Outside, the subway is closed, but the door code is 6282.  There's an ATM in the subway, users/pass : 23345 / 2334 : 56328 / 8236.  In an alley near the subway is a bio cell. You can also get into the sewer from here. Head down the hall and avoid or disable the tripwires using the panel, and head to the platform on your right. On the pipe, above, is a bio cell. Back by the door a 10mm cartridge sits on top of the locked door panel. Also, disable the control panel next to it because the lasers in the next room have been lowered. Go through the hatch, down to the door, and open it with code 2167. Grab the 30.06 under the alarm panel. Go up the ladder.

Use the security computer to rotate the bridge and then detour to the metal door on the left side to find 10mm in a crate there. There is also 7.62 hiding under the table there. In the middle of the bridge is a crate with thermoptic camo in it, and getting there is worth 60 skill points. This will be the end of your journey, sadly, as the rest of the lab has apparently collapsed. So leave, and head streetwise, back towards the bar. It's wise to leave by the other exit, as 10mm is hiding by the base of the ladder and it's closer to where you want to be, which is behind the bar. Head to the northwest section of the area and you'll notice that the tunnel that was previously blockaded is now open. You should head that way to get to the old NSF HQ. At the end of the tunnel, first head right and find the 2 hidden combat crates behind the 2 piles of cardboard boxes. There is 7.62 and shotgun shells.

Now head south. Note on your left another pile of cardboard boxes, concealing more crates, which hold shotgun shells and a prod charger. Now head to the blockade and talk to the guy there. Go past it, take a right, and go all the way to the end of the street and you'll find more cardboard boxes with a medkit in a crate stashed there. Now head through the second (empty) blockade through the area transition.

Now, the place is crawling with guards. Luckily, they're friendly, but they won't be as soon as you send the signal; they will, in fact, try to shoot you in the face as soon as you do this. You can take out most of these guards with your stunner as long as another guard does not see it happen. This makes your escape in a few minutes much easier. Head around the large building you see to the alley you'll see on your right side, near the end of the street, or use the main door entrance that is on your right as you head down the street. Just note that on the first floor is a crate with a hazmat suit in it. There are also rockets on a table there. You can find an important nano key in the women's bathroom on the first floor. Also, outdoors on the ramp entrance past the alley are 2 boxes with 7.62 and 30.06 in them, respectively.

The second floor holds 2 crates with buckshot and a medkit. In the computer room on that floor you'll find 2 candy bars and a soda, and 2 troops talking about Simons, who will soon be mad at you. There are also 2 locked doors which lead into the same room. Inside is a bio cell and a datacube with the security login.

The third floor has a crate in a corner with buckshot and a computer room. Use the button in the corner of the computer room to activate the venting, and go into the machine room. Take your first right, then another right and then right at the window to find the security computer you need. Hack it and open the hatch on the first floor. 30 skill points for finding it, by the way. The login is TJEFFERSON and the password is NEWREVOLUTION.

Roof has a crate with 10mm and the broadcast booth for your signal. The booth has a LAM and 7.62 hiding under the tables here. If you want, you can hack the door open now and send the signal, or you can go downstairs, into the hatch, to get more skill points and stuff. I personally like stuff (and skill points), so I always go get the code, even though I can usually hack through it.

Go to the first floor, down the hatch. 50 points immediately. Go down the short hall, open the door. There is a crowbar on the table. You now have 2 choices: left, through a locked door, or right. In the door to the left is a security computer that you might want to use, as it will open many doors for you. The login is TJEFFERSON and the password is NEWREVOLUTION. If you go right, you should disable the control panel to your right as you go that way so as to prevent setting of the laser triplines immediately to your left. Then, either jump over the next set, or use the airshaft on the floor to your left to get past them. Either way you go, using the security computer or the laser tripline tunnel, you'll end up in the same room.

In this room is a hallway (leading to a dead end) and a door. There is also TNT stacked on 2 boxes with stuff in them. Be careful; TNT will go of at the slightest tap, really, so pick it up and to drop it without it blowing up, crouch first. The boxes have a lockpick and a multitool.

Through the door is a virtual fun house of laser lines and turrets. You can disable some of them using the control panel on your left as you enter, and grab the medkit in the crate there. Personally, i like to use the 2 TNT boxes to wreak mayhem on the guns and lines here. At the end of the tunnel is another interesting room. That gas spewing out of the can is toxic; avoid it. The crate contains buckshot. The door on the left is unlocked, and the one on the right is locked, but that can be easily remedied by setting off one of the TNT boxes in the room. Just don't blow yourself up. Inside the locked room is a hazmat suit and 2 kinds of rockets. Then, use the unlocked door. Go down the hall. Assuming you've used the security computer, you'll find a case with stuff in it and a datacube on top of the case that is the object of your quest. The case has a riot prod, charger, datacube, accuracy mod, and gas grenade. 150 skill points for getting the cube. There's also a door in this room that you can blow using some TNT. Inside are 2 bio cells, a lockpick, and a door to another corridor with many tripwires and poison gas. This can be dealt with by using more TNT, if you like. In the boxes are 2 multitools, and behind the gas drum is a control panel that will disable more of the laser lines ahead. Down the hall on the right is a box with a medkit and ballistic armor. Return to the room with the bio cells and go up the stairs out onto the street.

Now you need to get to the roof. Do that. Use the door computer with login MCOLLINS and password REVOLUTION. Open the door and align the satellite. Then, log in to the computer in the other room with NAPOLEON, REVOLUTION. Send the signal, and prepare to fight UNATCO. 300 skill points.

Now the troops will attack you. Get ready to fight your way down. It's a good idea to pick off as many as you can from a distance, if you have the sniper rifle. Your job is to get back to your brother's apartment. I have found that placing a box at the top of a set of stairs and then luring the soldiers to charge up at you works quite well because you can then get them with one grenade once they've all run up to the area with the box. Or that nice TNT box on the 4th floor...

When you enter the hotel, place a LAM on the door frame of Paul's room then talk to him. The raiders will stop next to the room, but one MIB will try to enter and get blown up. At this point, there is a pause; so use it to send a Gas Grenade to the left of the corridor: Fun gas action for the whole family, in other words, pot shots at the MIBs. It's simple, but everyone seems to forget about the effectiveness of Gas Greds.

Please note that if you leave Paul's apartment through the window, he will die even if you killed all the MIBs, so leave through the front door.

Now you have to book it to the subway station, and open it with code 6282. Be careful, because enemies have spawned on the streets, including a battle mech, the likes of which you haven't seen since the first level. Unfortunately, this one is not on your side. Once you get into the subway station, hack the ATM for $375. 50 points for making the subway. Get onto the train.

Now prepare for a showdown with Anna Navarre. She has thermoptic camo, so the only way to know you hit her is when your reticule turns red. You can either run from her, into Gunther's arms, only to have to fight her later, or kill her here. Personally, I like to get into the air shafts and snipe her from there; beware that she explodes when she dies.

Now, like it or not, you're going to get captured by Gunther. You can either surrender gracefully, or get shot by him lots, lose a bunch of health (that won't be healed by the next scenario), and get captured anyway. I leave it to you. 50 skill points for topping the stairs, by the way.

Prison EscapeEdit

(Note: As soon as you enter the prison and it is done loading, you'll only have your weapons for a second. If you access your inventory as soon as it is done loading, you'll be able to drop everything you have in front you. It'll make things a lot easier.)

.Move towards the door until you are contacted. Wait for the lights to go. Then the door will open. Sneak out (crouch) and beware the guard on your right. Move over to the crate and grabe the baton. You haven't got much time. Hit him on the back of the head. It may be that he walks off. If so, open the cell next to yours and hide in there, and ambush him as he goes by.

Go to the desk. Get the codes: 4089 for the detention block door and the cells are 4679. Open the cell with the guy in it. You can either have him come with you, tell him to make a break for it, or tell him to wait here. The latter is probably the best choice; you take care of the guards and cameras first. He'll give you a medkit either way. Go into the cell next to that with the code 4679, and you can heal with the medbot and get 2 lockpicks and a PS20.

The box that the baton was in contains a riot prod. Make sure to avoid the camera when you make your move. Don't forget to sack the file cabinet; you'll get a beer, a multitool, and 10mm for the pistol you should have got from the guard. There is also a locked drawer, which contains a multitool. You can use these 2 multitools to try to disable the camera here, if you want. You have to get the small metal crate, and toss it under the camera, and then use the multitools (you need to have at least a 2 in electronics to do this.

I prefer dashing past it myself; saves tools. You'll get out of the detention block, to a T intersection with a grate in the floor. You'll be contacted, get a floorplan, and get 250 skill points. You should probably get your stuff first, so we'll head to the armory, which will mean you take a right into robot maintenance. Go behind that pipe there on your left, and get the lockpick and crowbar, if you want it. For the curious, you CAN go into the air ducts now if you want, but they lead to the command center and nanotech lab, two places that will be very difficult without your equipment.

Robot MaintenanceEdit

There are guards here. Many guards. They have machine guns, and the odds are that you don't. Be careful, and don't be seen. In the first alcove on the right is a bio cell in a crate, and behind it is a scrambler grenade, which would be good to use on any mechs here. The second alcove has 7.62 and multitool sitting on top of a crate. The third alcove has a multitool sitting on top of a crate. There are a couple of mechanics here, who will tell you stuff, or sell you stuff, including the security login (if you can't hack it) for 500, an accuracy mod, or 7.62. If you want to clear out the room and take all the stuff, the best bet is to make your way to the second floor, into the side corridor to the control center. There you can take out a guard or two who would otherwise spot you, and maybe wreak bloody mayhem with the bots downstairs. Note that on the way up to the control area, there is another set of pipes inset into the wall that a lockpick is hidden behind.

Up in the control area is a computer with the option 'bot AI alteration' which will make them go nuts. Uname: MJ12; PW: Invader. There's also a couple guards, some EMP grenades, and a lockpick or two, plus the armory code and other stuff. One other thing of note is a multitool on the 2nd floor, at the far end of the area on top of a crate near two bots.


The armory is guarded by 2 large robots that will kill you real fast. These aren't your regular, run-of-the-mill sentry bots; these are the kind of mechs that make battletech fans dance the happy dance. The door is locked with code 2971. Get in as quick as you can, and get the guard behind the desk with whatever you've got. Hopefully you won't set off any alarms or the camera in the corner. All your stuff should be in this room, but don't worry about that now. Get upstairs to the security computer and hack it to disable the camera, gun, and warbots outside. There's too much stuff in here for me to describe it all, but there is a LAW on the rack, several assault shotguns, several assault rifles, and a plasma gun in a locked box upstairs. Open it with code 5239 (you find this by hacking the computer and reading the e-mail).

Once you're done with this, it's time to head to another area. Clean up anything that you might not have done on the way to getting your stuff, and head back to the area that you started near, with the grate on the floor.

Next, you should head to the nanotech lab.

Nanotech LabEdit

Getting there won't be too easy, but you have 2 ways of doing it; you can go into the air duct using the grate in the floor, or go around through the command post to get there. Using the grate is somewhat convenient; just go down the hole and take the right (the straight/left leads to the command center). There are several places that you can pop up in, under the unsuspecting eyes of several guards and a MIB, but that might not be the best choice. You can pop up and sneak or snipe some people, but you'll be invariably surrounded.

For those who wish to brave the command post, here is the path. Go down the hall that you' haven't been yet, past the sign that says 'command center'. You're going to want to sneak out when the guards aren't looking, staying against the right- hand wall, and sneaking into the corridor immediately to your right. See the map for clarification (in your 'image' submenu).

Now, run around the corner as fast as you can. You see, someone is going to talk to you around that corner, and if you are still visible from the doorway, the guards can walk by and notice while you are talking to him, and will attack you right after the conversation. This person will give you the medical code, 0199.

On top of a stack of boxes is a crate with a gas grenade. You'll note, looking towards the lab, a grate at about eye level. If you get up there, you can ambush the guard on the platform there and maybe get some good shots at the enemies below. However, it will be difficult to get there without the speed aug. It is possible without it, if you use one of the small stepping boxes below. What i did was get up there and knock out the guard with the stun prod without anyone noticing. I then shot another guard with a silenced sniper rifle in the head, and he dropped like a rock, and i dodged into the space between the grates on the upper platform to avoid being spotted. Note that there is a security camera under the platform and facing the doorway into the next room. It's protected, so you can't shoot it or use tools on it from the side or behind. To get into the next room, it might be a good idea to use one of the grates in the floor to sneak into the next chamber.

The next room has an MIB you'll have to take care of, (remember he explodes when he dies) and several scientists that will likely run when you kill him. It also has tranq darts, a computer you should hack to open the containment field around the aug canister, and controls to let out the greasels. You can cause a lot of mayhem that way, but you'll have to kill them if you do; and they spit poison something fierce. Login is dmoreau, pw raptor, if you can't or won't hack it. The crate by the wall has a medkit. The Aug has Aggressive Defense System, which destroys incoming missiles, and Spy Drones, which allow you to power spy drones to fly around and spy for you. The file cabinet in the corner has a multitool a datacube with the 0199 door code and login Psherman pw Raven, and another data cube listing all of the logins for all the UNATCO people.

  • ajacobson - calvo
  • anavarre - scryspc
  • ghermann - zeitgeist
  • JCD - bionicman
  • jmanderley - knight_killer
  • jreed - redshoes
  • jreyes - amigo
  • klloyd - target
  • scarter - antique

You can use these upstairs to figure out Anna Navarre's kill phrase, if you want it and she isn't already dead from the fight in the subway.

From here you can also get into some air duct tunnels that lead into a basement area with a greasel that got free. It's worth 100 skill points to go down there. You will find in the boxes some ballistic armor and a plasma clip. Don't forget to install your aug before you go.

On to medlab.


You're going to turn a corner and notice a waiting room of sorts to your left. The secretary inside is hostile, so see if you can knock her out with a riot prod before she sounds the alarm. Now, note the large cage in front of you. 2 large beasts roam there, with the addition of a machine gun. You have a couple of choices in how you deal with this.

  • Don't mess with it.
  • Open the doors and let the beasts take care of the guards in front of the

medlab door. Then, kill the things by hand or with the autogun in the cage.

  • Kill the things with the autogun, just for fun.
  • Kill the things with the autogun, open the door, and let the autogun kill the

guards by the medlab door.

Anyway, go right. You'll note a baton and a datacube with the security login info, namely MJ12:INVADER. There also a grate here, into the air duct system. From here, you can release the beasts on the guards, if you want. The grate leads to a duct in the medlab, so you can get in without any violence. Getting to Paul is worth 500 skill points. You'll also get the code to the exit door, 1125, which is in the command center. Going in the medlab door is also worth 500 points; if you came in the air duct, head to the door and get that 500, coming from the other direction (this may be a bug).

To actually activate the security features and autogun, you need to head left from the office. Then, knock out or kill the guard here and hack the security computer against the south wall. Set the gun to attack everything; that will shoot the beasts and the guards (if you open the door).

Command CenterEdit

Now you want to get out of here. Head for the command center. This part here is rather non-easy, if you know what i'm saying. It might even be a good idea to go back to the air vent hatch in the floor outside of detention and use it to get into the command center.

The command center consists of an office surrounded by a walkway and then an elevated walkway. Guards circle it constantly. Getting in isn't that easy without being seen. There are also guards inside the office, and dogs too.

Regardless, inside the central office you can find several items, including an assault rifle with 7.62, a gas grenade, and a security camera that shows cameras you've probably already seen. L: MJ12 PW: invader

On the opposite side of the office is the security door to get out. Use the code 1125 to open it. Go around the corner, and beware the guard at the desk there. By now, I had rifles:3 and maxxed out the accuracy on the sniper rifle, plus fitted it with a sniper scope, so i get no wobblies through the scope (maxxing out the accuracy mods on a weapon is worth a whole skill level, it seems), so I took care of him with a head shot.

Before you leave, don't forget to get the prisoner in detention. I always do.

Continue down the hallway and it will change areas. 200 skill points. Go past the window and use the button to open the door. Now you're in UNATCO HQ.


You find yourself in medical. Get the Aug canister next to Jamie, and install either energy shield or regeneration. Then talk to Jamie. You can either have him come with you, or stay here. I always choose stay at UNATCO because he'll show up later in France and give you Gunther's killswitch that way. Otherwise, you have to fight him, and Gunther + Plasma rifle = bad news. The closet has a medkit in a crate.

Go across the hall to Alex's. Grab the multitool on the table. Closet has a bio cell and a lockpick. Talk to Alex and he'll give you the key to the front door. The floor panel has 600c on a credit chit.

Now go see Carter at the armory. He'll unlock the door for you. There's some good stuff in here including a GEP gun and a rebreather. Load up.

Across the Hall, Anna's Office has 30.06 and 7.62 on the table. If you have not killed Anna yet, it is very important that you get into her computer to decrypt part of her killphrase. Use: ghermann : zeitgeist

Now head up to the next level. Closet has a bio cell. The case in the break room has sabot shells and a plasma clip. There is 10mm to the left of it. Go into the room with the vending machine and talk to the woman there. She talks about stealing stuff from HQ, and offers to sell you 3 scrambler grenades for 1250 each. ATM is worth 0. Other closet in the hall has a flare. Just one.

Time to see Manderley. He'll be green for a short time after your conversation, and then he'll try to kill you. If that happens, or maybe before that happens, shoot him in the face. Repeatedly. It will make you feel better. Then, go get the candy bar in his bathroom. MMMM delicious. If you haven't killed Anna yet, get the other half of her killphrase from Manderley's computer. jmanderley : knight_killer

One of the upper offices has a picture of an acoustic gunfire sensor and a multi- tool on the bookshelf. The other has a guard and a lockpick on the bookshelf. Use the key you got from Alex to open the glass door there. Go past the security door with the guard. 165 skill points. Now, someplace around here, Anna will try to kill you, if you haven't already got her. If you meet her now, you can use her kill phrase and she'll die instantly. Neat trick, eh?

Leave the building, skip the helicopter, and go over to the comm van. Behind it is a crate with 10mm. Avoid the camera, and open the door with 0451. Get the scrambler grenade and 10mm off the table, and recharge with the maintenance bot. Use the security computer to open the hatch outside to get the EMP grenade within. The crate outside has a multitool. There is a crowbar nearby.

Now, get on the helicopter.

Hong KongEdit

Secret Majestic 12 Helicopter BaseEdit

Your ride has been diverted directly into an MJ12 hanger. Your mission is to release the chopper from the lockdown. The area you are in has no enemies until you go down to the barracks.

You can do this several ways. If you don't mind killing, you should explore the vent system till you find the fueling area. This is the area below the massive numbered pipes you saw froim the hanger lvl. There, you can enter 99871 to release poison through the lower levels. Warning, this gas will hit you too. You can avoid the gas by staying in the center of the vents. A hazmat suit is in the north vent area. This kills 5 out of 7 of the lower lvl troops.

With or without that done, you should go to the flight control deck and enter the left one, its unlocked. Hack the terminal and turn off the cameras and do what you will with the turret. The grate below leads to a mech (1 of 2) that will attack you as you leave the area. Use an EMP or explosive to remove that threat. You can get to the other one through the vents on the other side the same way.

I was able to remove the barracks guards by sneaking around them. Even with 6 guys in the room, none of them are looking behind. A sneak hit with a baton to the guard in the chair can silently remove him. Then the far right guard. The last three in the group can be trickier. I had to use the stun rod to knock one out then stun the other. The front guard did not notice this.

Explore to your heart's content. There is a sniper rifle in the barracks that you can use to shoot off the small locked doors down there. Picking the locks is somewhat wasteful. Only the middle and right lockers have useful finds. The left locked one has pistol ammo.

The roof has two guards, but the only items up there are swords. One guard has a GEP gun that you may want.

When you are ready, release the chopper and let it blast the door out. I tried to time this so the energy bot was not near the blast. There will be an electricity barrier at the exit which you can use a multi-tool on, or just walk through losing some bio-electric energy in the process, and perhaps taking minor damage. There are two multi-tools in the armory that should be easily reached now. The vents lead there too. When you are ready, crawl through the broken doorway that was shot by the helicopter and proceed to the elevator. 

This walkthrough is missing a lot of important parts from this point forward, I suggest you continue through this visual walkthrough.

Wan ChaiEdit

    • Feel Free to explore, as Hong Kong has a ton of hidden places to discover and goodies to be had.** 

You will exit the elevator, and be told to look for Tracer Tong at a compound nearby.  Immediately to your right is the Police Station (code: 911), go there, and be ready to handle a police officer.  (The recommended approach is a quiet approach so he won't alert others, who will set off an alarm).  Using a riot prod, knock him out, reload if you need to, and use the riot prod on the next officer in the following room you gain access to by a button the wall.  There is a data cube on the table in the first room, and one in the corner in the second room.  Access the panel on the wall, hack or use name/password: tam/dragon, turn off cameras, open the panel if it is not already open on the 3rd camera.  Ignore the 5 digit coded panel on the other wall that leads downstairs for now.

Go back out the way you came in, and turn on your light (F12), look for the Secret Storage room in the building just in front of you to the right, the door should be open, otherwise it takes 1 lockpick.  There are 3 boxes, and they contain a sword, a lockpick, and a baton.  Crouch to the hidden panel and the code is 22. Inside there will be a data cube, a multi-tool, 2 gas grenades, 2 pepper cartridges, a prod charger ammo, a biocell, and a lockpick. Leave. 

Go North until you hit the wall with the Lucky Money sign next to the newspaper vendor and an armed guard nearby.  Go left (west), and get some money from the ATM: 8326942 / 7797.  Go East, then go South past the newpaper vendor and you will receive a transmission telling you that you are next to the compound, turn left and talk to Gordon Quick who is guarding the compound.  He will tell you to get the Dragon's Tooth Sword from Maggie Chow.  Go toward the Lucky Money Club and follow the signs for Tonochi Road.  

Tonochi RoadEdit

As soon as you enter, there is a sign right in front of your face to go left, but don't.  Go right, and turn on your light. Go left, over the bridge, then turn left again.  This is the way across as there was another bridge that was destroyed the other way.  Go past the 2 Chinese Military / Police Officers, turn right into the tunnel. 

When you walk through, a man will approach you and tell you Maggie Chow is a snake.  Continue to the building with the automatic doors on the left (Queen's Tower).  Keep in mind there are multiple ways to reach Miss Chow / the Dragon Tooth Sword.  This is the most direct way.  Alternate ways exist, if you wish to explore.  Go into the fancy building (Queen's Tower) and to the right, there will be a room with a Credit Chit on the table and a security panel on the wall: queenstower / security. Then go to the left elevator (Penthouse elevator) in the back.  

Maggie Chow's ApartmentEdit

A maid will take you to Maggie Chow.  She will give you a code and a secondary goal to go to the police station and find evidence of who is behind the Dragon's Tooth Sword, then return to her.  If you don't trust her, as she tells you the opposite of what your brother's friends have told you, you can kill her.  If you leave, and go back to the Police Station, find the evidence and come back, she will not be there.  

Either way, proceeding in Maggie Chow's apartment, act like you are leaving, but go to the far East wall, then you will see a paper lantern above a doorway, you will hear the sounds of laser wires as well.  Right Clicking the paper lantern opens a secret door.  There are laser wires and MJ12 troops which can all be avoided by going straight, and hacking the panel or using the code: 718.  This opens a secret door, and shows you the Dragon's Tooth Sword that is locked up.  Avoid the camera in the corner by staying along the walls.  Access the computer terminal in the corner: mchow/insurgent.  

Grab the Dragon's Tooth Sword (This is SUPREMELY good melee weapon), watch the hologram message from Walton Simons if you wish, and leave the apartment the way you came in.  Remember to crouch so the MJ12 Troops don't hear you. 

Wan ChaiEdit

Go to the Police Station and use the code Maggie Chow gave you.  Grab some goodies and a couple data cubes.  Go to the Lucky Money Club.

Lucky MoneyEdit

When you approach the club, you will need to pay 25 credits, then go in.  Go straight to the back and use the Dragon's Tooth Sword on one of the mirrors.  Go and talk to Max Chen and JC will tell to him that Maggie Chow was the one who had stolen the Dragon's Tooth so that she could make the Triads fight with each other and then the Majestic 12 could rule the streets.  After the conversation mj commandos will come at lucky money to attack the people.  You can help the Triads to kill them and then Tracer Tong will tell to come to meet him.  Pick up the bio-cells from the dead commandos.  Go to Wan Chai and talk to Gordon Quick and he will give you the password to access through the door behind him.

Wan Chai / Tracer Tong's CompoundEdit

Go into the compound after you have spoken with Gordon Quick.  Go to the back, then downstairs to the right, this leads to a long hallway and down some more stairs to some living quarters, go the rear and enter the same code as the compound, go down and find Tracer Tong.  He will tell you to step into a circle and will deactivate the killswitch.  Explore the facility after your killswitch has been deactivated.  Talk to Tracer Tong again when you're ready.  He will send you to Versa-Life, as they have the ROM encoding for the Dragon's Tooth Sword.  Giving the ROM encoding to the other Triad will balance the region once more, Tracer Tong believes.  


Enter the code number 06288 to enter the Versalife complex. As was mentioned in the briefing to enter Versalife, you can meet with the shift supervisor to obtain the password at the cost of a few thousand credits. You can also speak with a worker to get the password (after you assassinate the supervisor), or hack a terminal to retrieve the elevator password.

Head down the elevator on the third floor to proceed. In all cases, the elevator password is 6512.

On entering the lobby of the underground labs, you will be greeted by a supervisor that informs you about the status of your pass if you cause trouble, it will be cancelled at any time, particularly when the alarm is set off. To reach Level 1, you will need to open the hidden stairs underneath the hand; either crack the keypad to the right, or head down the back left corridor and enter the elevator to the room overlooking the lobby.

Just beyond the stairs is your main objective—the computer in the center of the room contains the schematics for the Dragon Tooth Sword. When you are ready to set off the alarm, head up the elevator in the central column, type in MChow - DAMOCLES and upload the schematics.

You can also visit the first floor labs which are further down the corridor. From there, you can find a few augmentation canisters. The code for the chamber is 6878, but hacking the computer will disable the hazards within the room and open the door for you.

When you are finished with Versalife, head to the temple in the market place. The security guards will be hostile as you exit, and will attack with their pistols. In addition, the supervisor will also attack as well.

Code for magnetic testing chamber is 6878.

Versalife - Universal ConstructorEdit

When you return to Tracer Tong, you will be briefed about Versalife. There is a second laboratory level that could be the source of the virus. He gives you the code to that area, 55655, and asks you to return to Versalife.

While you can take the front entrance, this is not recommended as MJ12 commandos and large spider bots are deployed in the area. A much easier path is through the Canal Road to the left of the Triad base.

Regardless of which path, you will need to enter Level 2. From the elevator, look for a floor panel that can be lifted (or head directly down the corridor, past the troop and the robot.) If you entered by the canal, head to just underneath the floor panels. Use the code 768 (as found from the Canal Road entrance) to open another path to the exit; if you take this route, you will also have to hack the computer upstairs.

Blue lasers will block access to the floor below; tripping them triggers the alarm and awakens the nearby robots. The comuter at the end of the hall contains the virus schematics required by Tong, and can also open access to the Universal Constructor.

The Universal constructor room has four containers containg three augmentations and one upgrade, and can be taken using multitools or the codes (01, 02, 03 or 04).

At the bottom will be the keypad to shut down the Universal Constructor, as well as Maggie Chan (if she is still alive). You can learn the code earlier, but Daedelus will give the code 525. Once it is destroyed, you can enter the floor below for a quick exit to the Canals.

Wan ChaiEdit

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New YorkEdit

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Sub BaseEdit

From where Jock drops you off go through the grate to your immediate front. When you go through here the guards should be friendly if you talked to Vinny. Talk to the guy in front of the gate and he will give you a nano key to the main gate. From here you can go two ways The Path Underground and The Path Above Ground.

The Path UndergroundEdit

If you choose the path underground back track a little to the front of the guard quarters without going through the gate. There should be a grate which you can use to access the sewers. From here there will be a gap with three pipes that require some jumping. In the water below towards the end of the gap there should be a gas grenade and inside the first pipe there should be an emp grenade, grab them both. Once you pass the jumping puzzle there should be some laser trip wires here, these are blue and can be easily passed using the pepper spray trick, or if you want you can purposely trip them and unleash spider bots. After the laser trip wire set there is a ladder you can go up it to find yourself under a small bridge, also be careful to not be seen by the guard that patrols here. If you choose to go through here you will need to deal with 2 GIANT FREAKING SECURITY BOTS and several guards, but hey if you want to do it by all means go ahead(Only way I see you can do this without being shot to death is if you have a lot of thermoptic camos or some camos and master in environmental training).

First LadderEdit

So continue up this ladder then follow the road and turn left towards the crane or door and use the door and use the crane(during all of this you are being shot at by guards and mechs, try the scrambler grenade on one of them pretty helpful!). If you use the door use the code 0909 and walk through and your done. If you use the crane use the elevator, once you reach the top walk forward into the control room to your immediate left under a computer there is a sniper rifle and two 30.06 ammo. use the button on the control deck to lower the crane. Walk on the crane being careful not to fall to your death. Once you reach the end drop down onto the rooftop. Smack the vent with a melee weapon(dragon tooth sword FTW) or pick the lock. Then go through the vent

In the long stretch of "clear land" after the trip wire set are two active gas grenades run up to them and defuse them. To your left is a ladder that leads to the storage warehouse

The Path Above Ground


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The ShipEdit

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Floor 1Edit

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Floor 2Edit

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Floor 3Edit

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Below DecksEdit

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The ClubEdit

Pretty straightforward go through the club talk to the door man and pay 300 credits for entry and proceed or alternatively you can pick the lock to the grate on your right (50% lock, 50% strength) crawl through it to end up behind the doorman and grab the nanokey to the club or you can pick the lock to the club (90% lock, INF strength). Either way you are in the club.

In here there are sodas, soy foods and wines around the place grab them if you feel like it. If you talk to the dancing nurse you can pay her 20 credits for information. In the furtherest corner to your left are two woman talking about Silhouette and Chad, you can talk to them and tell them Chad is okay and you can ask about Nicolette. To your right is a man sitting buy himself and if you approach him he will offer to sell you a bioelectric cell for 250 credits. In the bar backroom is a man in a locked room who will offer you some information for 1000 credits(Don't pay him you get the information from here for free, there is an arms smuggler who lives in building 11 and is out of town, in his apartment there is a lot of goodies such as throwing knives and a locked chest). Nothing else in the bottom floor of the club. Go to the top level and have a look at the decor, also talk to the woman sitting by herself, she will offer to contact you with Nicolette if you meet her outside the club. Go to the east of the zone, there are pistol rounds and 2 medkits


The streets are guarded by MJ12 troopers, Paris police and the mechs from the armoury in UNATCO, police won't bother you but MJ12 will. If you came from the sewers and took a left there will be a shack to your immediate left and that controls the security bots hack it or get the login from the couple in the cafe where you meet Jamie if you tell him to stay as a spy. Deactivate them, however be careful as there are MJ12 troopers right outside and a guard dog, on the same table is a datacube and bioelectric cell.

Chateau DuClareEdit

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The easiest way into Chateau Duclare is the back door which wooden boards can be destroyed with melee attacks. Afterwards, the first key that is needed to be found is behind the lamp in the gallery of the second floor.

Knights Templar CathedralEdit

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Monk's QuartersEdit

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West BuildingEdit

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Grab 900 credits from the ATM. Account: 576001, PIN: wyrdred08

Everett's HouseEdit

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The code to Morpheus chamber is 8001.

Vandenberg BaseEdit

Arriving at Vandenberg Edit

When you are dropped off on the roof of the Vandenberg compound, you'll be greeted by Carla Brown. She mentions that the base is under lockdown because of hostile bots. There are four of them patrolling on the eastern edge of the building - if you have a ranged explosive weapon, you could hit them from the roof but that may be an expensive or inaccurate tactic.

There are three routes from the roof. One involves breaking a glass window and dropping onto a lamp rail in the front atrium, and a second involves jumping onto piping on the western edge of the building. Both of these are damaging.

The intended route requires taking the stairs inside, and using the elevator. The elevator is guarded by two MJ12 troops, but has an upper vent that can be accessed by a ladder.

To help take out the four robots, you can release two robots from the hangar. To do so, you need to activate two generators - one is in the first floor in the compound, on the north-west corner of the first floor, and the second is outside on the south-west corner, next to a water tower. Enter the code provided by Carla, 5868 on both generators. When you reach the hangar, press the two buttons next to the doorways to release the robots.

When all four are destroyed, head into the comm building. The scientist will inform you to proceed through the tunnels to retrieve the command center key.

Vandenberg tunnels Edit

Enemies in this area are mostly robotic spiders.

There are a few possible routes. If you want to go by the ground, expect to encounter mini-spiders and a run through a radioactive area. There is a route in the ceiling above that is safer.

Near the end of the tunnel is a room with a bridge. Since you can't cross it, you need to head into the control room (either by jumping down or by the stairs), and adjust the elevator to floor 3.

Cross the bridge for the last mini-spider. You should also find the key to the command center next to the scientist.

Command center Edit

When you enter the command center, speak with Dr. Savage. After a short discussion, the doors to the computer room will open. The safest way to clear it is to walk behind the computers and bypass the electric panel at the back. Take the lift to the second floor, and bypass the second electric panel as well. Login to the computer with the username and password provided, and provide MilNet access to Daedalus.

At this point, you are hit with two plot events. First, Daedalus and Icarus merge to form a new AI, Helios. When you return to Dr. Savage, you will learn from Page that he has captured Tiffany.

Finish up any remaining tasks at Vandenberg, and head to the helicopter at the front of the base.

Abandoned Gas Station Edit

At the road beside the gas station, you can find two people who were forced out of the gas station - in some cases, you may even find Sandra Renton. You can collect the sewer key from them (or from a dead body further along the road), as well as purchase some hardware.

The sewer access is located near your insertion point. Unlock the door on the left, and climb up.

Tiffany is located in the furthest building. There are two guards within that building; a MiB and a regular MJ12 troop. If they are alerted, the troop will activate the alarm, and attempt to kill Tiffany. Eliminate the guards between Tiffany and the nearby junkyard to ensure she escapes.

Rescuing Tiffany isn't required to complete the game, but you will get an augmentation upgrade canister later.

Ocean LabEdit

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The mission begins in a camp with a fenced-off area in the middle. Ahead and behind you will be two Dobermans, though neither pair will happen upon you by chance. Above and to the right you'll see a guard tower with a single guard who is armed with a sniper rifle. Dispatch the guard with a medium or long-range weapon, or hide from him along the wooden fence.

Follow the fence in the direction you were originally facing, taking out the pair of Dobermans as you see fit. Stealth is your friend in this section. If the dogs start barking, the alarm will be raised and you may have to deal with more enemies than you bargained for. Continue to follow the fence around until you come to the southwest corner, where you will want to carefully approach. There is a Doberman waiting just around the corner that will bark and alert more guards if not dealt with quietly. Use a powerful melee weapon or tranquilizer darts to put the animal down.

West of your current position, there will be a guard house. Three guards are inside playing cards and discussing the use of civilians in their operations. There are windows on the eastern wall of the shack that you can break to take out at least one guard before they know you're there. Once alerted, at least one of the remaining guards will run outside. You can take him out with whichever weapon you choose. After taking care of the last guard, enter the shack and collect all the goodies laying around. There are two 100-credit chits on the table, along with a soda. There are three more sodas on the shelf on the west side of the room.

Upstairs, you will find a multitool laying on the table. On the north-facing side of the pillar in the room, there's a keypad with a 2-digit code. Use the multitool to hack the keypad, which will reveal a staircase leading to the attic. In the attic you will find crates containing a lockpick, a medkit and ammunition. Once you're done raiding the attic, head out of the second-story door on to the catwalk that leads to the inner courtyard area. Approach the courtyard with care. Inside will be two medium security bots and at least one guard on patrol between the second story buildings that can spot you if you approach too hastily.

Sneak in to the courtyard without engaging any foes, and sneak around the south wall of the southern building. You will need to access this building to gain access to the silo. There are a number of ways to do this. If you prefer to stealth past as many guards as possible, there is a metal door in a fenced-off area next to the northern building. It requires two lock picks, but grants immediate access to the silo facility. If you need to stock up on supplies, however, there are two doors on the north wall. The western door opens with three lock picks and allows you to completely bypass three guards. The eastern door requires only two lock picks, but you will have to deal with two extra guards: one patrolling the building, and one seated facing the wall. If you opt for the eastern door, there will be a room with several supply crates. Behind a large metal crate, there is a vent that you can use to access the area behind the western door, which will lead you to a staircase that you can take up to the second story catwalks.

If you don't want to use lock picks, and aren't too worried about being stealthy, alarming the guards inside the eastern building will cause them to run out, in some cases leaving the door open behind them. Either door will provide full access to the building. Be sure to quick-save before attempting this, however, as the doors sometimes close on their own. If both guards exit the building and the doors close, you will have no choice but to use the lock picks.

If you managed to approach the staircase stealthily, there will be a guard seated at a desk at the top of the staircase, so approach silently to avoid him or get the drop on him. One final guard will be patrolling the catwalks if you haven't already killed him. Proceed over the catwalks to the northern building, and take the ladder down to the first floor. If you have the health regeneration augment, use it to top your health up, then use the maintenance bot to top off your bioelectrics. On the floor in the north-east corner of the room there will be an unlocked vent that you can use to access the rest of the facility.

Once inside the silo facility, there will be a staircase going in both directions. Follow it down to the bottom, and you will find an elevator and a large door secured with a keypad. The keypad can be bypassed with two multi-tools, however Dr. Savage told you that the code was 8456 when you landed. Use the code to access the door, and the one beyond it. You will be in a room with a tunnel that is alarmed at the far end by three laser trip wires. You can disable the trip lasers by bypassing the circuit box at the tunnel entrance. On the laser end of the tunnel, an MJ12 Commando will be patrolling. In the command center above him, there are three Men in Black. You must defeat the Men in Black in order to abort the launch and reprogram the coordinates. If you head left after exiting the tunnel, there will be a bathroom with two methods of access. You may either pick the lock (40%) or use a ladder on the opposite wall to climb up to a loft-type area with two supply crates and a Chiang Arcbot Model 2. Defeat the bot and proceed to drop in through what would be the bathroom's ceiling, if it had one. Inside, a man will tell you about Howard Strong and that he is really an agent for Majestic 12. The man insists that he isn't crazy. There will be a datacube on the sink that tells you that the login for the launch computer is Username: Elder, Password: Armageddon. Exit the bathroom and head for the staircase that was to your right when you exited the tunnel. Once there, Dr. Savage will instruct you to use the abort button to abort the current launch, then use the security terminal on the wall to program a new launch. Use the username and password or simply use your Icebreaker augment to hack in, and then reprogram the launch.

Bob Page will gloat over your infolink that you won't be able to launch the missile. Exit the area through the tunnel you used to enter it and continue heading straight back in to the now-accessible missile silo. Inside, Page will tell you that they have a few minutes before they need to terminate the missile, so they might as well destroy you too. There will be yet another tunnel, this one far longer than the first. Waiting at the end will be two MJ12 Commandos and two Men in Black. As they are alerted to your presence, the lights in the tunnel will go out, forcing you to fight in the dark. Use accurate fire or a couple of LAMs to take the group out. Once the group is done for, hop on the elevator in the silo proper and head to floor six. There will be one more Man in Black waiting for you. Kill him, and hop back on the elevator. If you need to heal and recharge, there is a maintenance bot on floor 4. Arcbots are on floor 3, so there is no reason to stop there. If you try to go to floor 2, Howard Strong will be there with a plasma gun ready to fry you when you get off. Either deal with him there, or hit floor 1 to begin with, and you will come up beneath him. Once you're beneath him, he can no longer shoot you, but you will be able to take potshots at him with a pistol-type weapon or sniper rifle. Kill Strong, and then head back to floor 6 while you listen to Page finally admit you've won this round. Climb the ladder, press the button at the top, and Jock will be waiting for you once you exit the silo.

Area 51Edit

Ground Zero Edit

The missile strike damaged the area outside, but there are a few soldiers in hiding.

The immediate threat is the sniper in the tower directly ahead. Hug the wall around the helipad, or take out the sniper from your current position. You will need to enter the tower to open the blast doors leading to Area 51, however, there are live LAMs at the first ladder from ground level.

When you approach the blast doors, Walton Simons will approach from the Comm Building (if you haven't defeated him already). As with the last encounter, he will use a plasma rifle.

The hangar contains a few MJ12 troops, and an alternate route into the base though the vent.

If you enter by the front door, the camera in front will first try to trigger the alarm. There will also be two medium security robots on patrol. You would first need to activate power to the elevator past the right passage, then turning on the generator. The elevator can then be used to reach the inner facility.

If you want to enter by the vent, the cheapest way is to jump on top, and destroy the fan. When you jump down, you should land in water. If desired, you can swim deeper to reach a laser mod. Head down the side corridor to reach the elevator area, and the entrance to Area 51.

Entrance Edit

The first room has a camera-triggered turret, and a blue laser grid. Jump over or disrupt the grid to avoid releasing mini-spider bots. However, the first generator will begin to signal an alarm as you approach - it will explode after a few seconds.

Morgan Everett will try to speak with you through the comm station. He will relay the code for the local crew area, 8946, and warn you about Tracer Tong. This code allows you to reach the barracks, and recreation. You can find a code here, 0169, that opens one of the beds in the barracks, where you can retrieve the Sector 3 key.

Proceeding further south leads to a group of soldiers, including a sniper. It also is the entrance to Sector 3. Use either the key, or use enough picks to clear the 90% door strength.

The first room in Sector 3 is an elevator leading down. However, an MJ12 soldiers and a MIB will come out of the elevator and prevent you from passing. Page will comment on your performance, based on how much damage you receive. You will also speak with Tracer Tong, and get briefed on his opinion about Area 51 - he wants it destroyed.

Reactor lab and Helios Edit

Past the door is the coolant filtration and separation tank. While a few transgenics are on the ground level, the threat is from the catwalks above, with MJ12 soldiers, an MJ12 sniper, an MJ12 soldier with a GEP gun, and a MiB. They may be useful as a fleeing individual may open the blast door to the Aquinas hub; but if you can't get past the door yourself, you'll have to find other means.

You can find a multitool in the separation tank, which can single-handedly open the reactor lab door. There is also a datacube with the login (area51, bravo13) for the security terminal that can also open the reactor lab door. Avoid the spider bots patrolling outside the blast door, and the two Grays in the reactor lab, and speak with the mechanic overseeing the reactors to obtain the code; if he somehow dies, you can retrieve the code from a dead mechanic in the irridated section below.

Open the Aquinas hub door with the code 1038. Climb down the ladder, and take a left to go across the bridge (with an MJ12 Commando en-route). Head to the elevator in the hub, and go to the third floor, and speak with Helios. The AI will want to integrate with you, give it's reasons, and allows you to proceed to Sector 4. Return, but you will quickly encounter four MJ12 commandos attempting to attack. These commandos can destroy the two robots that Helios sends out, but it is more than enough to allow you to escape.

Head to the stairwell. You can get an image of Sector 4 from the dead mechanic, but will need to climb down the stairs to continue. At bottom of the stairs is a large spider bot. It can be destroyed with the TNT crates, or disabled by any EMP grenades you have left. If you can run past the spider bot, you can also collect a LAW launcher.

Either Gary Savage or Paul Denton will use the communicator to speak with you, and give a summary of the situation. Helios has already shutdown power to government buildings, and has order the removal of barricades and closures of the triads.

Bob Page Edit

Your final task is to prevent Bob Page from entering power, by following any of the three options given. You cannot attack him directly, as he is protected by shielding. Regardless of which path you take, there are the following defenses:

  • Near bob page are two turrets, which activate as soon as you enter his room. Bob Page also radiates an EMP, which will drain your energy.
  • On the top and bottom floors are universal constructors that produce mini-spiderbots or transgenics. You can enter nearby room by picking or breaking the door, and pulling the switch to close the UC.

Join Illuminati Edit

Before you meet with Bob Page, Alex will give you first three digits for the Blue Fusion units, 7243. The four fusion units are found:

  1. In the south-west corner of the upper floor. Note that activating this unit will release two guard bots, but you can plant traps to take them out.
  2. Directly below Bob Page, on the second floor, past the radiation room.
  3. Directly below Bob Page on the ground floor, on the east side of the center pillar.
  4. In the south-east corner, in the radioactive room.

Once all four devices are activated, head to the control room behind Bob page, and press the button. Bob Page will be killed.

Merge with Helios AI Edit

The Aquinas Substation is located on the north-east corner of the first floor. Despite having two entrances, the safest option is from the ground floor, since you do no have to cross electric arcs. Because this is a dangerous section, you may want to

Almost as soon as the door to the room opens, two power stations explode and release electrical arcs all over the room. You will first need to disarm them by using multitools on the electric panel. Once the electric arcs stop, hack the terminal in the corner to open the door for the Aquinas Routers. Take the southern elevator to the second floor and the routers.

Activate the bandwidth channels on both sides of the room, then login to the computer with the username and password provided (or hack into it). Once the primary router is active, return to Helios and begin the integraion.

New Dark Age Edit

The coolant substation is located in the north-west corner of the lower floor. If you don't have multitools to pick the lock, you can either find the code within the middle floor on the south-east corner of the room, approach the coolant by swimming underneath the door.

Press the button in the coolant control room, to allow the reactors to overheat. You can leave either by the water or through the front door; while there is a vent in the coolant control area, it only leads to the nearby room rather than outside (and it is a one-way vent.)

Return to the reactor labs. Deactivate the failsafes at the bottom of the reactors, then head to the control room. Activate the ion injectors one by one. The mechanic will realize what is going to happen, and will attack you with his pistol. The button to engage the reactor will be revealed, and you can destroy Area 51.

Ending SequencesEdit

JC is contacted by Tong, Everett, and the Helios AI simultaneously. All three factions ask for his help in defeating Page, while furthering their own objectives, and JC is forced to choose between them:

Helios EndingEdit

Helios wishes to merge with Denton and rule the world as a benevolent dictator with infinite knowledge and reason.

Requirements: Deactivate the uplink locks of the Aquinas Protocol and come to Helios
Cutscene: JC Denton speaks with Helios, enters in its machine and merges with it

If there were no god, it would be necessary to invent him.

- Voltaire

Illuminati EndingEdit

Everett offers Denton the chance to bring the Illuminati back to power by killing Bob Page and using the technology of Area 51 to rule the world with an invisible hand.

Requirements: Neutralize the four blue fusion reactors and cut the power of Bob Page's defense
Cutscene: JC Denton and Morgan Everett talking and life returning to normal around the world, a resemblance of Page and Simons in the begining of the game

Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven.

- Paradise Lost, John Milton

Dark Age EndingEdit

Tong seeks to plunge the world into a second Dark Age by destroying the global communications hub and preventing anyone from taking control of the world.

Requirements: Cut the coolant flow and initiate a meltdown
Cutscene: Area 51 begins to explode inside and JC Denton is presumed to be killed in the process

Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth...

- Kahlil, Gibran

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