The Enfant Terrible is a café found on the streets of Champs-Élysées, Paris.

The kitchen is run by one café chef, his assistant Raymond, and a waitress, Kristi. It is the only café to stay open following the curfew in Paris. Jaime Reyes may be found here, if JC Denton told him to stay as a spy when they escaped the UNATCO HQ, and he will give JC Gunther Hermann's Killphrase, "Laputan Machine". A family is also having dinner at the café, and apparently have a son in Majestic 12.

Despite being just a café it can be noted that the Enfant Terrible also serves meals such as the Coq au Vin.


  • "Enfant terrible" means "terrible child" in French.
  • The name "Enfant Terrible" may be a reference to the 1929 novel Les Enfants Terribles by Jean Cocteau.
    • Coincidentally, JC Denton's name contains the first letter of Jean Cocteau's name and surname. Additionally, one of the characters of Les Enfants Terribles is named Paul.
  • The name may also be a possible loose reference to the Les Enfants Terribles project from Metal Gear Solid, a game released before Deus Ex.
    • Both games share a few similarities, such as playable protagonists who are cloned from a specific person (Paul Denton & JC Denton vs. Big Boss/Naked Snake & Solid Snake), and the appearance of a clone sibling (Alex Denton vs. Liquid Snake), in addition to similar names/code names, and the mention of other clones (Majestic 12 clones of Paul, six aborted brothers of Solid Snake & Liquid Snake).
    • In later games, Alex Denton eventually becomes a playable protagonist, unlike Liquid Snake. Depending on the player's choices in Deus Ex: Invisible War, JC Denton's role in the story can also serve as the equivalent to Liquid Snake's antagonistic role towards Solid Snake.
    • By extension through Paul Denton's supporting role with JC Denton, this may also include Big Boss/Naked Snake's antagonistic role towards Solid Snake as well. Like Big Boss/Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid, Paul Denton was kept in an unconscious, preserved state.


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