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In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the difficulty level (or simply difficulty) is a game setting selected by the player at the start of a new game.

Difficulty levels[]

The following difficulty levels can be selected:

  • Tell Me a Story - "You play games for their story and experience, not for their challenge or competitiveness. Enjoy the Deus Ex experience!"
  • Give Me a Challenge - "You enjoy a good story and a good challenge. This is how the game is meant to be played!"
  • Give Me Deus Ex - "Hardened enemies and tougher situations will make your experience quite challenging and give you a good adrenaline rush. You are one with the machine!"


According to Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Official Guide, the difficulty setting has the following effects on gameplay:

Property Difficulty Level
Tell Me a Story
Give Me a Challenge
Give Me Deus Ex
Player Health 150 HP 100 HP 75 HP
Player Health Regen 4.6 HP/s (115%) 4.0 HP/s (100%) 3.4 HP/s (85%)
Player Health Regen Delay 4.9 s (75%) 6.5 s (100%) 7.5 s (115%)
Enemy Health 75% 100% 125%
Enemy Regen 1.5 HP/s (150%) 1.0 HP/s (100%) 0.8 HP/s (75%)
Enemy Regen Delay 7.5 s (75%) 10.0 s (100%) 12.5 s (125%)
Enemy Accuracy 60% 100% 125%
HP of Breakable Walls 100 HP 100 HP 100 HP
HP of Cardboard Crates 21 HP 42 HP 63 HP
HP of Wooden Crates 21 HP 42 HP 63 HP
HP of Doors 150 HP (weak armor) 150 HP (medium armor) 150 HP (strong armor)

Adjustments to the player's health is performed behind-the-scenes, and does not affect the in-game display. The in-game display will always display a base health of 100 regardless of the difficulty setting.

The Official Guide also states that AI behavior is not affected by the difficulty settings.[1]

Director's Cut[]

In the Director's Cut version of the game, the player is able to regenerate two bars of energy on all but the highest difficulty setting.

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  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Official Guide, page 10: "There are no changes to the enemy AI behavior between the difficulty settings."