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Dobromila Nováková is the wife of Dvali smuggler, Vlasta Novák, and an informant during the side mission Fade to Black.


Having had enough with her husband's actions, Dobromila decides to hand over information on his Dvali smuggling operations to Vincent Black in exchange for a ticket to Berlin, where she intends to disappear and start a new life. However Vince, who is an undercover TF29 operative, has gone missing.

If Adam Jensen investigates Vince's whereabouts, he meets Dobromila at the Red Queen. If Jensen plays along, or saves her from the Dvali thugs, she will provide Jensen with information about a storage unit used by her husband for his smuggling operation, in exchange for either the ticket to Berlin or a certain amount of credits to buy herself a ticket.

Mission appearances[]


  • Dobromila can die in Fade to Black if Jensen does not play along at the Red Queen and does not stop the Dvali thugs that follow her to the courtyard.
  • She is the only Czech female NPC who has a grammatically correct name. Other Czech female characters have the male version of their surname (for example, Allison Stanek, Adéla Sokol, Marcie Sedlák, and Žofie Růžička).