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"A product of early nanotech development, a non-eutectic solid blade that can slice the hardest materials."
- inventory description, Deus Ex: Invisible War
Energyblade IW

The Dragon Tooth Sword (or DTS) is a unique weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The Dragon Tooth sword is the Dragon's Tooth sword found by JC Denton, but shaped like the Energy blade.


The Dragon Tooth Sword looks like a common energy blade, but is far more powerful than one. Only a handful of slices are need to defeat even the most powerful of foes. The weapon slices fairly fast as well, making it easy to chop up foes quickly.


  • The Combat Strength aug is a great compliment for this weapon. It makes the DTS powerful enough that normal human enemies will be killed with two body slices or one headshot, while Templars wearing Templar V68A power armor will only take three to four hits.
  • Templars with the V68A power armor can be quickly taken down with the Dragon's Tooth, but they will trigger self destruct. Player might consider dealing the final blow to them from the distance, especially because a group will trigger a chain reaction.
  • The DTS combined with the Combat Strength aug works very well against monsters/transgenics. They take more hits than normal human enemies do with regular guns, but two slices (one if the head is hit) can take down any monster.
  • The Speed Enhancement aug makes it even easier to use the DTS. The player can use their speed to circle-strafe foes while slicing them, making it harder for them to hit the player. The aug can also be used for hit and run tactics because it makes it easy to retreat after hitting an enemy.
  • Enemies will likely successfully shoot a DTS user more often than with someone using firearms, so an upgraded Regeneration aug is helpful for quickly recovering health during a firefight.
  • Electrostatic Discharge biomod will enhance the damage with EMP for no cost, as well as allow scrambling of bots, cameras, turrets and emitters.


  • Antarctica - Maggie Chow's apartment in JC's memory, atop the left bookcase.