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Diamond Chan is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is a small time gangster and a pimp in Lower Hengsha, involved in the Rotten Business sidequest.

With the arrival of Belltower, and subsequent takeover of all the police duties by the company, Diamond Chan took the opportunity to seize control of the Hung Hua Hotel brothel. Afterwards, he began to force girls to get augmentations to gain higher profits. While the other prostitutes were either convinced or forced to get augmented, Mei Suen was, due to her being the most experienced girl in the establishment, always able to avoid them, despite growing pressure from Edgar Lee, an aide of Chan's.

Once Adam Jensen rescues Ning Tsai from Chan's thugs, Mei asks him to get rid of Chan for good. This either involves knocking him out, and throwing him off a nearby roof, or planting a stash of drugs in his apartment and having him arrested.


  • Like any stereotypical pimp and two-bit gangster, Chan wears expensive clothing and several bling chains around his neck.
  • The Rotten Business quest only requires Jensen to drop Chan off the roof, with Chan dying or not does not affect the outcome in any way.
    • Sometimes, Chan will not die after being dropped off the ledge but will still mark the quest as complete and will not revoke the Pacifist achievement.
    • Stacking crates underneath the ledge where the body dump is planned will also achieve the same result, just make sure Chan lands on top of the crates.