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The Devastator Shotgun is variant of the Widowmaker TX Tech-1 Tactical Shotgun, and a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Devastator is a fully-automatic drum-fed variant that only loads Armor Piercing shells.

  • Normal and EMP shotgun shells cannot be used on the Devastator.
  • The Devastator has a maximum range of 35 meters, higher than the standard shotgun's range of 25 meters.
  • Base rate of fire is higher than the standard shotgun, but the standard shotgun fires at a similar rate when its rate of fire is fully upgraded.
  • The Devastator has a significantly larger magazine (32 rather than 6-12 round), higher damage-per-shot against hard targets, lower recoil, and longer maximum range (35 meters rather than 25 meters), as compared to the standard shotgun.
  • The Devastator may be traded for one of Nada Birak's special stocks.

Like the standard shotgun, the devastator also fires 8 pellets per shell, but has a higher maximum range. Despite having a higher nominal accuracy, its pellet spread is wider, a characteristic not reflected by the nominal stats.

The devastator shotgun only fires AP shells, which are rare, expensive, and hard to find. Since only a limited amount of armor piercing ammo can be obtained throughout the game, players who prefer to use shotguns primarily or exclusively may still need to carry around a standard shotgun. Please see the article on shotgun ammunition for a list of ammo locations.


Four instances of the weapon appear during the game.

  • Purchasable from Mikael Mendel's shop starting during the second and third visit to Prague (for a total of two purchasable instances).
  • During the third visit to Prague (martial law), a Devastator can be found in the police station.
  • During M15: Securing the Convention Centre, a Devastator can be found in the CSO's weapons locker.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Due to its limited upgrade options (consisting of only three damage output upgrades), the Devastator is a great candidate for unlocking the Ruthless Efficiency achievement.
  • The Devastator's concept art in the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mini-art book depicts it simply as a drum magazine mod for the standard Widowmaker shotgun rather than a separate weapon.
  • The Devastator resembles that of the real-world MPS AA-12 shotgun, which has a distinctive feature of a 32-round drum magazine (the largest drum size of the AA-12) and exclusive automatic operation.



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