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Enro Gozeyn is a character mentioned in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Gozeyn has a third-level apartment across from the Autodily shop in Čistá Čtvrť, Prague.


Gozeyn was employed at Hemingway's Fine Spirits, but was fired after its owner, Alme Capys thought that Gozeyn was calling in sick from the flu with "alarming frequency," seemingly to avoid working. Gozeyn then reported Capys to the police, asserting that Capys is in possession of falsified identity records and a forged augmentation license, and that she poses a significant threat to the public due to her alleged prejudice against naturals.[1] As a result, Capys was informed by the police that she has been placed under investigation and is not permitted to leave Prague until the matter is resolved.[2]


  • Gozeyn's apartment contains a number of car-related decorations.
  • Gozeyn's email to the police asserts that "there is a safe in the basement of the [Hemingway's Fine Spirits] shop that is sure to be filled with dirt." The actual safe in the basement contains a Laser Sight and a pocket secretary pertaining to Capy's plans to secure an inheritance.

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