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The Elite Edition Tranquilizer Rifle is a variant of the TRQ 203-C Tranquilizer Rifle. It is a weapon provided by the Tactical Pack add-on for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Elite Edition Tranquilizer Rifle is functionally similar to the standard tranquilizer rifle, but takes up less inventory space (5x2 rather than 6x2) and has modified features and properties:

  • The Elite Edition has a semi-automatic firing mode, rather than the bolt-action firing mode of the standard tranquilizer rifle. Rate of fire can also be upgraded three times. As a result, the Elite Edition achieves a significantly higher rate of fire than the standard rifle.
  • The Elite Edition has a higher reload speed (nominally +10 higher than that of the standard rifle).
  • Magazine size is increased by 4 as compared to the standard tranquilizer rifle at equivalent upgrade levels.
  • Range is reduced from 55 meters to 40 meters. Recoil is also increased.

The semi-automatic firing mechanism of the Elite Edition eliminates one of the biggest deficiencies of the standard tranquilizer rifle. When fully upgraded, the Elite Edition attains a very high rate of fire. The high rate of fire, when combined with the weapon's integral silencer and the ability to instantly incapacitate any human enemy with a headshot, allows the player to quickly take down even groups of enemies without being spotted.

As in the case of the standard tranquilizer rifle and other sniper weapons, the default reticle is not available when hip firing. This deficiency can be cured by installing a laser sight. While the Elite Edition is designed to be a sniper weapon, its high rate of fire and ability to accept a laser sight makes it very capable as a hip-fired short and mid-range weapon.

The recoil compensation branch of the Cybernetic Weapon Handling augmentation is particularly useful for unlocking the full potential of the semi-automatic firing mechanism. Without the recoil compensation upgrade, the recoil of the weapon will disrupt the ability to fire accurate shots in rapid succession.

The main drawback of the Elite Edition is that its maximum range is only 40 meters, instead of the 55 meter range of the standard tranquilizer rifle. While 40 meters suitable for most engagements in the game, it is too short to hit targets in some environments, such as in the atrium in Dubai and the G.A.R.M. facility.