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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Dominik Kadlek is the son of Máša Kadlek and a member of the Dvali. He is encountered during the All in the Family side mission. Domink is readily identifiable by a giant star tattoo below his left ear.

Biography Edit

Dominik's mother, Máša, made an arrangement to marry him off to a certain woman. The marriage arrangement would send Dominik away, presumably to a place outside of Prague, and would be very useful in strengthening the Kadlek family. However, Dominik instead prefers to stay at the table of local kingpin Radich Nikoladze, against his mother's wishes. Máša believes that having Dominik remain with Radich would be a wasted opportunity to strengthen her family.

At one point, Otar Botkoveli loaned money to Dominik to gain favor with Máša, not realizing she did not know or approve of this, worsening Otar's relation with Máša relationship as a result.[1]

If Jensen meets with Máša to complete a favor for Otar, Máša gives Jensen the task of kidnapping Dominik. Máša states that she intends to later strap Dominik to a chair and make him "understand" her point of view. If Jensen is successful, Máša will support Otar in displacing Radich as the leader of the Dvalis in Prague.

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  • The phrase "bojte sa boha" (meaning "fear god" in Czech) is tattooed on Dominik's face.

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