Drug Runner is a side quest in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is obtained after talking to Alvarez Araujo for the second time.


Araujo's regular contact Joey was supposed to ship Rievido, an active component of Riezene, to the doctor. But the gangbanger has gone missing and Araujo is left without his goods. Find Joey and return the shipment.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Find the Gang-banger JoeyEdit

Joey is located in the southwest corner of the slums, near the west entrance to the Drug Den. He can be reached in two ways. The first is to access the rear gate of the Drug Den, located to the right of the front entrance. The gate is locked so either hack it or enter the code (1999). The second way is to head to the southeast corner of the slums past the storage garages. Here the road comes to a dead end and is patrolled by three gang members. To the right is a ladder that you climb up. The path ahead will be booby-trapped with mines so take care to disarm them. The ladder down will take you to Joey.

When talking to Joey, choose to 'Pressure' him and he will tell you where the shipment is.

Locate Joey's Lost PackageEdit

The package is in Nightshades. Head to the place in the Boardwalk district. You will need a pass to enter Nightshades: either buy one or intimidate the bouncer in your way using pheromones. Once inside, head to the back of the club down a flight of stairs. The package is nearby.

Alternatively, you can enter the club through the back: find the rear gate to Nightshades on the road that leads to the slums. The gate is locked so either hack it or use the code (5643). Once you're in the club, the package is straight down the corridor past the manager's office. The path is blocked by a heavy object so you'll need the proper augmentation upgrade for that.

Return the Package to AlvarezEdit

Go back to the underground clinic and talk to Araujo. You receive 1000 Credit symbol as a reward.


  • Approaching Joey via the "booby-trap path" is inadvisable since it seems to be bugged. Upon seeing the player, Joey inexplicably becomes hostile and you fail the quest.
  • Do not attack Joey before you extract the whereabouts of the drug shipment. This will fail the sidequest.
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