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The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Grenade is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


This EMP grenade model is the most common EMP grenade model used in 2072.

Game unit[]

When the EMP grenade explodes, it releases a medium-sized electrostatic discharge. This discharge will instantly shut down most mechanical devices, from Security cameras to most robots. Larger robots and machines will require multiple EMPs.

If the player is caught in the EMP's explosion radius, the player's bioelectric energy will be drained. The amount depends on how close to the explosion the player is. Being right at the center of the explosion will drain most, if not all, of the player's bioelectric energy, while being at the edge of the blast will only drain some.

The primary fire makes the grenade blow up a few seconds after being thrown, while the alternate fire will make the grenade explode as soon as it hits something.


  • EMPs are handy for quickly disabling security cameras without finding the control panel to shut it down first. Simply throw an EMP with alternate fire at the camera and it will be shut down.
  • In most cases, using the alternate fire to throw a grenade is the best way to use it. With the alternate fire, the grenade will explode much closer than if thrown, which is quite effective, as most robots in the game are fairly close to the player.
  • The primary fire is useful if the player wants to bounce it off a wall or throw it so that it reaches a far away target.
  • The EMP grenade works well against RB-76 Military bots, but it will require multiple EMPs in order to shut it down. Throwing them with alternate fire should be enough to quickly shut it down without taking a good amount of damage, especially if the player has cover.


  • EMPs are one of the most common grenades throughout the game. Enemies from every faction will be often have one and they can be easily found in maps.