Dialogue challenges in Deus Ex: Human Revolution are in-depth conversations in which Jensen attempts to persuade another character to do what he wants. Winning a dialogue challenge grants 1000 experience points as a Silver Tongue bonus, unlocks an achievement, and generally makes it easier to proceed in the game. Losing a dialogue challenge grants 100 experience points as a Life Lesson bonus.

Dialogue Challenge Rules[edit | edit source]

The objective of each conversation is to increase the other character’s persuasion level, which always begins at 0. Each dialogue choice made will either increase it by 2, increase it by 1, or decrease it by 2.

Most dialogue challenges last for a set number of rounds unless pheromones are used. If the character's persuasion level is 1 or higher at the end of the conversation, the challenge is won. If their persuasion level is -1 or lower, the challenge is lost. What happens if their persuasion level is 0 at the end depends on the character.

The first round of the conversation will always play out in the same way and the same choice will always give the same result. What happens in subsequent rounds is semi-random. The character will pick one of several possible lines to say, depending on the round and their current persuasion level, and the correct choices will depend on what line they picked.

The CASIE Augmentation[edit | edit source]

The CASIE Social Enchancer augmentation does three things to help in dialogue challenges.

  1. It displays a psychological profile of the character, which may be useful in figuring out the correct responses.
  2. It displays the character’s current persuasion level.
  3. It allows pheromones be used to immediately resolve the conversation. The correct option to use depends on the character’s personality type, which the augmentation may reveal to you in the conversation. Regardless of the character’s persuasion level, picking the option matching their personality type will win the challenge and picking the option opposed to their personality type will lose the challenge.

Specific Guides[edit | edit source]

There are seven dialogue challenges in Human Revolution. They are listed below in order along with links to pages giving more specific details about each one.

  1. Ezekiel Sanders
  2. Wayne Haas
  3. David Sarif
  4. Tong Si Hung
  5. William Taggart
  6. Isaias Sandoval
  7. Hugh Darrow
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