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"Sorry, Mr. Jensen, but things are really unsettled right now. Mr. Pritchard, in the tech lab, can tell you more."
— Dobel speaking with Adam Jensen.

Dobel is a minor character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He appears in the mission "Back in the Saddle".


In 2027, as Adam Jensen was prepared to go to the Sarif Industries Manufacturing plant to stop Purity First from taking hostages, Dobel and his boss Mr. Cannon can be seen having a discussion in the corner entrance near the Helipad. Mr. Cannon can be heard having a rant discussion with Dobel making mentions of the first attack at Sarif Industries, the Washington Hearings being postponed and now the Manufacturing plant being raided by fanatics. Dobel responds towards him, asking if he thought the news media was right and if it was a "pro-human group". Mr. Cannon arrogantly responds to Dobel, sternly telling him not to spread rumors. Dobel apologizes. Mr. Cannon rants about how not only were they working too much but they now had to defend themselves against "self-righteous lunatics". Dobel interrupts mentioning how the company was understaffed however before he could finish, Mr. Cannon responds by accusing Dobel of complaining. Dobel denies these claims.

If Adam was to approach Dobel and interact with him, Dobel will apologize to him and mention that Francis Pritchard was located in the tech lab, heavily implying he wasn't in the mood to conversate. If interacted with again, he'll greet Jensen and compliment him.


  • Despite his name being "Dobel" his NPC model lists him as "Sarif Employee".
  • Dobel appears to be very naive and a doormat for Mr. Cannon as he never disagrees with him.


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