Doctorate is an achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

There are 29 unique eBooks scattered throughout the world in Deus Ex: Human Revolution in addition to the "common" eBooks. Finding these unique eBooks will each provide a 200 XP "Scholar" award and, by finding all 29 of them in one playthrough, you can unlock the Doctorate Achievement/Trophy.

Note: The Missing Link DLC (standalone or as part of the Director's Cut) has 5 orange eBooks that give Scholar XP and are copies of the base game's unique eBooks, but these orange eBooks do not count towards the Doctorate achievement.

eBook Locations[edit | edit source]

The following table lists all the unique eBooks and their locations.

Area Description Title
1 Sarif Manufacturing Plant

At the end of the lab area in the zone with the Augmentations Tutorial (after exiting the first elevator), go straight (past the hall with the turret) and into the security room. Below a small box on a crate is the eBook (you may have to move the box to see it).

Neural Interface Protocols: The PEDOT Revolution [Volume 9]
2 Sarif Manufacturing Plant Just before the room with Ezekiel Sanders, there is a desk with a terminal and the eBook on top of it. Artificial Muscles [Volume 6]
3 Sarif Headquarters In Pritchard's Office ("Tech Lab") on the table behind his desk. The Nature of Neuroplasticity [Volume 15]
4 Sarif Headquarters Office 27 (Diane Gonzalez & Nouella Cook). You can get the code in Denzel Mitchell's office, which in turn can be accessed using the code from Jensen's e-mail. The Neural Hub - Design For a Next Generation [Volume 17]
5 Sarif Headquarters Office 25 (Mika Pine). You can get there via an air vent from office 27. The Tyranny of Biology [Volume 11]
6 Detroit, LIMB Clinic In the hallway, on a surgical instruments trolley, between the two operating room doors. There is a patient discussing his first surgery with a doctor nearby. The Visual Cortex 2.0 - The Eye, Redesigned [Volume 14]
7 Detroit, Greg Thorpe's apartment Same apartment that Det. Chase guards, very top. You do NOT have to get the e-mail from Thorpe (nor does he or Josie need to be alive) in order to access the apartment and read the eBook. Nano-Augmentation: Pipedream, or Theory for The Future? [Volume 29]
8 Detroit, Seurat's bedroom The eBook is in the bedroom, where a woman is sleeping, opposite from where you buy/sell goods from Seurat. Be careful coming in here, sometimes Seurat will go into alarmed status when you open the door. Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing [Volume 27]
9 Detroit, Police Morgue On Gerald Campbell's desk in the morgue. (Sewer backdoor code is 2599.) The Threat of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder [Volume 20]
10 Detroit, Chiron Building In Adam's apartment, next to the bed. The Intelligence Circuit [Volume 26]
11 Detroit, Downtown Apartments In the chopshop apartment on the top floor of Tindall's building. You will need either level 5 capture software, explosives, or find the body (he's behind a wooden fence between the electrified alley and the police station) with the door code (2356) to open the door. Arms (and Legs) for Man: The Structure of Cybernetic Limbs [Volume 5]
12 Detroit, Derelict Row In the half-sunken basement area with windows looking out onto an interior courtyard, the eBook lies on top of a cluster of four silver barrels being patrolled by gang members (one of them complains about needing to urinate nearby). Vestibular Augmentation and Enhanced Agility Factoring [Volume 18]
13 FEMA Detention Center In the room where Barrett's computer is set up. Using the in-game map, on the second floor from the bottom, denoted by -4. It's a small room next to the lounge between the men's and women's bathroom. Beware of the FEMA employees, they can see you hack the door through the glass. The door code is 7984. If you want to hack it, then stack two of the nearby cardboard boxes in front of the window. Blurring The Boundaries between Man and Machine [Volume 1]
14 Lower Hengsha, Hengsha Court Gardens From the main entrance, guarded by two Belltower mercs, hack into the apartment immediately to the left of the door. It is sitting on the kitchen counter. Understanding Vision (Part 1) [Volume 2]
15 Lower Hengsha, The Hive Win the conversation with Tong while he is posing as a bartender on your first visit to the Hive (do not sneak in via vent access or you will not be able to enter Tong's office) to get access to Tong’s office. Note that you can only read it when you visit Hengsha the first time, otherwise The Hive will not be accessible. The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation System [Volume 25]
16 Lower Hengsha, The Hive At the main entrance, there is a security room. The eBook is on the desk. If you enter this room before meeting Tong and are seen, the guards will go hostile. Note that you can only read it when you visit Hengsha the first time, otherwise The Hive will not be accessible. Optical Enhancement Functionality [Volume 23]
17 Lower Hengsha, Alice Garden Pods

You can find this eBook in pod 143.

Electrogravitic Technology Applications [Volume 19]
18 Lower Hengsha, Youzhao district Southern end of  the Youzhao district, in the Downtown Apartments complex. It's on the desk in a locked apartment on the second floor The Science and Theory behind Cochlear Implants [Volume 8]
19 Lower Hengsha, Youzhao district Roof level, near Lee Hong's apartment. It's found in an unoccupied apartment around the corner. Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces [Volume 13]
20 Tai Yong Medical After climbing a series of crates, just before taking the large freight elevator up to Upper Hengsha, there is an air shaft high and to the left of the elevator. Following it, you'll eventually see a corpse below (you'll need the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis aug heavy object upgrade to pick up the crate to reach the vent and the Icarus Landing aug to survive the fall). Alternatively, dropping and stacking at least three boxes at the bottom of the air shaft will allow Jensen to drop down to the bottom of the air shaft with minimal damage. Near the body you'll find the eBook and some decent loot. Better Than Nature? [Volume 28]
21 Tai Yong Medical Near the center of the Lee Geng Laboratory (just past the guard asking for the access card), on a box under a fume hood. Radical Evolution is a Reality [Volume 12]
22 Tai Yong Medical Just before escaping the tower, you can find the eBook in control tower 01, on the desk with the security terminal used to shutdown the two large bots patrolling the landing area. Brain Implants [Volume 4]
23 Picus Communications After an ambush, ride the elevator and hack the door on the right side of the first hallway, and take the stairs up. The eBook is on a counter in the rear of this room, which has a window overlooking a large, open, two story tall room. Alternatively, if you have the Icarus Landing System, you can go down the elevator shaft instead of taking the working elevator. Go through the vent and you will end up in the same room, the eBook will be on your right from where the vent takes you. Human Powered - Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems [Volume 21]
24 Picus Communications Ride the funicular down to enter the "secret lair". On the same level (2) as the funicular (not the partial floor above), the eBook is in the corner office, underneath the room with the large windows and glowing globe overlooking the room full of desks. Healing Thyself - Health Preservation Implants [Volume 16]
25 Detroit, Convention Center Backstage lounge, where three bodyguards are watching TV (outside Taggart's dressing room). The eBook is on the table, left of the TV. Vagus Nerve Stimulators - Repurposing the Technology [Volume 10]
26 Detroit, Sandoval's sewer office After confronting Sandoval, you can find the eBook on his desk. Dermal Modification Processes [Volume 24]
27 Lower Hengsha, Harvesters Hideout At level -2, Harvesters have a surgery ward. The eBook is on a desk, with painkillers nearby. Understanding Vision (part 2) [Volume 3]
28 Omega Ranch In the eastern main building, on the second floor in room G-23 (exactly under room G-33 where Eric Koss is working). The door code is 5377. Note: It may be easier to enter via door G-33, and then take the elevator down to G-23. Delgado and the Stimoceiver [Volume 22]
29 Omega Ranch In Megan's "White Room", a level 5 safe contains the final book. Reimagining Retinal Implants: Doctor Dobelle's Success [Volume 7]
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