Diego is the leader of the Skulls gang in Panama City in Deus Ex: The Fall.

Biography Edit

According to the arms dealer Cobra, Diego became the leader of the Skulls by slitting the throat of the gang's previous leader in his sleep. Under Diego's leadership, the Skulls receive Riezene from Belltower operatives who guard the cargo ships. In return, the Skulls help Belltower cover up Riezene-related deaths. In Diego's view, the Skulls distribute Riezene on the streets so that the people get what they really want, even though Riezene has not been clear to be safe.

Recently, Diego has had a falling out with Cobra, who is interested in obtaining a list of Diego's contacts.

Interactions Edit

  • Diego can be encountered in his office in the drug lab in the slums during the main mission Secure Neuropozyne and the side quest Dirty Deeds.
  • Ben Saxon can try to reason with him, to find out information about the Riezene shipment, or threaten him, which makes him attack Ben and call for backup.

CASIE Psychological ProfileEdit

The CASIE augmentation lists Diego as:

  • "Hot tempered but calculating individual."
  • Responds poorly to intimidation.
  • Reasonable when presented with facts.
  • Becomes hostile if he feels that he is being disrespected.
  • Susceptible to pheromones.


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