Eeva Nassif is the daughter of Maskini Nassif, and was a student at the Tarsus Academy in the Cairo Arcology during the events of Deus Ex: Invisible War. She was an excellent student, and one of the first in line to become Nano-augmented, catching the attention of Silas Archer, the Templar headmaster. Somehow, Eeva found out that he plotted to kill the top students, and hid in the ventilation shafts with her friend, Jennifer McAllister. On Alex Denton's first visit to Cairo, they have the option to kill Archer themselves, report him to the WTO through a nearby NG Resonance hologram, or just do nothing. On the players second visit to Cairo, Eeva will be staying with her father in the Medina Apartments, and Silas will be plotting a raid from the third floor apartment.

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