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Donna Morgan is the Chief of Operations Worldwide of the World Trade Organization in 2072.


English-born, Donna Morgan climbed the ranks of the World Trade Organization at a young age to become its Chief of Operations Worldwide. She is a roaming security-force commander for the WTO. One-hundred percent loyal, she is convinced that the Order Church is a backward faith that threatens the WTO's agenda for rebuilding world society, and strongly opposes religious fanaticism.

She finds it easy to support the WTO because she has spent most of her life living in WTO enclaves, believing in the economic stability and prosperity brought about by the WTO. Her parents, two of North America’s largest agribusiness moguls, fared well during the Collapse and subsequent famines and were among the first citizens in the new incorporated areas. Despite her family connections, she works hard at her job and feels that she has earned her place at the top. She has sympathy for those from the underclass who aspire to live in enclaves and are willing to work to get there, but in general she is not impressed by the hordes of gamblers, hustlers, mercenaries and smugglers who plague her security forces and make travel outside the enclaves risky at best.

When she learns the truth about that WTO and the Order Church are both part of and controlled by Illuminati, Donna is shocked and despite being a powerful member of the WTO, she was not informed of this fact. Eventually, she comes to terms, and joins the Illuminati on an offer from Nicolette DuClare and Chad Dumier, continuing her work as WTO chief. She personally detains WTO operative Klara Sparks when Sparks disappoints Dumier, and holds her hostage if Alex Denton disobeys Dumier.


  • If the player kills Donna Morgan at Black Gate, she is replaced by an unnamed male WTO Chief in the second visit to Cairo.
  • On the second visit to Cairo, the player has the possibility of charging her location and killing or incapacitating Donna Morgan, freeing Klara Sparks. When he does this, Chad Dumier responds that he was only bluffing and that they would not have executed Klara if Alex disobeyed the Illuminati. This is objectively a lie, as Dumier will have Klara executed if the player defies him without first freeing Klara.