Doberman Pinschers are a breed of dog seen occasionally in Deus Ex. First bred around 1890, Dobermans have been used as a popular guard dog or police dog since their inception.

In Deus Ex, guard dogs have been mostly replaced by Bots, which, although more expensive, are also armed and can operate without needing to be given food or sleep. When guard dogs are used, it is most frequently by the poorer NSF in Hell's Kitchen or Howard Strong's group of MJ12 Troopers at the Missile Silo. They are also seen patrolling the Liberty Island MJ12 lab.

Dobermans are usually used by groups to patrol the outer perimeters of areas that are not important enough to warrant human sentries. If JC Denton is spotted by Dobermans, they will charge at him and bite.

Notes Edit

  • Tranquilizing a dog will result in a dog corpse, rather than rendering them unconscious as with human NPCs. A pacifist player that does not wish to kill the dog, but still incapacitate them, can harm the dog to the point where it will run away and not be aggressive to JC Denton.


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