Dirty Deeds is a side quest in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is obtained by talking to Cobra during the second main mission in Panama City.


Diego, kingpin of the Skulls gang, has an ongoing feud with the arms dealer Cobra. Cobra has offered to scratch your back if you help him take Diego out. The Skulls leader has a pocket secretary which holds a list of valuable contacts. Find the list and give it to Cobra.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Get the Gang Leader's Pocket SecretaryEdit

Diego will be in his office in the southeast section of the Drug Lab. Go to the Drug Den in the slums and head to the second floor. Access the Drug Lab from here and get to Diego's office. Simply take him down or kill him to avail his pocket secretary.

Meet With CobraEdit

Cobra can be found in the alley behind Nightshades. Head to the club in the Boardwalk district. Take the path to the right of the club's front entrance. Once you see Cobra go talk to him. As a reward, you can choose between a Nightshades pass, a silencer, and 1000 credits. Choosing the credits is the best, because it allows you to buy both the silencer (500 credits) and the Nightshades pass (500 credits).

Notes Edit

  • This quest can only be availed when talking to Cobra at the Train Station. When he asks you for help, do not 'Reject' his offer.
  • You can still get the club pass from Cobra if you didn't accept it as a reward. However you must buy it for 500 credits.
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