The Dragon's Tooth sword (DTS), also known as the non-eutactic blade (NEB), is a low-tech skill weapon in Deus Ex. The sword is a nanotechnological weapon that inflicts high damage.

Background[edit | edit source]

The true weapon of a modern warrior, the Dragon's Tooth is not a sword in the traditional sense, but a nanotechnologically constructed blade that is dynamically 'forged' on command into a non-eutactic solid. Nanoscale whetting devices insure that the blade is both unbreakable and lethally sharp.

— Description in Deus Ex

The Dragon's Tooth sword was originally developed around 2052 in VersaLife's Hong Kong laboratories. It was given the name of "non-eutactic blade" by VersaLife's engineers. At the request of Walton Simons, initial production batches were deployed to Majestic 12's Series P agents. However, the original prototype was stolen by the Red Arrow triads, who gave the weapon the name "Dragon's Tooth."[1]

With possession of the stolen prototype, the leader of the Red Arrow claimed to be the inventor of the Dragon's Tooth sword.[2] The stolen prototype was returned to MJ12's possession by Maggie Chow, who murdered the Red Arrow leader with the weapon.[3] Chow then framed the assassination on the Luminous Path, to the effect of staring a war between the two triad groups.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Dragon's Tooth sword (DTS) has a base damage of 20. Each strike inflicts 5 instances of this damage, for a total of 100 damage per strike, the highest of any non-explosive weapon. Damage is enhanced by the low-tech weapon skill, and can be further enhanced by the Targeting and Combat Strength augmentations. Weapon skill, Targeting, and Combat Strength respectively provide up to +100%, +40%, and +100% additional damage, for a total of +240%, resulting in a modified damage of 68x5.

The DTS has greater reach than all other lethal melee weapons. Another feature of the DTS is that it emits light when the weapon is drawn. This light does not break stealth, and can be used to improve visibility in dark areas.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

  • The base damage of 20x5 is sufficient to kill any common trooper in a single hit, and any non-boss humanoid target in a single headshot (x8 multiplier) or stealth hit from behind (x10 multiplier).
  • At master skill level, the modified damage of 40x5 is sufficient to kill any non-boss humanoid target, including MJ12 Commandos and Men in Black, in a single torso hit.
  • While the DTS is powerful against Men in Black and Women in Black, the explosion they make when they die is a hazard to the player.
  • The DTS is comparatively less effective against robots than against humanoids and creatures, since robots only receive 25% of incoming damage from the DTS (and most other non-explosive weapons). Additionally, robots explode when they are destroyed.
  • Turrets, cameras, and alarm panels, have a minimum damage threshold of 50. Therefore, master skill level alone (which raises damage to 40) is not sufficient to meet this threshold. In order to reach 50 base damage, it is necessary to use one of the following combinations of weapon skill and augmentations:
    • Master skill level + tech 2 combat strength
    • Master skill level + tech 1 combat strength + tech 3 targeting
    • Advanced skill level + tech 4 combat strength
    • Advanced skill level + tech 3 combat strength + tech 3 targeting
  • The DTS is also useful for destroying doors and locked containers that do not have infinite strength. Destructible doors and containers may, on rare occasions, have a minimum damage threshold greater than 50. Since the DTS can attain a modified damage of up to 68, the DTS can destroy any object with a minimum damage threshold of up to 68.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Finding the DTS is a required mission objective in Hong Kong (6th mission). The DTS is found in the secret area in Maggie Chow's apartment.
  • Afterwards, the DTS is occasionally carried by Men/Women in Black, including one Woman in Black in VersaLife's Level 1 Labs. Since MiB and WiBs explode on death, they can be looted only if rendered unconscious.
  • Carried by Maggie Chow during the confrontation at the Universal Constructor in VersaLife's Level 2 Labs.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sword's appearance and the animation it plays when being wielded is reminiscent of the lightsaber from the Star Wars films.

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References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Dialogue from vendor: "They murdered the Red Arrow leader to get the sword he invented."
  3. Dialogue from the boat person: "Cauterized. The scientific terminology. Someone cut him, but it was a weapon that cannot be explained with current technology."
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