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"A well-balanced sword, enhanced by plasma-electric charge that increases strike damage."
— inventory description, Deus Ex: Invisible War
Energyblade IW

Energy Blade

The energy blade is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The energy blade is a katana with an energy beam for a blade. It appears to be the most produced blade by 2072, replacing the superior non-eutactic blade (Dragon's Tooth sword) lost after the Collapse. It is a well-balanced curved sword with a fine blade, a black hilt and handle, enhanced by plasma-electric charge to increase the damage of a strike.


The energy blade is a powerful melee weapon used to slash enemies. It has slightly more range than the baton.


  • The energy blade is a good emergency weapon for firearm users in case they run out of universal ammo or want to conserve ammo. It does enough damage that it can be used to take out normal human enemies and weak robots with a few slices.
  • It has a good amount of range for a melee weapon, allowing the user to take enemies down with some distance between them and the enemy.
  • The Combat Strength aug makes the energy blade notably more powerful. Normal human enemies can be defeated with a mere three (two with headshots) slice if Combat Strength is at level 3.
  • The Speed Enhancement aug works well with the energy blade, as it allows the user to quickly-circle-strafe enemies, making it harder for them to hit the player, and make it possible to perform hit and run tactics on enemies.
  • Combining it with the Electrostatic Discharge aug allows the player to defeat robots as fast as they can defeat organic foes.

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