"This type of proximity mine releases an electromagnetic pulse that disables bots, cameras and turrets within its radius. Plant the mine on any flat surface, to be activated by any close range movement. In alternate firing mode, it detonates after a brief duration."
- description of EMP Mine, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The EMP prox mine is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The EMP mine is mounted on walls. When it explodes, it releases an EMP blast that disables weak to medium-strength bots and does a notable amount of damage to the RB-76 Military bot and augmented enemies.

How the mine explodes depends on the fire mode used to plant it. In the primary fire mode, the EMP mine will explode when an enemy gets near it. When planted with the alternate fire mode, the EMP mine will blow up a few seconds after being planted.

The EMP mine will drain the player's bioelectric energy if they are caught near the explosion radius. The closer they are to the explosion, the more energy it will drain.


  • A good way to use the EMP mine is to study an enemy robot's patrol route, then plant the mine along it. That way, while the robot is walking around, it will walk into the trap, disabling it.
  • This weapon can be used to disable enemy robots while doing other things in a map. For example, they can mount an EMP mine on a robot's patrol route, then explore a part of the map not guarded by the robot. When the player comes back to the robot later, it will be disabled.
  • The EMP mine is powerful enough that the player shouldn't have to mount it in tight areas to get the most out of it, unlike the Concussion prox mine.
  • As with the Concussion mine, primary fire is much more useful than the alternate fire because it lets the mine go off when an enemy actually gets near it, not a few seconds after the mine goes off.
  • Note that any humans near the robot will begin looking for the player if they see a robot disabled by an EMP mine. This makes it a risky weapon for stealthy players to use, as it can blow their cover.